Swasan- Do jism ek jaan epi 12


Shomi and Sanskar goes to a room and closes the door.
Shomi: beta I really trust u ….I know u is the won who can do anything for my shona…..thatawhy m telling u the truth

Shomi starts to tell something and San looks on

Rags came to swara and asked her for dinner. SWA refuses for dinner and goes to her room. While rags was crying standing there .laksh came to her
Lak: rags don’t worry ….everything will be fine.
They sat on stairs and laksh wipes her tear and he feed her with his hand.
.Rag: thanks!!
Lak: kisses her on forehead and say: Ur wlcm rags….wese much socha?
Rag: kisi baare me??
Lak: wahi….bf banane ke baare me
Rags: she beats him

San ( tears in eyes): Itna dard mila usko…
Shomi : my shona is not bad but she…
San interrupts:- Aunty …I can understand….I promise I will bring back the bubbly swara….I promise I will turn her pain in happiness …..
Shomi: I know beta u will do it.
San : now I take ur leave …gn
He goes
Shomi to herself:- They are made for each other….Shona he loves you so much….

Swara was in her room..Someone knocks the door. She opens it
SWA: you
San: yes I ….I want to talk you shona
SWA: I don’t want yo talk…she starts to leave …he holds her and closes the door.He pinned her to the wall
SWA: what are u doing?
San: shhhhhhh….(.he puts his finger on her lips).He looks at her and remember shomis conversation and start weeping.
SWA: what happen?
San:- shhhhhhh……shona let me cry plz….I think I hurt u…m sorry ….I will never show u my face….m sorry…..but ha shona…I love u and I will always love u…..your pain is my pain…..if u don’t want to love me ….u r free…but plzzz never hate me….he join his hand in front of swara

Swara (/she hold his hands) :- Sanskar
San: u keep quite …I will speak….I hurt u na….but swara m not a womanizer….. I don’t want your body…..I just want your love…..I don’t want anything…just ur presence …..in every moment of my life…….just your presence…unless I will die…
SWA: sanskar
San before he puts his finger on her lips….she kissed his lips….but sometime came in her senses and wants to run but he holds her

FB shows
Shomi: swara is not our daughter. Her mother poorvi singhania was my friend…. She belongs to a royal family….and is lovable in whole udaipur…but her life changes when she fell for swara dad named akash….a womanizer an alcoholic… And a greedy man.
He traps poorvi very smartly but her father refuses to their relationship .They try to convince her but she was blind in his love and marry him in a mandir.

After few days only she came to know the reality. He used to beat her cruelly and also uses her in making money but she has no option as it was her own decision. She used to tell me everything but she asked me not to tell anyone. One day she came to know that she is pregnant…..on that he always tauts her that who knows from whom she is expecting this baby….
He was just a bastard. One day she slaps him hard . To take revenge he beats her and then tie her with rope and burn her alive….I and swara was there only…but we can’t do anything… Swara see her mother burning alive….a five year old baby.
Then I and shekhar adopted her .our rags were only 3.
Iknow what’ was the condition of my shona.
FB ends

SWA: but
San: U trust me na???
SWA: hmm
San: may I apply ointment??
SWA: when did u see it??
he apply the ointment on her hand….
San: well ur lips are very tasty
SWA: what??
San: yummy…
SWA: Sanskar!!!!
San: sorry, let’s go to ragini

They came to RagLak and SWA say sorry to rags and they hug each other

Next day mehndi
All girls are applying mehendi but SWA was searching for San
Swara is wearing a pink lehnga saree while rags is in green

Ap: swara tum b mehndi lagwalo
SWA: ji
A girl was applying mehendi on her hand while she was looking for sanskar
Girl;- which name I should write in your hand.
Swara was lost in her thought… Suddenly she saw sanskar in a cream color sherwani and utters his name
The girl write sanskar in her hand.

On the other side
Kav tell the girl to write Sanskar but laksh make rags fall on kav and her mehendi destroy
Kav: what’s wring with u
Rag: so sorry
Lak: kav, let it be yarr and rags u came with me
They leaves while kav is fuming in anger

After sometime swara feels pain in her hand on which mehendi was there and San notices it .He drags her to a room
San: what happened?
SWA: I don’t know….but my hand is

He drags her to washroom and washes the mehendi
SWA:- ahh …its paining
San looks her hand and saw the burn marks .
San: OMG!!!!…let me apply ointment to it
While applying the ointment he notices her name in her hand.

San: it is done
SWA: ty
She was about to go but he hold her waist and pull her towards him
SWA:- what??
San: why my name is written in your hand
She saw and get shocked
San: yesterday that kiss and now this….what is this???
SWA: I don’t know…let me go..
San: not today shona.
He closes the door and puts her on the bed
SWA: sanskar…
San: do u love me???
Swa: no
San: do u love me??
Swa: no
San: I m asking u last time????
SWA: no
San: but I love u
He kissed her eyes ,her cheeks and finally to her lips
San: I promise u miss swara Bose I will make u Mrs SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.
HE goes while swara is shocked.

Precap:- sanskar and swara romance in rain.

Credit to: Teena

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