Swasan – jealousy (ss) epi 3

Let’s begin
In the morning
Sanskar comes to the hall
Sanskar:i and Swara have decided to give a final chance to our relationship but we will unite only after Uttara marriage bcuz her to be .mother in law doesn’t like bengali’s so we want raglak to unite before Uttara’s marriage
In baadi Swara also said the same thing
Everyone was happy and raglak agreed to unite

Then sanlak came to baadi
Laksh came to pick ragini while Sanskar came to discuss about Uttara’s marriage with Swara

Ragini was leaving she hugged Swara and cried
Swara:ragini don’t cry
Ragini nods
Then raglak left for mm

Sanskar:I came here to discuss about Uttara marriage
Swara:yes let’s go
They go the office which is in the baadi and sit
Sanskar:so don’t think that I’m giving you a chance it’s only for lucky
And they remember the flashback
Flashbach shows
Swara calls Sanskar
Swara:Sanskar I know u r angry with me but pls raglak are sacrificing their love for us so can we act as being together

Sanskar:once again you r using me for your sister
Then he thinks about Laksh and hears nikhil saying something to swara
Nik:princess I don’t know how can you love that Sanskar he doesn’t deserve you
Swara:pls nik I love him as he is
Sanskar feels happy to hear this and he decided to act for the sake of Laksh.
But he also knew that he is doing this to keep Swara away from nikhil
Flashback ends

Sanskar: day after tomorrow it’s Uttara’s mehendi and sangeet
Swara:yes I’ll start the preprations from tommorow don’t worry everything will be perfect

Nikhil enters
Nik:hi Sanskar hi princess
Swara:arre nik come sit we’re discussing about Uttara’s marriage Sanskar he will also help in the wedding
Sanskar:wht why
Swara:why is there any problem
Sanskar:no nothing
Nik:accha waise princess I must say today you r looking beautiful and on Uttara’s sangeet you’ll look more beautiful when u wear the lehenga which I gifted u
Swara:of course I’ll look beautiful after all your choice is very nice
Nik:that’s why I’ve chosen you
And they laughed
Sanskar got irritated
Sanskar:can we concentrate on sangeet
And then They planned everything

Next day swanik arrived at mm
Everyone was happy seeing Swara
Swara was doing all preparation along with ragini and nikhil

Sometimes swanik would hold hands while working sometime they would laugh

Seeing this Sanskar got jealous
Sanskar( monologues):what does she(Swara)think of herself here I’m angry with her and she is enjoying there with that idiot nik huh but why do I care she’s no one to me

At night in mm
Swanik have left
Raglak go to Sanskar
Ragini:Sanskar I know that you have not forgiven Swara but pls Sanskar forgive her it was not her fault she only supported me think what would you do if you were in her place
Sanskar:pls ragini don’t become her lawyer
Laksh :Sanskar I don’t know if you noticed or not but this nikhil likes Swara a lot maybe your anger for Swara can become a way for your separation and swanik union think a about it

Ragini:yes Sanskar I’ve seen Swara very happy with nikhil and I’m sorry to say that if you can’t accept Swara then I’ll only unite swanik
Sanskar looks on shocked
Ragini:yes bcuz I want my sister to be with a man who loves her
Sanskar:raglak I want sometime alone
So raglak went

Sanskar went to his room And he remembers how Swara hugged nikhil how he calls her princess how they bond with eo
Sanskar gets very jealous

Next day Uttara sangeet
Gayatri:come on let’s begin the function Swara I heard that u r married
Everyone get shocked
Gayatri:so where is your husband or he left you
Swara was teary eyed and Sanskar was controlling his anger
Gayatri:who will be with such a girl and these bengali’s are like this only

Suddenly a man shouted

So for knowing who shouted Sanskar or nikhil pls comment

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  1. Fr heaven sake nt nikhil that will be absolute rediculous

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    Ufffff so much suspence

  3. I think the man will be nikhil

  4. I think the man would
    be nikhil

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    Hayeee sanskar jealousy ke maare jal jayega
    I think nikhil shouted

  6. It was just awesome……. Dear can uh plzz provide the links of the previous epeside…….really njoyed…..the episode…….sanskaar feeling jealous…….heeehee……plzzz update the next part asap……

  7. Manasvi

    Sanky is jealous!!!
    Raglak are doing the correct thing…
    Please post the next part soon dear…
    Episode was amazing…

  8. Raina

    Plz yaar. It should be sanky. Ur SS is amazing. Sorry for not commenting in ur previous chapters.

  9. crazy princess

    i think it will be nikhil but still wish it qould be sanskar leaving his ego aside for awhile

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  19. I think it’s nikhil

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