SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 1


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RECAP: swara thinking abt past



swara:my bro’s marriage was so special but u made that day worst for me


its laksh’s marriage.he gets dressed
Swara:wow someone is looking handsome
Laksh:and someone is looking beautiful
Swara:I always look pretty
She smiles
Laksh:always keep smiling like this
Swara hugs him
Swara:bhai plz dnt change after marriage
Swara:lets go bring our bhabhi

Baraat leaves for maheshwari house
Swara is dressed in light pink lehnga and her hair are open
Maheshwari family greets them
Swara:can I meet bhabhi?
AP:of crse beta…she z in room
Swara runs to ragini and hugs her.
Both r close frndz and share a tight bond like sisters
Ragini:did my bhai come?
Swara:ragini….i haven’t seen him ever so how would I know?
Ragini:hmm….lets go now
Swara:aww u r so eager to get married
Ragini blushes and swara brings her down
Ragini is sad as sanskar has not come yet

Ragini takes family blessings
Sumi:swara plz call pandit ji
Swara goes.
Ragini looks at the entrance and her face lits up seeing sanskar,she runs to him and hugs him
Ragini:I knew it bhai that u will come
Sanskar kisses her forehead
But dp holds his hand
AP stops herself from going towards sanskar
Sanskar greets laksh and his family
Swara comes running
Swara:ma ma ma….
Sanskar looks at him and is totally mesmerized to see her beauty
Swara:pandit ji will come within 15 mins
Sanskar:who z she?
Ragini:swara….this is my bro sanskar
Sanskar towards his hand while swara says namastey surprising sanskar
She smiles and takes ragini towards mandap
Sanskar:hmm…acting to be good but I know all girls wear mask on their faces …. The r double faced
He reminisces the voice of a girl: Every girl is double faced….Dont trust even ME….
He comes back to his senses and clutches his fist: Pain only pain is given by them

Ragini:where z pandit ji??its getting so boring
Swara smiles and starts singing and dancing on PAYARA BHAIYA MERA DULHA RAJA BAN K A GYA…..

Sanskar is lost in her.swara feels his gaze and feels uncomfortable.
Raglak take pheras.Sanskar comes to her
Sanskar:hey babes
Swara wide opens her eyes
Sanskar:u dance really well….s*xy it was
Swara fumes
Swara:I didn’t ask
She leaves and sanskar is shocked by her answer and sighs to ward off his anger
Sanskar to himself:by doing this u r increasing my interest in u
Marriage is over and raglak perform rituals
Swara:let me bring ur gift….its in ur room
Swara goes and sanskar silently follows her.swara steps in room and picks up gift.she z shocked when someone grabs her waits from behind and twirls her.she hits the chest of that person and he is none other than sanskar.he pulls her closer
Swara:what the hell
Sanskar puts finger on her lips
Sanskar:u r looking so cute in anger but I like silent girls
Swara:let me go or else….
Swara:I will scream and gather everyone.U r bhabhi’s bro….how dare u misbehave with me….
Sanskar:shh….u talk too much
Swara:let me u dog faced guy
Sanskar gets angry and holds her face tight that swara feels pain.
Sanskar:don’t ever insult me….i hate it…i love my respect and u cant hurt it….so shut up….and wts the problem in getting close to me….all girls love me ….so wt r u??
Sanskar gives devilish smile and gets close to her.swara pushes him but je places his lips on hers shocking swara and sucks it.swara pushes him hard and gives him a tight slap.sanskar is shocked as nobody did this before.swara cries and gets afraid seeing sanskar is anger
Sanskar comes closer and whispers: U will have to pay for this miss swara gododia
He leaves while swara is still in shock


swara touches her lips.
Swara:that touch of ur lips on mine and my touch of hand on ur face brought problems to my life and now I will have to face it more!!!

To be continued…..

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