SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 21

hey guys here i am back again… but this next epi is especially for relying to sethoothy and dhara… guys i have told from the beginning of this ff that yes it resembles to saba’s ff but i will make changes of my own…i even stated while replying to people that m her fan and i have read her ff but i will mold it … and if u start reading then u will come by thousands of new scenes and moments which saba didnt write in her ff….few people thought same like u but after reading a few epis their thoughts changed… and talking abt saba if u want to inform her then go ahead…even i know her…even if she reads the story she will also come to know that only storyline is same but the scenes and my work is totally different than hers….m tired of telling this now…hope u understand….

and simin thnx for ur support … at least someone has sense here….

lets begin next


swara stops crying and gets up as she wants to go to sanskar.
akira:lets go…i will accompany u
swara nods and they leave
on their way they collide to kavita
kavita:hi swara… i know u must be thinking about sanskar and me… my sister must have told u everything… listen let me tell u that he is a complete psycho an headache…i have spent so much time with him but i know he is a cheap guy….he cares for himself and is using u only…i dnt know how did he get so much money but he is a loser and betrayar… he is….

before she could complete her sentence swara gives her a tight slap shocking her and amusing akira
swara shows finger to her
swara:dont u dare utter a single word against him or u will see the worst side f mine…do u know whom r u talking about??u r talking about my husband…SANSKAR MAHESHWARI and i SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI will not bear a single word against her precious husband because i trust him… u had spent a year with him and i had spend some months…u were not able to know him and conquer such a pure heart but m lucky enough cause i have a gem like sanskar but u…. u call urself rich but for me u r the poorest girl in the whole world….

kavita shouts by showing her finger to swara
kavita:stop it swara
swara holds her wrist and twists it…kavita writhes in pain…akira laughs
swara:dont dare raise ur voice… u r money lustrous and a cheap woman…if u think that by trapping me u can make sanskar away from me then its ur foolishness…my love for him is strong enough to beat all eveils of the world…get out of my sight and life…let us live our present and plan our future… talking abt past!!! u were a passing cloud and he is out of that storm now…
swara pushes him and she falls on floor
kavita stands up and touches her cheek and wrist
kavita:u will pay for it miss swara
swara:its mrs sanskar maheshwari
kavita goes from there angrily

akira hugs swara
akira:wow swara i didnt know u r such a boiling girl
swara:i cant bear anything against him now….
they hug again

sanskar who was standing behind the pillar was shocked to see the scenario
sanskar: akira…. why?? why did u tell her everything?? how will i face her??

he hits his hand on the pillar and goes back to room while akira and swara laugh at akira…

sorry 4 short update but this chap was for dhara and sethoothy…
so how was swara’s outburst??


  1. Rabia0032


    |Registered Member

    Awesome dear I loved it swara outburst on kavita…why only one slap han u should gave her more then 1 atleast 10 slap were Amazing but plzzzz dont seprate them…Dont know I have feeling sanskar will do something dont let him do anything dear…

    But awesome epi….waiting for swasan scene plzzz give us swasan Moment

  2. Mariyajap


    |Registered Member

    Amazing aila and plz don’t worry about bashers. Just think about the people who like ur story, may be there will be a few but write for them just ignore others. Be happy always. And Happy Christmas

  3. Romaisa

    I didn’t read Saba di’s story but I think nobody should blame someone without reason and if they think your’e copying Saba di’s story then don’t listen to them cause all the other peoples here know that you’re not copying it so don’t take tension and I will surely read Saba di’s story ❤️ And I love you’re ff a lot it’s one of my fav ff’s here ❤️

  4. Mynalove


    |Registered Member

    kavita and swara faceoff
    i was just going waah waah!!!!!!!!!!

    and don’t care about those people who are blaming u
    even i have read Saba di’s ff and ur story
    both are a lot different

  5. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    hey aila….i didnt read ur story from starting…..just read its few epi bt after reading last 2 epi one thing is clear u r a good writer nd it is a awesome story
    i didnt read saba’s story …also dont know about it…ignore them who r blaming u…if u knw if u have trust on urself that u r nt copying…..thats it….their blaming is no use no need to prove them….nd if u r copying by chance….so its ur choice…..keep writing like this

  6. Sethooty


    |Registered Member

    Dear if you want to dedicate me…come with your own work I will be the happiest person.Am not a basher if truth saying is a bad habit I can’t help myself.Thanks now you r accepting its not inspired from any other novel , its only from saba’s ‘a path hate to love’.Many people adopting concept its common, am not saying its a sin..but they make some changes characters….previous epi his past revelation is exact same….hmm…anyway leave it..pls don’t dedicate any epi for me.I have no pblm you go with your story.I will not going to post a comment

    • aila

      dear setoothy it wasnt dedicated to u…it was just to tell u the truth that i had already told it before that saba’s ff was inspired by novel and that i have read saba’s ff so i wanna write it but it wont be similar… the concept will be same but scenes will be different…same concept obviously means storyline which includes past… but honestly if u start reading from the biginning m sure ur views will change for sure…. even in today’s epi my swara was bold but saba never narrated anything like this…. so lemme write my story and u enjoy saba’s ff… if that was adapted from novel as saba stated then teh actual novelist of actual story should comment and stop me and saba as well….
      i hope now its all clear to u….

      • Deeksha gupta

        Hey aila , to whom u r saying she is nt ready to hear anything …I’ve myself read saba’s story n I’m a big fan of hers …n I’m also a big fan of urs , I know though storyline is same but the way u narrated is completly different n swara’s attitude is different from dat of saba’s story n moreover no laksh character is der …sanskar in this story is not as arrogant as saba’s story so u dont need to give explanations to others to prove ur credibility n we support u ..love u 😘😘

      • Sethooty

        Am sorry …if you are this much confident.. May be am wrong…I burst out bx many people copying others work hope you understand. Sorry for hurting you and ur readers.. forgive me if am wrong…you r confident in your words then its true….I read ur author note and Ff list name..

  7. s

    nice..i hv read saba’s ff..nw am reading urs..
    so i knw u have added many different new scenes in ur ff..ur story is going grt..

  8. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    I ve read sabaz story n i knw storyline is same bt scenes ,swaraz chrctr al r dffrnt n m loving it… bt plz d inly thing i dun lyk is akira 😛 n u knw dat i ve said from starting..
    N i loved swaraz bhvr yr its amazing… bt i dun want swaraz bond wid akira so friendly… no mattr wat no wife can do dat.. hope akira rlzes her love for sanskar n gts ngtve 💃💃💃 i will njy so much den 😉

    • aila

      thnx a lot for ur support…
      haha,,,, yeah i know u hate her but wt to do…. she z a main girl as well…. u will soon know what she does and how she changes herself…. :):)

  9. Sweeta


    |Registered Member

    Great part dear……..swara done good job with Kavita. …….not only one. ….she should have give 3 or 4 slap to her……..
    Excellent. ……waiting for nxt post

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