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So, here we go….

She could see everyone running here and there just to double check if the arrangements r perfect. She saw her father welcoming the guests and her mother greeting and making them comfortable. She could see her parents were d happiest people now. And so were her best friends.

Finally the day has arrived, for which everyone was eagerly waiting. And here was she, sitting in front of the mirror, fully dressed up in bridal attire…. her red lehenga with golden thread work complimenting her fair skin tone and the jewellery adorning her neck and face only added to her beauty. She is in every way looking breathtaking!!! The dark mehendi in her hands signifies the immense love her to be husband showers on her.

She is smiling thinking how her life is going to be changed in a few hours from now…..she is soon going to be His. She is soon going to be Mrs. SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI from Ms. Swara Gadodia. She is all happy thinking about d love of her life….hw their friendship over the years has grown into love, hw her best friend since years has become the love of her life….hw they used to fight for little little things and end up compromising for each other………

Sanskaar was her best friend for years now….and she is happy to get him as her life partner, who understands her better than she herself does….she loves his care, his concern, his protectiveness, his possessiveness and above all, his love for her!!!

It all started when they were ten………

It was swara’s first day at her new school in Mumbai. She has just moved in to Mumbai from Kolkata along with her family and she was all excited about her new school and new friends, though she was kind of missing her old friends and old school, but was hoping to find good friends here, little did she know that she would find friends for lifetime, who would be there with her in every mode of her life.

She was walking in d corridor, biting her nails out of nervousness, searching for her classroom, when a boy of her age bumped into her….and she lost her balance and fell down.

Swara got irritated as it was her first day at school and she was kind of embarrassed. She looked up to d boy who was already looking back at her with his deep brown eyes.

“Can’t u just see and walk?” asked Swara out of irritation.

She was even more irritated when she didn’t get any reply from him. Finally she spoke up when she didn’t get any response from him, “Don’t u have d manners to say sorry and offer help?”

The boy still didn’t respond, instead gave her a angry look and shouted, “Noooo”. Before Swara could react and say something else, he ran away.

‘How rude?’ thought Swara. She ignores him and moves to her class.

Her first day at school didn’t go as bad as she had expected. Infact she found herself comfortable in her new surroundings. During the recess time, she noticed a boy sitting all alone in a corner. She observed him for a moment and finally decided to go and talk to him.

She went to him and forwarded her hand,”Hello, I’m Swara.”
He looked up at her as if she is an alien…and finally after eyeing her for a moment, forwarded his hand, “I’m LAKSH.” And they shook hands.

Laksh gave her a smile, but again became silent. Swara understood that Laksh is little reserved type, so she decided to start the conversation.

Swara smiled at him and said, “I’m new here, and I don’t know anyone, so can we be friends?”

Laksh looked at her for a moment as if he was assessing her before finally speaking up, “Actually I’m new as well, and I think we both can be friends!!”

Swara smiled gratefully at having found a new friend. “Thank you Laksh. Let’s go, have our tiffin together. And I think we can know more about each other.” Laksh nodded his head.

Swara and laksh sat together, had a good talk and became good friends. They bonded very well in their first meet itself. After they spoke about some random things, Swara finally asked, “Laksh, can I ask u something?”

“Haan Swara….anything. u don’t need my permission to ask, we r friends right?” laksh replied.

Swara nodded her head and asked, “Why were u sitting alone in d class? Why weren’t u talking to anyone?”

Laksh smiled at her question as he himself didn’t know the answer for it, he didn’t know whether it was out of fear or shyness or something else that stopped him from talking to anyone. “I told you I’m new here. I was kind of missing my old friends. I don’t know anyone here, and I usually take time getting along with new people.” He replied.

Swara nodded understanding him. They continued their talk. By the end of the day, they had become very good friends, and surprisingly Swara found that Laksh was not as silent as he seemed to be. He was a naughty little kid who showed up his actual self only in front of his friends. Laksh was glad that he found a good friend in Swara.

