Swasan- Do jism ek jaan epi 13


Sanskar in his room
He thinks- Shona I know u love me but ur pain ur fear is stopping u to accept it but soon I will make u out of ur pain… i Wiil not let u bear all this anymore…

On the other side swara thinks:- I love u too sanskar but….I can’t accept it …I can’t make the same mistake which my mother made…..I trust u but I don’t trust love….m sorry….

On next day Ria and Ishaan make a plan to spend some time together . Thus they throw a party but only for youth.

KAVITA SwaSan RagLak and many more are invited even that group also which try to destroy swara dignity.
They all are staring swara and sans notices it.he goes to them

Sanska:- don’t u dare to do any harm to her …else I will kill u.

At night all goes to the venue…it was raining that day

Swara was wearing a red gown ….and ragini is in black gown….both of them are looking stunning…

Sanskar again gets mesmerized in her beauty…and she was looking at him only…he signed her that she is looking gorgeous and pass a flying kiss to her….which leave her shocked.

Kav is looking her in jealousy…. And thinks :- jitna khush Shona hai ho jao swara kyuki aajse tumhri life barbaad hogi….

The guest are busy in their talking…. But Ishaan made an announcement of a dance competition in Jodi’s
Jodi’s are to be selected through chits except ria and Ishaan
Chit. 1- Rags and laksh
Chit 2 – Kav and vishal
They perform on OOH LALA OOH LALA
CHIT-3 – Swara and Sanskar
Sanskar gets happy while swara get tensed as San gets another chance to romance

They perform on
They both are lost in each other .Sanskar kissed her several times while performance and whispers:- HUM DO JISM EK JAAN HAI SHONA….TUM CHAHE KCH B KAHO TUM MERI THI MERI HO AND MERI HI RAHOGI…

All performed subsequently…..

Ria: And the winner is……..SWASAN…
All congrats them….
Rag: Di u both are perfect
Lak: yupps…
San: Like DO JISM EK JAAN???
SWARA Stares him and hit his leg
Then a waiter came to them and they all took the coldrink and keep chatting…..Suddenly swa feels vomiting and she ran to a room….Sanskar was going behind her but kav stops him…When swara gets out of the room a boy cover her face and take her to a dark place.. Then he own the lights and swara is shocked to see The SAME GROUP OF BOYS
KAV listening the conversation of boys and sanskar.When San left she came to them and asked them to help her destroy swara.
They all shake hands and make plan to destroy swara dignity…
Kav mix something in swara juice and sighs the waiter to give her the same
FB ends

Laksh thinks:- this kav is again playing any trick.
Lak:- Hey kav I want a favour from u…
He holds her hand and drag her toward rags and sighs San to go to swara.
RagLak keep her busy with them while sanskar searches for his shona

Swara: how dare u !!!!
She stand and slap vishal and hit him badly ….and try to run but they all holds her and jai slaps her and fall down

Sanskar searches her every where but unable to find her and suddenly he look her ankelet.

Samar : now u will see our revenge ….u b*** * h….and ur that BL***y bf will not save u today…..

Vishal: call him na….
Swara screams:- sanskar Sanskar
They all look behind and saw sanskar
Sanskar beats all of them badly…
San: shona shona…..
SWA: sanskar
He saw the finger mark or her face
San: who slaps u
SWA points jail and samar
Sanskar beats both of them badly .They get unconscious but still he is beating them.

SWA: sanskar stop it now
San: I will kill them
SWA tries to stand but she fall as her leg was injured
SWA: aaahhhh
San came to her and hugged her …kiss her ….she feels safe in his arms…..
San: shona I will let anyone harm u…
The epi ends

Credit to: Teena

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