Swasan- Do jism ek jaan epi 3


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Swaragini and shomi came to mandir .Maheshwaris are also there. All were joining there hands with closing eyes except our Shona ( as she don’t have faith in God.
Suddenly she saw Ap saree catches fire. .She takes water and put it on Ap. All of them gets shocked and angry.
Dp: Hey girl what’s this?? Don’t you have manners??
Shomi: Shona what’s this ,say sorry.
Swara: Mom I have not did anything wrong so why I should be sorry. Mom I did it bcz
Dp interrupts: Because you are mannerless
Sanskar: Let her speak first dad.
Swara: Aunty’s saree’s catch fire and thatswhy I did so. And saving anyone’s life is not a crime or against our manners. So why should I say sorry.
Dp : What????

Swara : yes.
Dp: oh m sorry beta I think…M sorry.
Swara: Its ohk.
Sanskar was looking at her continuously. He was lost in her beauty. Her big big eyes, her pink pink lips, her voice.
Ap: what’s your name beta??
Laksh: Swara Bose???
All get shocked.
Ap: Did you know her?
Laksh: of course , she is a business tychoon, everyone knows her,kyun Bhai???
San was lost in swara , laksh shakes him ,Bhai kya hua
San: Nothing , BTW thnq for saving my Maa.
Swara: Its ohk, no need of thanks.
Ragini: Mumma ,Di let’s go I m getting late for my meeting.
Shomi: ohk
Ragini and swara say namastey to Ap and Dp and goes.

Ap : We should also leave now.
At Sanskar’ office
He was busy with his work and then he asked her secretary KAVITA to check out some files.( KAVITA wants him to marry her as he is rich.She will use many dirty tricks against swasan) .Sanskar was doing his work while KAVITA was staring him
Then laksh came and notices kavita and thinks ye kabhi nhi sudhregi..
Laksh: Bhai we have a meeting with Mr. Kumar
San: You have prepared your presentation or not?
Laksh: yes Bhai, we should leave for Gulmohar palace.

They both leaves.
Rags: Mumma , I want to ask something
Shomi: yes gini ,say
Rags: Mumma Di always saw such dreams ,is there something behind this??
Shomi( get tensed):Gini , nothing is there baby.
Rags : pakka????
Shomi: yahh my doll, it may be because she gets stressed about her work
Rags: Ohhh….leave it to me Mumma…I will make her feel better.
She goes
Shomi (to herself): Sorry gini, but I can’t tell you the truth.
Ragini calls swara.
Rags: Di today we are going to spend some time together. U always busy in your work but today give some time to your gini .
Swara: Gini ,I have lots of work here.
Rags: No no no….I have decided.
Swara : ohk baba but where are we going.
Rags : let me think…Gulmohar palaces??
Swara: ohk m coming .
Swara call her PA and told him to cancle all the meetings
PA: Mam ,but
Swara: I said cancle the meetings.
PA : ohk mam
After sometime
Swaragini reaches at Gulmohar palace
The Episode ends .

PrEcAp:- Swalak sees swaragini .

Credit to: Teena

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  1. Awesome yaar…make triangle love story between swara sanskar and laksh…keep swasan

  2. Thanks a lot guys….and Anusha I will try to make love triangle.

  3. No love triangle betwen swasanlak.
    Keep it as kavswasan

  4. Ohk how many of you want love triangle b/w swalaksan and how many of u want kavsanswa???

  5. plz pair swasan rakna.my fvt jodi.plz plz

  6. swasanlak but at the end swasan

  7. kavsanswa as it will be intresting and no fight between breothers and Ragini will also get her patner.

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