Next day:
Swara came to school and she greeted Laksh cheerfully who was already waiting for her to come. She was talking to him when she spotted d same pair of deep brown eyes coming towards her. He was d same boy who bumped into her d previous day and had not even bothered to help her. Swara was shooting daggers at him for his rude behavior d other day.

Laksh noticed Swara’s expressions but couldn’t quite make it out. He finally asked, “What’s d matter Swara? What happened?”

Swara told him what all happened d previous day and laksh ended up laughing. Swara got more irked seeing him laughing.

Just then the boy came there to Swara. Swara was about to argue with him, when she heard the most unexpected words from him.

“I’m sorry for my behavior yesterday. I shouldn’t have acted like that.” Swara was surprised to see him saying sorry to her. She didn’t expect this from him. She could see that he was apologizing sincerely.

He continued, while Swara was still wondering, “I know it’s my mistake, but all I can do now is to say sorry…and…please accept this.” Saying this he brought his right hand forward which he kept behind his back and gave her a rose. Swara looked at him in utter confusion. She looked at him, and was unable to process what’s happening.

‘Is he d same person whom I met yesterday’ wondered Swara. He understood her confusion.

“Please….I’m sorry! If u accept this, I believe u have forgiven me.”
Swara and Laksh looked at each other and finally Swara took the flower from him, “It’s okay.” The little kid gave a warm smile to them, and swara found him cute with those little dimples when he smiled.

“Thank you!!! By the way, I’m SANSKAAR…..can we be friends?” asked the little kid, forwarding his hand with a smile on his face.

“Sure Sanskaar! I’m Swara and he is Laksh, my friend. ” They shook their hands and Sanskar turned back and called out to some girl standing at a little distance from them but was intently looking at d three of them.

A cute little bubbly girl of their age approached them, with a friendly smile playing on her lips and Sanskaar introduced her as his friend RAGINI.

“Actually Swara, Ragini is d one who made me say sorry to you, in fact it’s her order and I can’t say no to my best friend.” Sanskaar said looking at Swara.

Swara looked at ragini and back at Sanskaar and replied sarcastically, “That means u didn’t realize your mistake?”
“No!! Of course I realized it. Actually she made me realize.” Sanskaar replied back instantly, afraid that swara misunderstood him.

Swara started laughing and Ragini and Laksh joined her. Sanskaar stood there with blank expression on his face, not able to understand y all the three were laughing.

Ragini noticed the blank expression on his face, “Arey buddhu!! She is just teasing you. Stop staring like that at the three of us!”

Sanskaar gave her a annoyed look but Swara was still laughing. “That’s not funny Swara!” sanskar groaned.

“Sanskaar! U r so cute…. And u look more cute when u r angry” Swara said pulling his cheeks. Ragini and Laksh started laughing again looking at the ‘I’m pissed off’ expression on sanskaar’s face.

“Boys r not called cute Swara. U have to compliment them as Handsome.” Sanskaar immediately retorted back.
“But Sanskaar u r cute!!!” Swara replied back folding her hands across her chest.

Sanskaar turned towards Laksh, “Laksh! Ab tum hi samjhao isse.”

Laksh turned to swara, “Swara…Sanskaar is right! U can’t address boys cute!”

Swara and Ragini looked at each other smiled and shouted together, “But u r cute Sanskaar!! Very cute!!” And before Sanskaar and Laksh could say something, they ran away. Sanskaar and Laksh too ran behind them and sanskar shouting, “Swara, Ragini!! Wait! U bth… where r u running? I’m not gonna leave u both.”

This was the beginning of their friendship. All four of them became good friends; they were together in all their happiest and sad moments. Days passed and they grew close to each other. They became each other’s support when required. They had become each other’s strength and also their weakness. They got addicted to each other like a drug without which they couldn’t live. They could never think of parting themselves for any reason. They spent their weekends together, had sleepovers in their houses….all in all they were like part of one family.

