Swasan- Do jism ek jaan epi 8


Shomi: shona gini, we have to go to Jaipur for 2 weeks,as all other function are there only.
Rags: Wow!!! Amazing Mumma,
Shona: WHAT????
But 2 weeks, omg I have work in office how can I go??
Shomi: But shona,
Shona(interrupt): what but mom….I can’t leave my work for such stupid reason. I will nt go
Rags: Di
Shona: Not again gini…plz
Rags make a innocent face.
Rags: ohk fine, meri baat to koi sunta hi nahi….me hu hi kaun….chhoti hu isliye meri baat ko ignore krte he Sab
Shona: ofoooooo…….theek hai!!!!
Rags: yehhhhh!!!!!
Shona: nautanki!!!

Sujju: chhoro apna samaan badh lo Hume Jaipur Jo Jana hai
San: ha ha bua, we will do it, don’t worry.
Sujju: wese chore, thari pasand mhaare ko pasand he…ke naam he uska….swara
San: Bua u also started
Sujju: thaare ko vo pasand hai na???
San: ammm …vo
Sujju: maare ko laage he na pasand hai vo,theek he to mai khud ladki dhundhna suru krdu
San: No no bua, I like her in fact I love her….oopsss
Sujju: ohooooooooo……
San blushes
Sujju: achha achha m going now….

Laksh comes there,
Lak: Bhai…Bhai
San: what?
Lak: Swara is not coming to Jaipur
San: what???
Lak: Rags informs me ,now what Bhai….what u will do?
San gets upset.lak laughs loudly….
Lak: M so sorry Bhai…….I was joking ,swara is coming
San: you idiot
Lak: now you have a golden chance to impress her.
But ha that KAVITA is also coming ?
San: so what Bhai….she is also Ishaan friend.
Lak: Hmm.
San: leave it na, pack your bag we have to leave in 2 hours
Lak nods in yes and thinks I will not let her ( KAVITA) to ruin your happiness.

Both family reach airport and leaves to Jaipur

At jaipur they are living in the house of ria. ( pushtaini haveli) and sanlak in one room and swaragini in one

Swaragini room
Rags: Di tomorrow we will go to see the city, San ,you ,I and lak will chill out for this one week as from next week we will be busy in functions
Swara: Ohk…..I was thinking we should come here next week only but …
Rags: Di not again…plz enjoy this trip
Swara: hmm

Sanlak room:- lak also informs about the plan .

Next day
Swaragini and Sanlak starts their journey
Swara is in blue top and white long skirtpiece while rags wear blue jeans with orange top.
Lak takes rags with him ( as he wants to leave SWASAN alone)
San: so where would you like to go ?
SWA: ammm….I don’t know?
San: ohk …so I will decide
They came to a royal fort where they saw some students learning sword fighting.
San: When we used to live here, I used to learn it.I really enjoy this….
Swara remembers something and moves towards the students and ask for a sword .She ask Sanskar for a round of sword fighting.
San: Really????
I mean u are a Bengali and a soft girl…u
She gave him a sword and ask him to fight
They start fighting… San was socked to see her fighting skills. He try hard but looses the fight.
Swara come close to him and whispers: EK AURAAT KI KABHILIAT PAR KABHI SHAK MAT KARNA
Sanskar lost in her and smiles. All of them claps and San came to his senses.
San: but how you know sword fighting.
SWA: kyu ye San Bengali’s nhi ke skte
San: hmmm
He thinks: tumpr to dil haar baitha hu …to ek fight kya cheez hai.
SWA: Hey mister kaha kho gaye …chalo?
San nods in positive they leave

Next day( haldi function)
SanLak are waiting for SwaRagini. KAVITA came to them
Kav: hi
San: hi
Lak ignores her
Kav: sanskar you are looking handsome.
San: Thanks
Kav: and what about me??
Sujju came there ,
Sujju: kaali billi kesi
Lak.laughs loudly and say correct BUA
Kav leaves in anger.
San : Bua thanxx u save me.
Sujju: Abhi tak maari bahut na aati??
San: Nhi

Then a girl in a yellow anarkali suit enters lak looks at her and smile
Lak: hey rags!!!
Rags greets sujju .
San: Where is Swara???
Rag: Di will come later on .Actually she was doing some office work.
Lak: She is a work alcoholic.They all laughs
Kav is seeing this and fuming in anger.

After some time,
Kav and Rag brought Ria in hall and Sanlak came with Ishaan
Ap Chalo rasam shuru karo
Rags nods in yes.She moves towards Ria but kav strikes her leg and Rags was about to fall but someone holds her….Yes I.e. SWARA
SWA: are you ohk??
Rags: yes Di, Hey miss why u strikes your leg??
sWa;: are…leave it na.
Kav walks toward and swara strike her leg and kav falls
Kav: hey u ! Why u strikes leg…
Ap: Let’s starts the ritual

Swara and rags came to sanlak. She was wearing a golden suit. San gets mesmerized and again lost in her
Lak: achha jawab dia us kav ko swara
SWA: oh her name is kavita
Rag: witch!!!
SWA: ofoooooo……let’s go

The haldi starts
All ladies are enjoying haldi function. Sanlak also play holi with haldi.
Swara puts haldi to Ria and some haldi falls on her hand
A lady: Are khte he dulhan ki haldi kisi PR gire to uski shaadi b jldi hoti he…
All start teasing swara
Swara move upstairs and collides with sanskar and stars laughing.
San: What??
SWA : looking like a joker…tumne to Ishaan se zyada haldi lagayi he
San : achha???
He pulls her towards him and hold with her waist .San moves his face towards her and puts haldi on her face through his cheeks.
(Tum hi ho plays in BG)
Then he puts haldi on her neck and then turns her and kiss her neck from backside
He whispers : lo Maine me TUMHE apne rang me rang dia …
SWA: Sanskar
San: Hmm
SWA: leave me…I have to go
San leaves her and she ran from there.and goes to a room and thinks
What is happening to me . ..

Credit to: Teena

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