SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 24

hi guys… sorry for the mistake of names… i wanted to write akira but my mistake i wrote shanaya…
anyways m really busy with my college and few other functions!!! so hectic

RECAP: sanskar comes to know that swara knows the truth and gets angry…swara gets upset


sanskar drives the car and there z utter silence in car.swara looks outside the car thinking about what should she do and how should she change her husband,…how should she save her marriage life…how should she prove her love??
this confusion was chewing her brain and in no time they reached the restaurant
ragini laksh and akira were waiting for them.sanskar gazed at kavita and sahil and moved towards his family…
raglak greeted them whereas akira was sitting angrily.
swara greeted her and akira hugged her.swara sat with her.all started talking but swara was sitting silently by keeping her eyes down and sanskar wasn’t liking it at all.

announcement was made
”hi guys.welcome to all of u on this special night.as u all know that its valentine day so i welcome all the beautiful couples for a romantic dance.plz join the floor”

kavita ran to the dance floor and dragged sahil.
she started dancing on the song ”AA ZARA KAREEB SE” seductively and taking physical attention of her husband… all looked at her disgusted thinking how shameless the girl is but sahil didnt bother and rather enjoyed it and at the end both kissed in front of everyone

akira:yuk!! shameless
laksh:ignore it
people:how shameless…
sanskar:as expected from this bastard

host: that was…umm…
kavita:what the hell is stuck in ur throat??
sanskar shouts: that was SHAMELESS PERFORMANCE
all laugh
sahil: listen u,…
kavita:not now baby,,,lets go
they leave the stage and sit on their place
host:anyone else plz??

laksh takes ragini’s hand and she shys
both go to the stage and dance on the song ”MEHERBAAN HUA HUA”
all smile at their cute performnace and sanskar smiles to see his sister happy
swara feels happy for them and akira clicks their pics
the song ends and laksh kisses her hand

host: that was so cute.both showered love for each other…anyone else plz??
sanskar looked at upset swara ad felt sad
sanskar:how to tell u that i will only hurt u but u r my stubborn girl…
he didnt realise what he was thinking…calling her his girl…a different meaning….a different feeling
he went towards swara and bent on his knees surprising her…he extended his hand and she was lost into his intoxicating eyes
she held his hand and he took her to dance flour

the song ”MERE RASHK E QAMAR TERI PEHLI NAZAR” played and sanskar kept hands on her waist and she encircled her arms around him..both moved slowly and did some steps…he picked her up and meanwhile he silently kissed her neck without anyone’s notice.swara shut her eyes and tears flowed through them.the song ended with swara in his arms and both gazing into each other’s eyes.sanskar gently kissed her forehead and there was a sound of ”awww”

sanskar let his lips rest on her forehead and host spoke : ”they expressed their love through eyes and dance and the other people can see it clearly…its indescribable in words…
swara’s tears fell on his palm.he picked her up in his arms and left the place…all talked about their love
raglak and akira felt happy whereas kavhil were fuming in anger

swasan reach their hotel room and sanskar gives water to swara
sanskar:i am sorry
swara doesnt reply
sanskar cups her face
sanskar:i cant give u anything swara… i dnt want to hurt u
swara:u will never hurt me…why dont u get it?
sanskar hugs her
swara:promise me sth….u will never leave me and stay by my side no matter what,… no other woman will take place in ur life except me..do u get it?
sanksar immediately places his lips on hers. she is taken aback for a moment.it was gentle kiss
he departs and smiles
sanskar:all promises accepted
swara smiles and emotionally hugs him.he hugs her back and kisses her neck.she tightens her grip.he removes her jewellery and romances her neck.swara caresses his hair.sanskar bites her neck and she moans which drives him crazy.he carried her to bed and both make love by tucking themselves inside the blanket.

next morning welcomes them smilingly.sanskar kisses swara’s forehead and goes to washroom.swara wakes up with a knock and opens door to find akira
swara:hi akku
akira:hi swara…its late u didnt come for breakfast so laksh asked me to send it to ur room
swara:yeah thanks
akira:where z he?
swara;getting fresh…akira…sorry
akira:for what?
swara;he z angry with u cause u told me the truth…
akira:forget that idiot…u love him and m happy to know that…as for him i know how to set his mood…i have called ronny
swara:who is he??
akira:my son
swara gets shocked
swara:do u have a son?
akira: yeah…didnt u know?
akira:i thought sanskar told u after all its his son too
swara’s smile fades away as she hears that rony is akira’s and sanskar’s son

{ronny is not a pet as it was in saba’s ff…i told u my ff is different…he is actually a human and their son , the new entry i wrote about}


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  3. Amazing please don’t kill akira. I have read your ff on piya rangrez where akira die but please don’t do this here . she also should live happily.Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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