They took great care of each other; it was more like they had full rights on each other. Sanskaar and Laksh only had d right to tease Swara and Ragini, and if some other person was found teasing them, Sanskaar and Laksh would beat d hell out of them. The same was d case with Swara and Ragini as well. They had all d rights to tease Sanskaar and Laksh and have fun with them, but if some girl was found near to either of them, trying to flirt with the boys or get close to them, then that would be d beginning of a war.

One day,
When they were in their clg,
Swara was waiting for Sanskaar, Laksh and Ragini, when some boys came there and started teasing Swara, and Swara tried warning them, and they started teasing her more. Swara lost her control and slapped one of them. They started misbehaving with her and one of them held Swara’s hand and swara could do nothing.

Sanskaar, Laksh and Ragini reach there in d meantime. Sanskaar sees the situation and he runs to the aide of Swara and starts beating the boys. Laksh and Ragini take swara aside. Sanskaar turns aggressive and beats d hell out of them.

“How dare u hurt Swara? How dare u hurt my friend? Swara is my best friend and don’t u dare come near Sanskaar’s friends again! If I see u teasing any girl again, let alone Swara, I’m not gonna leave u! Just remember that and think twice before coming near any Swara or any of my friends, Did u get that?” Sanskaar burst out in anger, with his eyes turned red.

All the boys gulped seeing Sanskaar’s anger, nodded their heads and left the place after apologizing. Sanskaar then comes to Swara and sees her weeping silently, and Laksh and Ragini trying to console her. His heart ached seeing her tears. He immediately rushes to her and cups her face gently.
Sanskaar spoke softly looking into her eyes, “Swara…shhh!!….its okay!! Stop crying. Everything is fine. Dekho sab thik hain.”

Swara hugs him and weeps silently placing her head on his chest. Sanskaar takes her in his embrace with one hand around her shoulders and the other hand caressing her hair gently. Swara finds herself safe and secure and comfortable in his embrace.

“Swara!! As long as I’m with u, no one will dare to come near u. don’t worry!! Now stop crying like a baby. Tum toh meri sherni ho, toh bheegi billi kaise ban gayi?” Sanskaar tried to lighten up her mood. He knew the best way to cheer up his Swara.

Swara immediately stops crying, comes out of arms and starts hitting him on his chest. “mein bheegi billi, huh?” Swara shouted while hitting him.

“Ouch!!! Swara…stop it…. aah….its hurting…aah…pls..pls…don’t hit me…lag rahi hain…leave me.” Sanskaar requested her. But Swara was Swara after all and Sanskaar was ready to do anything to cheer up Swara even if it meant he had to endure her torture.

“How dare u call me bheegi billi…today I’ll see ur end.” Swara shouted still beating him.

“No no…tum meri sherni ho, meri Jhansi ki Rani…pls sorry yaar…galti ho gayi” Sanakaar pleaded holding his ears with a cute puppy dog face. Swara gets melted seeing his cute expressions and stops beating him and hugs him. Laaksh and Ragini chuckle seeing their childish actions.

“Thank you Sanskaar!!” swara said while hugging him.
Sanskaar took her in his arms and said, “See Laksh!! She started telling Thanks to us also.”

Laksh looked at swara, “This is wrong Swara. U know right, friendship mein….”
“No Sorry… No Thank u” swara completed his sentence.

“Exactly” said ragini and sanskaar.
All the four have a group hug.
***Flashback ends****

Swara smiled thinking about how they had become friends, how they had played pranks together, and how they were always together….and how Sanskaar used to do little things to make her happy, how he used to give her, her favourite chocolates and teddy bears, knowing that she loved them very much, but he was the one who used to annoy her the most. He never let swara sit peacefully, he was best at teasing Swara and also the best at pacifying her.

Swara cherished all these memories of their friendship and their love. Her happiest moments were when Sanskaar had finally confessed his feelings for her, how he had proposed her. She could clearly recall how worried Sanskaar was the mere thought of her leaving him and going far away from him.

