Swasan- Do jism ek jaan epi 4


At Gulmohar garden
(Swara was wearing a white gown while rags was in a yellow gown)
They went to the restaurant
Rags : Di say something, you are just eating and eating
Swara: Speaking while eating is bad habbit ,gini
Ragini : Di..
Swara: What?
Rags: aapka kuch nhi ho skta
Swara: ohk ohk….ummm How’s your meeting ??
Rags gives an angry look
Swara: Now what???

Rags goes out in anger. Swara makes the payment and goes behind her.
Swara : gini, gini stop please gini..
At the same time Sanlak came there.Sanskar was telling something to laksh ,suddenly lak saw Swaragini
Lak: Bhai
San: What?
Lak sighs him to look behind . San turns and saw Swaragini ( actually only to swara) He gets mesmerized by her beauty.
Laksh notices him and say: Bhai ??
San was totally lost in her beauty
Laksh shakes him and starts teasing him
San: We should go now.
Lak: Really ??? You want to go???
San (blushes) : No.
Laksh : ohoo my bro also blushes.
San: lucky.
They hides and secretly follows them
Swara: Gini stop na plz

Rag : What?
Swara: Sorryyyy
(She makes a very cute face)
Samlak: So cute..
Rag: Its ohk Di
Swaragini hugs each other
Swara: Can we go to shopping now??
Rag: yahh!!
They went to shopping. Both did lots of shopping.
Lak: These girls never get tired of shopping.
San: No bro , its their birthright
They both laughs
Rag : Di now icecream.
Swaragini goes to a icecream corner.They stars walking towards garden while eating icecream.
San clicks some pics of Swara

Lak: Bhai, taking pics of a girls without her permission is very bad.
San: Lucky stop it..
Lak: Maa ko pata chalega to kya kahengi vo???
San: No no , don’t tell her plzzz plzzz.
Lak laughs
Lak: don’t worry Bhai I will not tell anyone
San: Now stop teasing me and let me concentrate..
Lak: ohk ohk
Swara and ragini sits on the bench and talking
Rag: Di, I want to ask you something.
Swara: What?
Rag: Its about your dream. I mean u always gets afraid .U hate marriage and even has no faith on god, why Di???
Swara face turn sad
Rag: Tell me Di
Swara: We should go home now
Rag: No Di , tell me first
Swara: gini plzz chalo.
Rag : but

Swara: You don’t listen me???
They both sits in the car and go.
San: What happen to her?
Lak: Her face suddenly turns sad.
San:I hope she will b fine.
Lak: hmm…now we should go home.
San : hmm
Rags tries to talk to swara but she goes to her room and locks it.
Rag: Di open the door plzz
Swara was in pain she went to the washroom and switch on the shower and starts crying.
While Rags was crying outside swara’s room…

The epi end .

Credit to: Teena

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