SwaSan- Do jism ek jaan epi 17


The epi stars with swara room
Swara searching for something in her drawer and suddenly she saw a locket ” SS ” locket.
Fb starts-
Swara and sanskar go on a date…..and sanskar gifted the locket to her…
He make her wear it and kisses her nape….
Fb ends
Swara was smiling but suddenly she remember something

Fb start
SWA:- Sanskar why u do this to me…..?
She was crying hard
Sanskar: is silent
SWA:- answer me dammit!!!
Sanskar:- I don’t want to answer….
SWA slap him twice
SWA:- I hate u Mr Sanskar Maheshwari…. I regret why I loved u….
Fb ends
Swara throw the locket and her eyes filled with anger and tears
SWA:- I hate u …I hate u…

In Australia
Sanskar on call:- did u get any info ?
Person:- no sir….we r trying ..
Sanskar:- I don’t want to listen anything…. I want kavya…
He cuts the call and looks at swara pic in his phone
San to himself:- Shona I know…what I did was wrong…but still I want u back my JAAN…..u want to wipe ur all tears….I want u to tell the truth ….
FB stars after swara saying I hate u Mr Maheshwari
She ran towards a room and cry a lot …
Rags:- Di open the door…plz
Lak:- swara plzzz open the door
Everyone was there including sanskar
Swara took a knife and cuts her wrist..
Rags:- laksh plz break the door fast
Lak break the door and everyone go inside….all are shocked
Sanskar want to move towards her but something stops him and he goes from there…

Lak put swara in his arms and go to the hospital.
Fb ends
Sanskar ( tears):- I was not there for u when u are fighting between life and death…m sorry shona…m sorry…

India MM
Laksh to himself:- I know Bhai u were not wrong… There was some reason….
Fb start
Swara in ICU
Everyone was praying for swara
..laksh gets sans call
San:- how is she?
Lak:- she is in ICU ….
San:- plzz give me every update…ohk?
Lak:- u loves her…so why Bhai???
San cuts the call

Shekhar:- I will not leave him ( Sanskar)
Lak:- uncle I think he is doing this bcz of any reason
Rags:- wow laksh wow….kya bhaichara hai…..here my sister is at the verge of death and u r favouring ur bro…
Lak:- rags plzzz….I m just
Rags:- m just what????
She joins her hand and say to Maheshwari:- ty all of u for this….plzz now leave us plzz…i beg u plzzz….and yah Mr laksh Maheshwari… Never show ur face to me..
FB ends
Laksh in tears:- u misunderstood me rags …but its not ur fault ….these are the circumstances…but m sure everything will be fine….

Rags :- that day I almost my Di….but that laksh only worried about His bro……how could he
…when Di ask sans the reason he refuse to tell…..what hey both bro think of them…..?

So guys….what do u think….who is KAVYA…why Sanskar is searching her….

Credit to: Teena

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  1. Nice yr BT it’s too short

  2. Nice yr…but ur ff is too short

  3. It’s v short yar n updates it after b long time plz try to write longer next time n it’s aawesom

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