When they were in d final year of graduation,
One day;
Ragini and Laksh were sitting in d clg canteen, and talking, when Swara goes to the duo. She greets them cheerfully.

“Hey Ragini, hi Lucky!!” Swara greeted them. “Hey Swara!! Looks like someone is very happy today?” Ragini questioned her.

“Haan….very happy, but where is Sanskaar?” Swara asked looking around.
“Don’t know. I thought he is with you.” Laksh replied.
“With me? No I didn’t meet him today.” Swara said.
“Then I’m sure he is in d library.” Ragini said thoughtfully. Laksh and Swara agreed to her, as they knew that library was d only place where Sanskaar spent his time, apart from them.

“Anyways….here is the invitation!!” Swara sounded damn excited while handling the duo a card. She was all smiling and very happy.

Laksh raised up his eyebrows in confusion, “Invitation? For what?”

“See it yourself” swara said. Ragini and Laksh opened d card eagerly and went through it. A smile crept up their face.

“Engagement card?” Laksh asked, “And that too on this Saturday?” Ragini completed his question. Swara nodded and immediately ragini pulled her into a hug.

“So the matter has come till engagement, and u didn’t even bother to tell us?” Ragini pretended to be angry with Swara.

“Abhi bata diya na? So Saturday morning, okay?” Swara replied.
“Okay!!” Laksh said agreeing to Swara.

“Aunty, Uncle must be very happy, after all their daughter is getting engaged?” Ragini asked her.

“Haan Ragini, maa baba r very happy. And if u find Sanskaar, pls inform him also. Tell him, I’ll call him later. I’ve to go home now.” Swara said and was about to leave.

Laksh stopped her, “Arey, wait for some time. He’ll be coming.”

Swara shook her head, “No Lucky!! I’ve to go, there I a lot of work at home, engagement preparations r going on, and I’ve lots of shopping as well. Please inform Sanskaar. Bye!”
Laksh waved his hand and ragini hugged her, “bye!!” swara left.

After some time,
Sanskaar came to them, and he slapped laksh playfully on his back, “hey guys!!”
“Hey buddy!! Where were u?” asked Laksh. “Haan Sanskaar, Swara was also searching for you.” Ragini joined Laksh.

“I had some work. But y is Swara searching for me?” questioned Sanskar curiously.

“She had some good news to share.” Laksh said.

Sanskar raised his eyebrows, “good news?”

“U didn’t know it? Swara said she’ll call you.” Ragini asked him. Sanskaar shook his head in negation.

Laksh continued surprised, “Swara didn’t tell u? About d engagement? This Saturday? At her house?”

Sanskaar was shocked listening to Laksh’s words. He was surprised , never in his dreams did he expect this. He didn,t even listen to what Laksh was saying. All that was running in his mind was, ‘Swara is getting engaged.’ Sankaar was lost in his thoughts, he didn’t bother laksh and Ragini who were speaking continuously beside him.

‘Swara is getting engaged? To whom? And on this Saturday, only 4 days left!! And y didn,t she inform me? How could she not inform me?’ sanskaar thought.

Sanskaar comes out of his thoughts, when Laksh taps his shoulder, “What r u thinking Sanky?”

“Huh….uh..nothing.” replied Sanskaar, half listening to laksh’s words.

“I’m so happy for her. Swara said that the groom is settled in US. So after the wedding, both of them will go to US.” Ragini said, shocking Sanskaar more.

“Guys….I’m going home. I’m not feeling well.” Sanskaar made an excuse to leave the place.

“But Sanskaar, u were fine till now. What happened to u all of a sudden?” Laksh asked.

“I… uh..I’m having a little headache.” Sankaar turns to leave. Before Laksh could say something, he left.

“Isse kya ho gaya?” Laksh asked turning to Ragini who was as confused as he was.

“Don’t know!! He’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” Ragini said.

