Swasan- Do jism ek jaan epi 7


Maheshwaris arrived at the venue. Sanlak congrats ishaan for his engagement Suddenly lak looks something and said: Not again
Lak sighs him to look back. San looks back and get shocked.
Swaragini were standing there.
Lak: Are they following us??
San get mesmerized and say: GORGEOUS!!!
Uttara: ahmm ahmm….
Lak: Bhai let’s go n talk to her.
San: No no
Uttara: Bhai !!! Go and talk to BHABHI
San: Bhabhi???
Uttara: hone wali bhabhi
Lak drags San and go to swaragini

SanLak: Namastey aunty.

Shomi: namstey beta
San: How r u aunty??
Shomi: M fine
Then shekhar calls her.
Shomi: excuse me!

SanLak: hi
Swaragini: hi
Lak: You are here…I mean did you know Ishaan
Rags: No, we are from brides side
Lak: ohhh…BTW looking nice.
Rags: thanks
They start talking …

A group of boys starts to talk about swara
(Rahul ,jai ,visual,vihaan,nikhil, Samar)

Rahul: Hey look…that blue saree
Jai: hot!!!
Then they sighs something to each other and one of them ( samar)move towards rags and fall his juice on her saree
Samar: M so sorry.
Rags: its ohk,
Samar goes
Rags: Di mai ye saaf kr ke aati hu
Swara: ohk

After sometime Vishal come to them and tell swara that rags is calling her.
Swara: but why… What happen??
Vishal: I don’t know
Swara : ohk,
She goes with Vishal. Vishal sighs swara towards a room.Swara goes inside

Rags came to SanLak
San: Where is swara?
Rag shockingly: I have the same question
San: but you only called her …
Rags: I didn’t call her
Sanlak get tensed. San moves upstairs in search of Swara.

Swara finds the boys group in the room. She get shocked and ask about rags
Samar : She will also come first enjoy with us.
She slaps him tightly .

RagLak also searching Swara . Rags slips and lak holds her and they have a eyelock

Samar hold swara’s hair and pushes her down. He raise her hand towards her and our hero SANSKAR hold his hand and gave him a tight one.
He beats all the boys, suddenly Vishal puts knife and try to hit swara. Sanskar hold the knife and gets hurt . Rag and Lak also reaches there and all boys ran away. Sanskar puts swara up and consoles her
Rag : Di are you ohk?
Swara: yes m fine
Swara sees blood flowing from San hand she hold his hand and tie her hanky on it.

Swara: Ty Mr Sanskar Maheshwari-
San: U can call me Sanskar only
Swara: Your wound is deep, go to the doctor later on…
San: No need
Lak (to himself): miss swara tum hi to ho Bhai ki doctor
Rag: U say something??
Lak: I..no no
Swara : we should go in the hall now and gini plzz don’t tell anything to mom.
Rag: ohk Di…

Ria and Ishaan get engaged. They give a dance performance on Tum Jo aate zindagi me

San ask swara for dance. First she hesitates but then agrees

They perform oo TUM HI Ho.They both lost in each other and even swara was blushing.
She feels very comfortable i n his arms, All were seeing them .
Rag: so romantic!!!!
Lak: They are looking like- DO JISm Ek Jaan

San holds swara’s hand and lifts her at last they were about to kiss each other. They came in senses and looks at each other.All claps and say RAB NE BANADI JODI

At the time of leaving
Swara: Ty once again sanskar.
San: No need of Ty, …Friends????
Swara: hmm..
They shake hands .
Lak: Him konsa bure hai dosti ke liye
Rag: hmm
San: ofooo…..from now we all are friends
They all smiles…

At night SS
Swara and ragini are sitting in swara’s room.Ragini is talking to swara but swara is in the taughts of sanskar…
Rag: Di Diiiiii
Swara: yes
Rag: where are you???
Swara: actually m very tired that’s why
Rag: ohk…we will talk tomorrow
Swara: hmm
Rags goes to her room and swara goes to the window and ask herself: what’s happening to me????
M thinking of him only …why????

Laksh: Bhai today is your bestest day I guess
San: yahh,
Lak: now we will meet them in all function. Mauke par chauka lagana.Now m going to sleep gn bro
San: gn

San goes to his pool in the room. And thinks of swara. Swara you are every where, in my heart, in my breath, in my eyes, in each heartbeat…I just love you…. I promise I will make u Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari
The screen freezes on SwaSan face.

Precap: Swasan in haldi function ….more romance.

Credit to: Teena

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