SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 2


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RECAP: Raglak marriage.Swara slaps sanskar and he plans revenge.



swara:I was only protecting myself…then why did u do that??and what will u do now??


swara comes down and sees sanskar talking to her family.
Sanskar hugs ragini and asks laksh to take care of her.
Sanskar:bye miss swara
Swara is disgusted as sanskar winks at her and smirks
Laksh:swara r u ok??
Swara:yeah bhaiyya
Swara:yeah … Lets go…its time for bidaaii
Ragini greets her family and leaves
Swara gets her room ready and raglak consummate their marriage.

Swara paces in her room.she is restless and thinks abt sanskar
Swara:that anger in his eyes.that ego.that proud in him!!!ohGod plz protect me
Just then her phone rings
Sanskar:hi baby
Swara:who the hell is this?
Sanskar:the one who tasted ur delicious lips
Swara:how dare u call me bastard?
Sanskar:relax…calm down….and shut up…. I told u not to hurt my ego but u….u r doing the same mistake again….i am ending call but u check ur mob after that for sure
But call ends and swara receives an mms and is shocked

Mms shows open blouse of swara’s lehnga and exposing her whole back and then she trying to tie it.
Swara gets numb
Sanskar calls again
Sanskar:did u like it??
Swara stays silent
Anger, fear and teary emotions are killing her from inside
Sanskar:u must be thinking how did I get it?let me tell u….when u went to room to fetch ur bro’s gift I saw ur open blouse and thought to help u….when ur hair fluttered exposing ur s*xy body God it killed me!!!! I wanted sth from u but I knew u wnt agree easily so clicked it for blackmailing u….
Swara:what nonsense…mu r telling it so shamelessly
Sanskar:I am like that only
Swara:what the hell do u want??
Sanskar smiles evilly

Sanskar:I want to SPEND A NIGHT WITH YOU…..

Swara is hell shocked as if someone has blasted a canon ball on her
Swara cuts call and cries
Sanskar calls again
Sanskar:did u think sth???I hate waiting
Swara:do u think I will agree to this cheap demand of urs??
Sanskar:haha…u r so stupid…just thinking abt urself…think abt ur family.Ur dad a business tycoon will lose his respect If I leak this mms…ur mom will not be able to bear the taunts…who will marry u??moreover ur dad is a heart patient..,if sth happens to him then u will be at fault??

Swara is shattered
Swara speaks: Don’t forget ur sis married my bro
Sanskar’s anger boils again
Sanskar breaks the mirror
Sanskar:listen to me creep….dnt u dare involve my sis in this!! I am her protector….i wnt hurt her but ur parents…. I can take care of raglak but u and ur parents will come on street!!! M that powerful!!! U know it

Swara cries
Swara:why e u doing this to me??
Sanskar:u slapped me!!remember?
Swara cries:m sorry plz
Sanskar smiles proudly
Sanskar:m so relaxed after hearing it…but u wnt forgive u easily…. If ur lips were so luscious then wt abt ur whole body…. I hate to wait….answer quickly

There is a pause for 2 mnts

Swara cuts the call and cries


swara:its yr shade only….worst shade and I wish to die….


swara has not slept whole night.she gets fresh and comes down and tries to behave normally.laksh sees her
Laksh:good morning shona
Swara smiles
Laksh:u r lost since yesterday!!!wt happened??
Swara:no nothing!!! U tell me….how was ur night??
Swara winks
Laksh smiles
Laksh:I believe u r fine
Swara thinks abt night and reminisces sanskar’s demand
They go to breakfast table

Swara eats kheer prepared by ragini and praises her but curses her bro in mind.
Sumi:Han Shona
Swara:actually I have to prepare a college project so need to stay at friend’s home tonight
Shekhar hands over honeymoon tickets to raglak and they smile

Swara is happy to see her family happy but curses her fate

Swara goes to walk in garden and receives a parcel.she opens to find a beautiful red and black colored salwar suit with a note

“This dress will enhance ur beauty.i know its a bit traditional but u will look hot as u have to spend night with me.so evrythng will happen according to me….wear this and come tonight
Your lip sharer

Swara is disgusted and comes to her room and cries


swara takes out that dress and eyes it angrily and throws it away
She collapses on floor
Swara:why God???why did u chose me?? She cries

NEXT EPI: night time

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