Swasan – jealousy (ss) epi 5 (last episode)

Let’s begin
Swara was standing alone in the terrace waiting for Sanskar
Tears were constantly flowing through her eyes

Now it was 10 pm still Sanskar didn’t came all the family members were trying to contact him but his phone was switched off

After sometime Sanskar entered the house
Sujata:Sanskar where were you Swara is waiting for you from when go break her fast
Sanskar:mom I told her I’ll not break her fast so tell her to stop this drama

Nik:Sanskar only break her fast pls
Sanskar:shut up you don’t tell me what I have to do
Sanskar goes towards his room and nik goes to terrace
Sanskar changes his clothes
He is constantly thinking about Swara
He decided to see once what she is doing

He went to terrace and swanik laughing
Sanskar (monologue):here I thought that she is hungry for me but no she is laughing here

Nik:Swara Sanskar has come home but he is not ready to break your fast pls break your fast
And nik brings the glass and trys to make her drink water
But Swara jerks his hand
Swara:what is this nik what r u doing I have kept fast for Sanskar
Nik:but he’ll not come
Swara:I know my Sanskar he will definitely come
Nik:you r wasting your life on a mad Swara
Swara smiles

Sanskar(monologue):he is calling me mad and Swara is laughing

Swara :what to do now I’m in love with that mad

Sanskar smiled at her statement
Nik:so you’ll not listen to me
Nik:fine I’m going but pls take care
Swara nods and nik goes

Nik goes but he doesn’t see Sanskar
Sanskar sees Swara her face was looking pale she was very weak
Swara was crying and seeing her and Sanskar’s last year’s karwachaut selfish how Sanskar fasted for her

Swara:it’s all my fault now why should I cry I’m only responsible for what is happening with me Sanskar is doing correct I deserve punishment I blamed my Sanskar
And she crys

Sanskar couldn’t hold anymore so he went towards Swara
Swara:see I’ve gone mad I’m again dreaming why will Sanskar be here
Sanskar smiles
Swara:he is smiling now I’m definitely dreaming
Sanskar:Swara you are not dreaming I’m really here
And she hugs him and Crys
Swara:I’m sorry Sanskar I’ll never blame you pls you give me any punishment but don’t separate me from you pls
And she crys harder
Sanskar breaks the hug and cups her face
Sanskar :shhh Swara stop crying first eat something
Swara:no first you tell that you forgave me
Sanskar :Swara ok I forgive you now pls eat something

He brings the thali and Swara sees teh moon through the channi and Then see Sanskar
Sanskar Then breaks her fast
Swara:now you also break your fast
Sanskar:what how do you know I’m fasting
Swara:I know everything
Swara also breaks Sanskar fast
Then the smile and hug eo
Sanskar:I’m sorry Swara
Swara:let’s forget the past and move on
And they hug more tightly
Then swasan kissed and this was a passionate one full of love and only love

***********************the end*******************
So guys this was the last chapter I’ll surely come back with a new ff so pls comment
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