Swasan- Do jism ek jaan epi 11


At Temple
Kav: what the hell….bahut galat insaan se panga le rhe ho
Rag: shutupp!!!
Lak: what u did with swara is disgusting…..
Kav: whatever….I took my revenge…..from that b***h
Rags slap her hard repeatedly
Rags: don’t u dare to say a word against my sis
Kav: you slapped me???
I will kill u….he holds rags neck…but lak slap kav

Swara : what happen San ..
San: U ask a lots of question…
He goes closer and kiss on her cheeks
Swara: stop it sanskar!!
She stars to go but he hold her tightly…
San: I want to say something shona
Swara thinks( I know what you want to say ).She free herself and went outside.
San come to her.
Swa: I want to go back…..
San: but
Swara starts to go but San holds her hand and say…I LOVE U SHONA….
Swara thinks something and gets angry

SWA: sanskar let me clear one thing love has no place in my life……I just not believe in these things. I don’t want to loss a friend so please….
She goes from there and sits in the car .San try to talk to her but she ignores him

At temple
Lak: its enough KAVITA
Rags : lak …let it be…we have taken the proof against her and we will show it to every one
Kav: proof????
Lak: yes proof …he shows a vedio in his phone about their conversation.
Kav: no no…plz my mom dad can’t bear this please..(.she touches rags feet) plz ragini plzz
Lak: stop your drama…
Rags: kav …I will not show this proof to any one but on one condition
Lak: but ragini…
Rags: u will not try to harm anyone…..if u even thinks this …..I sware …I will not leave you
Kav: hmm
Lak: and never try to trap my bro else I will forget that you are a woman
Rags: let’s go now lak
Lak: one min….he take a bottle of black ink and puts on kav face
Rag: laksh!!!
Lak: now its better
They leave
Kav to herself:- I will not leave you …..I will destroy u ….its my promise..

Swasan reach home ..swara goes to her room even without noticing san…
SWA to herself – M sorry sanskar ….but I can’t love you….m sorry….its my mistake…I go close to you….but now I will make you hate me…..m sorry…(she cries badly)

Next day
Swara was totally ignoring san. Even ragini and laksh notices it.
Rags: Di what happen why are you ignoring sanskar?
SWA: m not ignoring anyone….
Rags: Di please ….whats his mistake ….he just loves you…
SWA: how do you know this?
FB shows
Sanskar crying and screaming .RagaLak came to him and came to know everything.
SWA: ohhhh….now he is using u to convice me
Rags: he is not using anyone…..he is a true lover….why are you doing this?
SWA: its my life….and he loves me …its not my problem..
San: leave it rags
Rags: Di…god gave you everything…. But I wish he had given u a HEART
swara shouts Ragini and slapped her
SanLak are shocked
SWA: Be in your limits..
San shouts swara and holds her tightly while lak console rags
Swa: its my personal matter…u stay away and leave me.
San leaves her and she goes to her room

San also console rags
San: I don’t know….what happens to her…I know she not loves me but
Rags: she loves you…
San: what???
Rags: I know her…..he hides her feelings…
Lak: but why??
Rags: A big reason is there but I don’t know what????
A sound came from behind…and that was Shomi
Rags: Mumma!!
Shomi: sanskar u love her and she too loves u but she will never accept it until she gets rid of her fear

San: Fear?????
Shomi: san come with me…
San and shomi goes to a room and closes the door

Swara in her room
I m sorry Ginni….she cry badly…I have heart but I can’t love anyone….
She looks her hand and say:- I slapped u by this hand ….
She lits a candle and burn her hand….
Its my punishment- said swara

On the other side
Shomi: Beta , today m going to tell u the biggest truth of her life ….I don’t know she will forgive me for this or not.
Sanskar looks on
The episode ends

Credit to: Teena

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