Swasan- Do jism ek jaan epi 5


Hello guys…
Sanskar was sitting on his couch, he was trying to do work but unable to do so. Each moment he thinks about swara only.
Sanskar to himself:- What happens to me? Why m thinking about her. Why I want to be with her??
Today she was so happy, chilling out with her sis. Laughing loudly.enjoying each moment. I was just lost in her….etc.
But why did she go suddenly .She became sad suddenly….????
Then laksh came there
Laksh: Bhai ,its Mr Kumar’s file.
San: hmm
Lak:What happened???
San: Nothing.
Lak: Thinking about her???
San: lucky …WO aide kyu chalo gayi …Theek to hoti na vo?
Lak: don’t know …I wish vo theek ho
San: me too
Lak: Don’t worry bro….well u should be worried about that KAVITA.
San: what u want to say?
Lak: Bro her intention are not good….I mean every time she try to get you…I hope u understand me
San: I never paid attention on her deeds.

Lak: I don’t like her.Just bcoz he is Roy uncles daughter I m tolerating her.
BTW BUA is coming tomorrow.
San: oh wow!!! Chutki is coming or not??
Lak: yes she is also coming.
San: That’s great lucky.
Ap comes to them
Ap: Both of you are looking very happy…?
Lak: its bcoz bua and chhutki is coming.
Ap: hmm, they are coming to attend Bharadwaj’s son’s marriage
San: Ishaan “s marriage??
Ap: yes, he is also getting married…ab to San beta tu b meri bahut leya
Lak: Maa Bhai ko ek pasand to hai
Ap: who???
San: shutupp lucky..
Ap: tell me
Ap and San both shocked
San:No no maa
Lak: yes yes Maa
San (anger): Her name is swara not Kavita.
Lak: hahahaha….see Maa Bhai accept it .

Ap : That girl who save me?
Lak: yahhh that one
San blushes and ran away
Ap and lak both laughs

Swara wipes her tears and say to herself: No swara you can’t cry . You have to be strong. These tears should be in his eyes not in yours.
She washes her face and changes her clothes.She opens the door and saw Rag there.
Swara: gini, why are u crying my doll, don’t cry see m fine.
Rags: m sorry Di..m sorry
Swara: shhhh, stop crying .gini its not your fault.
Swaragini hug each other. ( Swaragini plays in BG)
Swara thinks: I will never let you know that painful truth.
Rags thinks: I promise Di I will turn your pain into happiness
Shomi calls them.They wipes their tears &went downstairs.
Shomi: what happen
Rag : nothing Mumma we enjoyed a lot today that’s why we are crying
Shomi: You both are mad.
Swara: why you call us mom?
Shomi: swara ,Mr Sharma’ s daughter Ria marriage is going to be held. We all are invited
Rag: Wow!!
Swara: You all go I will not attend any function.
Rag: Di, you are coming with us that’s final.
Swara: ofoooo
Shomi: my gini can only convince you.
They all smile..

Credit to: Teena

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