Swasan- Do jism ek jaan epi 16


Hi guys…..sorry for late updates
.Guys There is a twist in the story ….There is a leap of 5 years

The episode starts….
Ap is looking photo album and weeping. Some1 offer her hanky and she looks on
Ap:- Beta , no need of this I m ohk
Person:- plzz don’t tell lie to me…
The person wipes her tears
What about SANSKAR ‘s deeds???
What about you and ragini….laksh??
Yes the person was laksh..
Laksh:- Maa…I know u all thinks that Bhai was wrong but I still believe him….I believe he couldn’t do that.
Ap:- My heart also say this…but what we all have seen that day was….
Lak hugs her and consoles her


A girl is seen talking to some people….
Girl:- M sorry Mr shah…but I m not intrstd in working with u…
Mr shah:- but why??
Girl:- let me complete 1 st.
There are 2 big reason
1 I hate those people who waste my time…i told u to reach at 10: 15 but u were 5 mins late….
Mr shah:- but mam it’s just 5 min
Girl:- for u its just 5 min but not for me….and the 2 and reason is that- I hate those people who talks in my between
Now get out
Mr. Shah- but ..
The girl stands and but the file on his face and say:- just get lost!!!!!

PA:- Mam why did u behave like this???
Girl:- Who r u to ask me such question….?? Let me remind u 1 thing ….SWARA BOSE ko kisi ki advice sunne ki aadat nhi…..Got it!!!
Yah she was swara…
At 1 :00 am
Swara was searching some file and a photo falls from the file.
It was her and sanskar photo
Everyone agrees for SwaSan marriage.
It was there engagement day….all were happy seeing them together…sanskar and swara sang a duad song…:- CHAHUN MAI YA NA
Raglak also getting closure…all are happy….suddenly a jhoomar falls on swara….everyone shouts swara….but sanskar saves her at the end moment……. they get engaged
Someone calls kavita and told the whole scene
Kav:- its ohk….u keep trying…
FB ends

Someone puts hands on swara’s shoulder
Person:- u missed him a lot …still u love him
Swara wipes and tears and turn back…
SWA:- I loved him….but now I hate him….just hate him….
Person:- no u love him
SWA:- plzzz gini….plzz not start it again plzzz
Swara leaves the room
Rags:- Di still loves u….but sanskar why did u do so with her…

At Australia
A boy is shown in a orphanage playing with the children of orphanage……he also distribute chocolate and books to them
All children kissed him on his cheeks
Arun( employee):- Sir they all loves u so much….u r a very nice peraon
Boy:- really????
U r saying me a nice person…What I have done …even a devil will not do….I break someone heart….someone who loves me a lot….but what I do….I just break her……and see now she hates me…she hates her sanskar
Yah that’s was sanskar…..

Guys so what did u think how they get separated…. What Sanskar did….why everyone hates him…..what kav has done……any guesse??????

Credit to: Teena

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  1. superb.waiting 4r nxt part

  2. heart break ho gaya mera. but keep continuing. Sooner or later Swasan ko ek kar dena…. missing their connection

  3. kahi par yeh dono ko shanti nai hai kya?? bechare sab jgh unko prblm hi hai.. very bad Teena ji

  4. Plzz yaar..dnt do this..Unite SwaSan asap..cnt tolerate it..m nt liking this Trck ???

    1. I will unite them after some episodes ….don’t worry

  5. I think kavita blackmailed sanskar… anyways upload asap and please unite swasan

    1. Guys tysm….I will make sure that I will unite them asap….

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