(SwaSan) The Journey Of Falling In Love – Prologue

Hii guys, Mohana here. So I had a bit of a free time before my pre boards and decided to write something on our fav SwaSan. It is not related to Swaragini. It is about SwaSan in a different world.
I am afraid I won’t be regular, but I’ll absolutely try to give you updates whenever possible. This is the prologue. If you want I will continue.
Swara’s POV
‘What the hell mom!’ I squealed as I saw mom opening ‘Shaadi.com’
She’s so hell bent on getting me married!

‘What? Do you want to stay unmarried all your life?’ Mom asked with furrowed brows. That’s the thing! When you’re 23 and you just don’t wanna get married so early, I don’t know how the hell do moms come to the conclusion that I am going to be #AloneForever.

‘How to tell you mom! I gladly will.’ I muttered softly, not sure if she heard me.

This made dad [who was sitting on the couch, reading news paper] break into giggles and mom to look at me suspiciously.
‘What a decision beta! Ask me. How wrong getting married is!’ dad said between his giggles and pointed at mom, who was, in return giving him violent glares. If glares could kill, dad would’ve been smoke till now.

‘Did you say anything?’ Mom asked me in a low, annoyed noise.

There you see it. If someone asks you “Did you say anything?” there are 95 percent chances they heard you, so you better play along.

‘Closure lyrics’ filled the room as my phone rang.
“Seema Mausi” flashed on the screen.

‘Moom Seema Mausi is calling, talk to her.’ I said as I extended the phone to her.
‘Take the call. She’s calling you not me.’ Mom said in a stern voice but I wasn’t gonna budge today. I cant converse with a nosy relative every now and then, who loves to intrude my privacy.

‘Mom please! You know right. At the end she’s gonna say “Give the phone to your mumma” Talk to her na!.’
‘Ha seema!………..What! Reception party tomorrow?…..but how can we do preparation soo…….nahi nahi! Ham ladke walon ko tayariyaan kaise krne de?……..Ok…ok..byee..’ Mom disconnected the call and sighed heavily, she then turned to tell me and dad whatever Seema mausi told her.
To be honest, I kinda already guessed.

Ragini, my twin sister, who is 4 mins elder than me, recently got married to the love of her life, Laksh Maheshwari ( Watchya there! Another moment for mom to blabber about me getting married! 🙁 ) and tomorrow is her reception party.
Goshh I hate indian parties! So cliché .
Sanskar’s POV
‘Ahem Ahem!’ I coughed to divert the attention of the newly weds towards me. I bet Lucky is cursing me in his head.
Lucky and Ragini, who were hugging, separated quickly . Ragini blushed crimson while Lucky ran his hand through his hair , smiling mischievously, both of them looking everywhere but me,.
‘Just wait for few days! Then you have live everyday together but open romance like this! Especially when there sooo many guests at house? Hawww! Bad ha!.’ I chuckled and said.

Seeing them quiet and embarrassed I declared,’ Well, I was here to remind you that tomorrow is your reception.’
They widened their eyes, looked at each other and smiled, while I left the room to give them some privacy.
A fancy party will be fun! I smirked realizing what all I can do there.
The devil is coming!

Swara Gadodia- A beautiful, kind and rich girl who is heiress of R-Bazaar, the biggest fashion house of the country. She is a businesswoman by blood who genuinely enjoys designing and is working under her father currently, ready to take over anytime. Is practical but hopelessly romantic.

Sanskar Maheshwari- Part owner of the Maheshwari empire and soon to inherit the entire business, he is a suave, smart, handsome and arrogant ‘gentleman’ who is nevertheless rude to people. He loves his parents a lot. He is practical too but has issues in letting go. Is very stubborn.

Ragini Maheshwari- Twin sister of swara, [not by face] married to Laksh. She is pretty, sweet and loves her family.

Laksh Maheshwari- Husband of Ragini, brother of Sanskar. Loves his wife very much, caring and smart.

Parents of Swaragini. Love them immensely. Shekhar owns R-Bazaar, his wife Janki who is a doctor. They were childhood lovers. Very fun-loving but sometimes obnoxious.

Parents of Laksh and Sanskar. Annapurna is a philanthropist who inherited schools from her rich father. She married Durgaprasad who was her betrothed. They had an arranged marriage but fell in love afterwards. They wish for a good girl for their Sanskar. In this FF, DP is a cool dad.

*************************************************************************************************************************************What will happen now? Will SwaSan meet at the reception party? Will sparks fly at their meet? What is the devil up to? What do you think about Janki’s character? –Funny, strict, ridiculous…..? Do tell me.
Okay! So there weren’t more scenes of Sanskar in the prologue, and that’s cz I wanna keep his character a suspense and surprise! Do wait for him, n tell me if you’re excited!! Till then I hope you enjoyed a little inside’s of Swara! 😀

I don’t know how long this story will be, but as of now, it is a ss, if here is any change of plans I’ll inform you and pls give me suggestions, regarding.
Guys after every update I am just gonna ask a quick question and you guys tell me about it in the comments 😀

Question for today is- Where are you presently while reading this part? It can be any corner of the world, I am currently in New Delhi, India, dug in my bed writing this update at late night. Tell me yours!!

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