Swasan- Do jism ek jaan epi 10


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SwaSan in the room
San: Now go and wash your face and change your dress
Swa nods in yes and goes to washroom

Lak: I hope our plan will work..
Rags: it will absolutely work….
Lak: hmm….well I must say u love swara very much …I mean a superb bonding
Rags: yah …its the relation of every siblings…not only my and Di
Lak: U have any bf??
Rag: what???
Lak: yah….tell me

Rags: why should I tell it to you???
Lak: amm….if you don’t have any ….I m ready
Rag: What???
Lak: yah…
Rag beats him with pillow…..
Lak: I was just kidding yaad…..stop it na…
Lak tries to stop her but accidentally falls on her….They have an eyelock

Swasan room
SWA came out invher night suit
Swa: I still have some marks but I hope I will get rid of them early
San: SWA, have patience…it will take some time
SWA: Hmm
San: swara are u free for tomorrow??
SWA: yes, but why

San: I was thinking to visit some places….I mean mehendi is after two days so we should have fun…
SWA: ohk…your idea is good, but where we will go??
San:its a surprise shona and one min
He goes to his room and bring a gift for swara
SWA: what’s this
San: if u have no problems….then wear this tomorrow
Swa;: but San
San: plz….well m going ….gn
Swa: gn

Next day
San calls swara: shona shona hurry up
SWA: Ohio sanskar u don’t have patience
SWA is wearing a red saree gifted by San
San: so…..u wear this…..looking awesome
SWA: thanks

San: I was complementing the saree
SWA: achaaa????…. Go alone then.
San: ofooooooooooo…….I was kidding… Now let’s go.

SwaSan in a farm house
San: I know …u ask me where are we….let me tell u ….its our farm house….
SWA: ohhhh
San: come…
They go inside and saw the whole farm house was decorated

San: how’s it???
SWA: its very nice….is therre something special today???
San: yes
He goes close to Swara. SWA moves back and get struck to a wall

The scene suited to ria house
A girl came to kav and gave her a slip. On seeing the slip kav became happy and goes somewhere in hurry
RagRag (/to herself) You gave pain to my sis…I will not leave you KAVITA

Kav reach in a temple and shout Sanskar sanskar …
FB shows Rag giving slip to a girl ….in the slip it was written that Sanskar loves Kav and wants to marry her in the temple

Hi KAVITA she hears a sound from behind. She turns and get shocked to see Lak
Kav: you???
Lak: yes I…..what happen ???
Kav: what’s this nonsense????
Rag came and say:- Nonsense is you and your doings but today you have to pay for it now.
The epi end on shocking face of kav

PRECAP:- love confession

Credit to: Teena

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