Sanskaar goes straight to his room, after going home, he locks his door and opens his diary. He takes out a photo from his diary and looks at it with teary eyes.

He looks at the photo with lots of love and tears in his eyes, that doesn’t stop flowing. He is hurt and is broken.

“Swara!! Princess…please tell me, that all this is a bad dream. Tell me that u r not getting engaged. Please Swara, I LOVE YOU. I thought of proposing you after we complete our Graduation, on d day of our convocation.” Sanskaar cried out to her photo.

“ Swara! Didn’t u ever feel my love? Didn,t u ever get a doubt that I love you? Well how would u get, inever let u thik in that way. But the truth is I love you Swara. But if u r happy with this marriage, I won’t stop you, because your happiness is all that I want. I want u to be happy, always. Kaash mujhe ek chance mil jaata…to tell u how I feel abt u!! But I’ll always love you, no matter what.” Sanskaar cried his heart out.

He gets emotional thinking about all the moments they had spent together since they were kids, how he used to tease her, how they both used to fight for silly things, and how in the end they would end up laughing together. Sanskaar’s heart broke reminiscing all their moments. His deep brown eyes reflected the pain in his heart. The tears in his eyes just wouldn’t stop coming out. He needed her…as a medicine, as a drug, to ease his pain, but the thought that he can never have her only added to his misery.

His thoughts get disturbed by a call on his mobile. And d caller ID displays ‘Swara calling’. He just didn’t have d courage to lift her call and talk to her, he knew that she would immediately guess something is wrong, hearing his voice, after all she knows him better than himself. And he chose not to attend her call.

Swara tried calling him d entire day and Sanskaar keeps ignoring her calls. Finally, at night he decides to text her as he couldn’t talk to her directly. He knew she would be worried for him, as he kept ignoring her calls the entire day. Sanskaar messages her.

SANSKAAR(msg): Hey Swara!!!

Sanskaar was thinking abt swara when his phone buzzed. It showed a message from his love.
SWARA(msg): Sanskaar, y didn’t u lift any of my calls?

SANSKAAR(msg): I was a caught up with some work. So, tell me, y did u call me?
SWARA(msg): Actually… I had to invite u for the engagement, didn’t Ragini and Laksh tell u?
SANSKAAR(msg): Yes…they told me.
SWARA(msg): And u didn’t even bother to call me? Very bad Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari!!

‘How can I call Swara, how can I? tumhe kisi aur ke hote kaise dekh sakta?’ Sanskaar was again lost in thoughts when his phone buzzes again, bringing him back to d reality.

SWARA(msg): R U there?
SANSKAAR(msg): haan…I was a little busy, so couldn’t call you. Anyways Congratulations.

SWARA(msg): Thank u Sanskaar. So u r coming on Saturday, right?
SANSKAAR(msg): how could I not be there with you, when you r so happy?
Sanskaar wiped the tears flowing from his eyes.

SWARA(msg): I know, you will always be there with me.
SANSKAAR(msg): Okay Swara, we’ll meet tomorrow. Good night.

SWARA(msg): Sanskaar, are you fine? You never say good night so early.
SANSKAAR(msg): haan Swara, its just that I’m a little tired.
SWARA(msg): Okay, Good night.

Sanskaar closed his eyes in pain, and tears roll down his cheeks, he kept thinking about Swara the whole night and finally dozed off in the early hours.

Sanskaar didn’t attend college the next two days, and he didn’t respond to anyone’s calls. He kept avoiding everyone, saying that he is busy with some work.
The next day, Swara came to his house, and she was shocked to see Sanskar….his pale, dull face which has lost his charm, his messed up hair.

She was worried for him, “Sanskaar, r u fine? Tumhara tabiyat toh thik hain na?”

Sanskaar gave her a faint smile, which he hoped should convince her, “Haan Swara, I’m perfectly fine.” He tried to act like everything is normal. Swara looked at him suspiciously but he covered it up with his smile.

“Sanskaar, come lets go.” Swara said, pulling him by his hand.

