Swasan- Do jism ek jaan epi 9


Hey guys did you here about AANANDI suicide…. Its really shocking!!!!!

Let’s start today’s epi
Ragini came to Swara
Rags: Di ,Mumma is calling you.
Swara: ohk
Swara is still nervous because of what happen bw sanskar and her.Rags notices it.
Rag: What happen Di and this time tell me truth.
Swara: Gini….Vo vo…sanskar…vo
Rags: Sanskar what?
Swara: Nothing m going to mom
Rags: but Di
Swara rans without listening rags
Rags (to herself): Something is there ..bw them……love shove ka chakkar to nahi???

Swara and shomi are talking about some ritual then only Sanskar came and start teasing swara
Swara became more nervous and about to go from there and she collides with Kav..San gets a call and go to attend it

Swara: M sorry kav..
Kav: its ohk, actually m sorry for what I did with ragini …..I was just kidding at that time
SWA: its ohk.
Kav: So friends???
SWA thinks: Friend ship vo b tumse???
Kav: Tell swara.
Swara: ohk,
Kav: ammm swara for a good beginning of friend ship may I put haldi on your face??
SWA: What???
Kav: Shagun samjhlo..
SWA: its not our wedding… So what Shagun and what haldi??
Kav: plzz
Swa: No need
Kav forcely put haldi on swara face and leaves from there
Swara to herself: What’s going on every one is putting haldi on me..
And San came to her and again starts teasing her
Swara: what???
San: what???
Swara gets more irritated and leaves and San looks on

Swara and ragini in their room.
Swara was continuously itching her face.
Rag: Di I thinks this haldi reacts on your face ,remove this.
Swa nods in yes and goes to the washroom . Swalak came there
San: where is Swara?
Rag: She is in the washroom , she was itching badly on her face
San lak: What???
Then a shout came from washroom. They all went to washroom and were shocked to see red marks on her face.
FB shows Kav mixing some chemical in haldi and saying :- now I will show you Swara what I can do to take my revenge and smiles evilly.
Fb ends

Rags: dii …ye kya ho gya…haldi se
San: haldi…..that’s my mistake…..m so sorry swara..I
Swara interrupts him: – This is not your fault…its KAVITA
Swara tell them her conversion with KAVITA.
Sanskar was fuming in anger: I will not leave her….
Lak: she has to pay for it
SWA: no need guys….
Rag: but Di…when she tries to fall me….u make her fall….but now when she did such cheap thing…u r leaving her????
SWA: because this time she harms me not you.
Lak: Wow!!! What a stupid logic Swara
San: I will not leave her this time…
Swara holds his hand and nods in no
San: but….ohk fine
SWA convince all of them

Lak: but what about your face??
Rags: I will search on net and make some face pack….
San: hmm

After sometime, rag brings the pack but San stops her .
San: Give it to me I will apply it on her
SWA looks at him
Rag: ohk,
She gives it to San and sighs lak to come with her.The went out and close the door.

Rags: laksh I need ur help.
Lak: ya of course …
They make some plan

The scene shifts to SwASAN
SWA:I will apply it myself..
San put his finger on her soft lips
San: shhhhhhh!!!!!!! You trust me???
SWA nods in yes
SWA thinks:- I never trust men except baba but now I trust you sanskar…..I don’t know why but I can’t stop me from trusting u…
San: Then let me do this
San stars applying pack on her face and neck…..
(sanam re plays in BG)

Swa and sanskar are very close to each other and swara is looking at him continuously , suddenly San looks at her and they had a sweet eye lock….
San: Dard ho RHA hai???
Swa: Ab nhi ho RHA, tumne Jo chhu lia..
San was shocked to listen it and swara came to realise what she said
SWA: I mean, You apply this pack that’s why its not paining.
San: hmm…..keep it for 15 min and then wash it ..
SWA: I know…..
San: yah you know everything…
Swa : I really trust you sanskar…
San: I will not break it shona.
May I call u shona
Swa;: hmm
They smile

RagLak :- now be ready KAVITA for our lesson.
The epi ends

Credit to: Teena

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