SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 28

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swara stops at once and turns around
ragini:yes bhabhi he is dying
swara:what do u mean??
ragini: he deliberately beat u and misbehaved with u so that u could get out of his life… he is empty… he is suffering from failure of his body organs… 4 years passed and he had been under the influence of alcohol and drugs….we never thought that he would get so much ill… his body will soon stop responding… he is dying bhabhi
a tear escapes swara’s eyes but she sighs
swara: u know what is his problem?? he never tells anything to me… taking 7 rounds doesnt make me his blo*dy wife!! having s*x doesnt prove that he is my husband !!! if he wont share anything with me it means he doesnt trust me!! without trust there is no marriage!! i had been bearing his tortures since the day i married him…. he should have punished me not my father!!!
ragini:bhabhi plz
swara:my decision wont change… he is getting what he deserves
swara leaves while ragini just weeps
swara finds out that roads are blocked due to landslide so she goes to akira’s room
akira:hey swara…come
both dont say anything
akira:do u really want to go
swara:where is danny?
akir:he is with maid… i dnt get much time to handle him
swara laughs
swara:u r building a new sanskar
akira is shocked to hear that

swara:sorry if u felt bad but honestly speaking u r doing the same mistake as ap did!! u r actually gonna spoil danny… u r losing the right to be his mother… the society u blame for urs and sanskars condition somewhere resides in u as well cause u r making ur son what u hate urself!!! already pusing him into darkness by depriving him of a mother’s love and attention… just the way ap gave away sanskar to kaki and what he became… u r already preparing ur son for it
swara stands up and claps
swara:hats off
akira is shocked at swara’s outburst and wonders at her words

ragini comes in running
akira:ragini… what happened??
ragini:bhai fell unconscious… his mouth is bleeding… we have to take ho hospital
akira:roads are jammed
ragini:there is a hospital nearby,.. lets go plz
akira:yes… come on swara
but they see swara unfazed
ragini feels bad but akira takes ragini’s hand and moves
swara:no matter what but i will always love u sanskar but what u did to my father cant be forgiven
she sighs and leaves for a walk

she passes by kavita’s room who is laughing loudly
sahil:baby dont u think it was wrong?
kavita:come on sweetheart!! that b*t*h swara insulted me!! she should not have done that… the onw who insults me has to pay!!! and see swara lost her father
sahil: i know but taking someone’s life…

swara is shocked
kavita sits in sahil’s lap and cups his face
kavita:baby u know how sensitive i am… i was so much hurt when swara and sanskar insulted us… how could i bear it… that day i decided to take revenge… that is why i added slow poison in the drink of swara’s dad
swara gets shocked
kavita: and i deliberately send him to swara’s room in search of washroom so that he falls at the moment he sees sanskar’s behaviour…thanks to u for bribing the doc who lied that it was heartattack!! and now sanskar blames himself for the death and now swasan are separated!!! what else can be good
sahil hardly smiles

swara is taken aback and tears make way through her eyes
kavita lures sahil who goes away with her flow
she caresses his face and hair and moves her lips over his face
he slides his hands under her belly and both join their lips to share a passionate kiss…they depart and laugh

swara’s eyes get filled with blood due to rage and she barges in shocking both of them…

what will swara do now???

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