SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 22

hi guys.. sorry for late update but m having my exams and then m going on a week tour so it will be hard to update… enjoy today’s epi

RECAP: swara’s outburst


swara goes into room and sees sanskar working on laptop
swara:when did u wake up?/
sanskar:sometime ago only…. i had some work
swara goes and sits by his side
swara:sanskar why do u work so much?? ur eyes will pain… come sleep
sanskar:i have already gone through laser treatment of my eyes
swara gest shocked
swara:how much more do i have to learn about u
sanskar: i wonder if u have not learned everything yet
swara:what do u mean?
sanskar:i dnt like to solve riddles… what were u doing with akira??
swara stumbles
swara:vo.. i …
sanskar puts his laptop aside and looks directly into her eyes
sanskar:dont dare lie
swara gets scared but stays calm as now she loves him and knows about his soft heart
swara:i was just talking randomly… i saw u crying for teh first time.. i couldnt bear it so i asked akira to tell me abt u and kavita so that i could lessen ur pain…
sanskar:what did she tell??
swara:she just told me that how u fell for her…how she mislead u… how u went against ur family to get her and how she betrayed u.. how much u suffered… that pain!! the betrayal!! u in jail.. blood and doctors,,, alone and…

she starts weeping…sanskar couldnt see swara’s tears and immediately takes her in his embrace
sanskar:swara calm down
swara hugs him tight
swara:how could she do it to u?? doenst she have a heart??
sanskar sighs
sanskar:did akira tell u sth else??

she is lying cause akira told her not to tell anything to sanskar till he gets to know that swara actually loved her before knowing abt his past otherwise he will think it as sympathy and sanskar hates sympathy…

swara looks at him and cups his face…sanskar looks on and shuts his eyes as swara kisses his forehead…


sanskar cups her face and caresses her lips… swara breathes feeling his touch after long…she lays on couch and sanskar comes over her…they both have passionate eyelock and sanskar sensuously kisses her cheeks and then caresses her neck and plants kisses on it… he bites it and swara lets out a scream…sanskar comes back to his senses and gets up…swara gets confused
swara:what happened??
sanskar:i cant hurt u…stay away
sanskar starts coughing badly
sanskar searches for medicines but are finished…. even there z no cigarette or alchol… he breathes heavily…he cant stay up at night without these things or s*x and he doenst want to hurt swara
sanskar:get out swara
swara:no i wont… look at urself
sanskar: i dnt want u to get hurt… leave
swara:no… i will call someone for help
she tries calling akira and ragini but they dnt pick up… she tries to call laksh but its unreachable

swara:what do i do??
sanskar kicks table and it breaks into pieces
she goes to manager but he tells that akira ragini and laksh have gone for a drive
swara gets angry as she doesnt know what to do
all she knows is that her love is in pain…she reminisces akira’s words that sanskar cant stay up without addicts or girl
she rushes inside room and locks it… she gets shocked to see whole room messed up and sanskar trying to catch breath

swara rushed towards him but he wards her off pleading her to leave room
she holds his hand and weeps
sanskar:leave my hand and go
swara angrily: i didnt hold ur hand to leave it
sanskar looks at her
swara cups his face and places her lips gently on his …
she soothes him with a hug while kissing and caresses his back relaxing him…sanskar feels calm and hugs her tight…she gets relieved…sanskar starts kissing her neck and places his hands on her waist
he kisses her forehead nose and slides down and stops by placing his lips on her chin while she breathes heavily

sanskar:why r u doing this?? it will hurt u…
swara:no… and if it does… m ready to bear it…
she holds his head and places it on her neck…he starts giving her love bites while she clutches his shirt…
he picks her up and and takes her to bed…

he lays her down and keeps romancing her neck and back…he kisses her belly and she moans in pleasure….

he hugs her and they both roll down each other resulting in the breakdown of bed…swara lest out a scream and they see the bed’s leg had broken
both look at each other and burst out into laugh
swara gets stunned to see sanskar laughing so much…
sanskar notices her gaze and smiles…he puts his hand on her cheek and kisses her forhead
swara:are u ok now??
sanskar: never felt better…
swara:its ur fault… u broke all things an dmessed up room..this had to happen
sanskar smiles at her cutenss

sanskar:today i want to try to sleep… in ur lap… without any medicine or sth
swara smiles overwhelmingly and keeps his head on her lap
she caresses his hair and sings


sanskar tight hugs swara and shuts his eyes… he gets asleep miraculously without pills after hearing melodious singing…

swara smiles and sees him sleeping… she thanks God and kisses his forehead and sleeps over him…

though its not a much peaceful sleep but as long as hey r together there z no need to worry…….

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