Swasan – jealousy (ss) epi 2

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Let go
Swara:waisw is there any special reason for u
coming here bcuz u didn’t come here for past 15 years
Nik:yes your love dragged me to come
This was it now Sanskar was red with anger and jealousy
Sanskar(monologue):huh how dare he tell like this to my Swara that too in front of me and Swara is also smiling let it be why Do I care

Swara:nik u still didn’t change
Nik:u also haven’t changed princess This is the sixth time I’m telling u about my love and this time also u rejected me
Sanskar(monologue):what he proposed Swara before also thank god Swara rejected
Swara:ok now stop all this I’ll introduce u to
Swara introduces ragini as her sister and shekar as her father
Nik:what how we were together till 14 yrs u didn’t have any sister And
Swara:long story I’ll tell you afterwards
Then Swara introduces ap as ragini’s mother in law dp as father in law then Sanskar as her husband and then all the members of the family
Nik was shocked
Nik:what husband Swara u married
Sanskar:yes do u have any problem
Raglak smiled at his jealousy
Swara looked at him and he stopped
Swara:ok everyone let’s go in and talk and nik
Everyone go inside
Shomi:lucnch is ready pls come for lunch
Ap:it’s ok sharmishta ji
Shomi:no no pls have it
Then all of them sit for lunch while swaragini were serving
Swara:ragini u also sit besides laksh I’ll serve go
U have met him after so long then ragini Sits beside Laksh and smiles at him Laksh also responds
They both had lots to tell eo
Swara was serving everyone
Nik:wow Swara bhindi(lady finger)I love it
Swara:I know that’s why I made
Sanskar(monologue):he loves it so she made it she didn’t even remember that I have allergy from bhindi
Thinking this unknowingly Sanskar was going to take bhindi but Swara shouted
Sanskar came into his senses
Sanskar:what happened why r u shouting
He tried to sound rude
Swara:what r u doing did u forgot u have allergy from bhindi still u r taking it
Sanskar sees that he was taking bhindi
He looks at Swara and feels happy that she still cares for him
Swara then serves him his favorite dish
Sanskar looks at her in surprise
After serving everyone Swara Sits for lunch between nikhil and sanskar
Sanskar(monologue):so she remembers my likes and dislikes

Suddenly Swara started coughing badly both Sanskar and nik got tensed and gave her water
Swara took water from nik’s hand Sanskar felt bad
Nik:r u ok princess
Swara:yes I’m fine

After lunch everyone was sitting in the hall
Ap:ragini now can u come to mm
Ragini:yes ma
Ap:today I’m very happy my both the dil will come home
Sanskar:not both badimaa only one that is ragini bcuz my and Swara’s relationship ended that day only when Swara left mm with ragini
Swara was shocked with his reply now she couldn’t control her tears she started crying
Swara:pls Sanskar I’m sorry I know I shouldn’t have accused u pls give me one chance
Sanskar:no Swara I’ve already given u many chances but every time u take it for granted u give priority to all the relations except ours

Ragini:I’m sorry Laksh but I can’t come with u now before 6 months Swara had left mm for our relationship and now when we r together I can’t leave her I’m sorry now I’ll come mm only when Swara comes
Swara:no ragini go pls u have waited so much for this day
Ragini :no Swara I won’t go
Laksh:I understand ragini Swara has done a lot for us and her friend has saved me its ok now u will come to mm with Swara only
Everyone sadly agreed and left

Later at night swasan saw raglak crying in their room respectively and felt bad and took a decision
Swara called Sanskar and told something and both agreed on it and decided something

So to know what they have decided and more of Sanskar’s jealousy Then pls comment and


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