Swasan – jealousy (ss) epi 4

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Let’s begin
Gayatri was insulting Swara
Suddenly a man shouts
Man:enough how dare you shout at Swara
Gayatri:Sanskar youbr shouting vat your sister to be mother in law for this girl
Yes the man is Sanskar I hope now I’ll not get punishment
Sanskar:yes bcuz you can’t insult any girl like this
Uttara:and specially when that girl is my bhabhi
Gayatei is shocked
Swara is crying
Gaystri:how dare you raise your voice in front me

Uttara:I won’t bear if any one tells anything to my bhabhi
Gayatri:sujata ji see your girl how she is behaving if like this only goes then I’ll break this alliance tomorrow you will send 50 lakhs as promised
Sujata:no I wont jiji you were right these people are behind our money gayatri ji I break this alliance right now

Gayatri:you’ll regret for this
Saying this she goes
Ragini and nikhil go towards Swara
Ragini:shh Swara stop crying
Nikhil:princess don’t cry

Sanskar:listen don’t think that I did that for you if any other girl would be there then also I would so the same
Swara stops crying
Uttara:I’m sorry bhabhi bcuz of me
Swara:no no Uttara it’s not your fault
Sujata:accha Swaragini tomorrow is karwachaut you both remember or not
Ragini:yes chachiji
Swasan remember theur first karwachaut
Swara:yes mom

Syjata:Swara I’ll send your sargi to baadi ok
Swara:ok mom
Sanskar :no need of fasting for me
Swara:I’ll fast mom
Sanskar :but I’ll not break your fast
Swara:I’ll also not eat anything until you don’t break my fast

Then swanik are about to go but it’s starts raining heavily
Swara:oh no without season this rain
Ap:Swara nikhil you’ll stay here for tonight
Swara:no no badimaa
Ap:Swara pls
Swara:ok I’ll infoem maa
Nikhil:princess I’ll inform aunty you wait

Nikhil informs shomi
Then at night everyone see Uttara upset
Ragini:let’s do something I’m bored
Uttara:bhabhi let’s play truth or dare
Everyone smiled seeing Uttara happy
All the youngsters are sitting except Sanskar
Uttara request Sanskar and he agrees
Swara is sitting between Sanskar and nikhil

Uttara:let’s start
They rotate a bottle and it stops on ragini and nikhil
Ragini:ok so nikhil truth ar dare
Ragini :do you love someone
Nil looks at Swara and says yes
Sanskar(monologue):why did he see Swara and say yes does he love Swara no no
Next is nikhil and Swara
Nikhil:truth or dare

Nik:do you still love Sanskar
Everyone via eagerly waiting for her answer especially Sanskar
Swara looks at Sanskar teary eyed
Sanskar pretends as it doesn’t affect him but it does
Swara:yes I love Sanskar a lot and will always love him
Sanskar happiness knew no bounds he was feeling to jump here and there but his ego was stopping him

They talked for long and slept in the hall itself

Ragini was sleeping on Laksh shoulder
Uttara was seeping on the sofa and nik on the other sofa
Swasan were sleeping peacefully in each other embrace and there was a bright smile on their face they had slept like This after a long time

It was early in the morning
Swara got up first and saw Sanskar near her and smiled she got up without disturbing him and wakes ragini
They both went to the washroom and dressed up and came down bcuz it was karwachaut
Sujata and ap gave them sargi
All of them are sargi
By now everyone was awake
Sanskar saw Swara eating the sargi and remembered how they both are the sargi together last year
Swara was thinking about this

Sanskar went to the kitchen and drank some juice and a sandwich

In the morning
Swara:mom now I’ll leave
Sujata:ok but come in the evening
Swanik leave and Sanskar also leaves behind them for office
He hears them talking
Nik:princess don’t fast for that Sanskar he only told no that he won’t break your fast then why he doesn’t love you now
Sanskar anger and jealousy topped it’s peak
Swara:pls nik I told you yesterday also that I’ll keep this fast for my Sanskar bcuz I love him and I know he loves me too

Sanskar was happy listening this

In the evening all the women gathered for breaking their fast

Swara was looking beautiful in her red color lehenga

The moon came all the women broke their fast but Swara didn’t bcuz Sanskar was not there
Everyone told her to see his photo and break the fast but she didn’t

Swara:you all pls go and have your food I want some time alsone

Everyone left

So guys want to know what happens next then pls comment and sorry I couldn’t reply to everyone comments cause I was very busy but I read all the comments


  1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Sanky dear, at least jump for some time otherwise tumhe kushi ki mare diabetes ho jayegaπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ.. Chappy is awesome dear.. Loved it.. Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  2. Aditi Singh

    please please please post the next part soon please…. I can’t wait….n if u don’t post fast then I will start crying n u will be responsible….

  3. Alishah

    Wow I loved today’s episode pls update longer episode but other then that it was amazing can’t wait to see what happens next also I was a silent reader but not anymore due to your amazing ff

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