“Where?” asked Sanskaar curiously? “Shopping” replied Swara gleefully.

Sanskaar groaned, “Swara, u go with Ragini and Laksh.”

“No Sanskaar….u should be there for selecting my dresses. Please lets go. Ragini and Laksh will join us there.” Swara whined like a baby.

Sanskaar rolled his eyes, seeing her determined, “Okay you wait here, I’ll just change and come.”

Sanskaar who was never interested in shopping, accompanied Swara. Ragini and Laksh were surprised seeing Sanskaar along with Swara.
“Sanskaar, you and shopping?” asked Ragini surprised.
“Sanskaar can never say no to me.” Swara replied happily.

“How can I say no to u Swara? U r my best best buddy.” Sanskaar replied, giving her a side hug.

Swara and Ragini went to select the dresses, leaving behind Laksh and Sanskaar behind. Sanskaar was staring at Swara, and Laksh noticed it, but couldn,t quite make out what is going on.
“Sanskaar, kuch chal raha hain kya bhai?” Laksh asked placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Uh…huh…nothing” Sanskar said coming out of his thoughts.

“Are u hiding something from us? If u want u can share it with me.” Laksh said looking into Sanskaar’s eyes.

“If there I something like that, I’ll tell u for sure.” Sanskaar assured Laksh with his smile, that didn’t reach hi s eyes.

“Okay, let’s go now, we’ve to buy some gift for the couple.” Laksh said to Sanskaar.

“Okay, chalo.” Sanskaar said depressed, clearly uncomfortable with the thought of Swara getting married to someone else, but he didn’t let Laksh see it.

Laksh and Sanskaar went and bought couple watches, and they showed it to Swara, and Swara immediatey loved the gift.

“Jijaji ko pasand aayega na?” asked Laksh doubtfully.

“Obviously. Sanskaar’s choice is so good, that anyone will like it.” Swara said admiring the watches.

“But how did u know that its Sanskaar’s choice?” asked Laksh confused.

“Arey buddhu, I know Sanskaar for years now. I can easily guess his selection. And I know u can never select something so beautiful.” Swara winked at Laksh and Sanskaar. Sanskaar felt his heart skip a beat listening to Swara’s words.
On the day of engagement,
Ragini, Laksh and Sanskaar came to Swara’s house. Swara was dressed in a peach colour lehenga with silver colour thread work, matching earrings and with a simple yet elegant necklace adorning her neck, her hair left loose with curls at the end. She was breathtakingly beautiful. Sanskaar felt the world around him freeze. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Swara, u r looking gorgeus!!” Ragini complimented pulling her into a hug.

“Swara, u r looking really beautiful.” Sanskaar managed to say.
Swara blushed a little, “Thank u guys.”

“By the way where is our jiju?” Laksh asked. Swara pointed to a person in black suit at some distance, “There he is.”

“Hamare jiju toh bahut handsome hain yaar. Lucky, Don’t u think they r made for each other. The Handsome Groom and The Beautiful Bride.” Ragini said cheerfully. Laksh nodded and Swara smiled. Sanskaar gets jealous listening to Ragini’s words.

“I’ll be back guys.” Sanskaar said, making an attempt to leave the place.
“Where r u going, Sanskaar?” Swara asked confused.

“I need to make a call. I’ll be back.” Sanskaar replied and left before they could ask him something else. All the three look at each other confused.

“Ragini, y is he behaving so weird from the last few days?” Swara asked puzzled.

“I don’t know.” replied Ragini. “Something is wrong and he doesn’t want to share it with us.” Laksh added.
“But y?” asked Swara.
“Only he knows.” Laksh said disappointed.
“We’ll talk to him, after this function.” Swara said hopefully.

“Haan Swara…u r right!!” Ragini agreed with her.

“I’ll talk to u guys later. Mom is calling me.” Swara excused and left the place.

Sanskaar was standing outside, staring far off into the distance, recalling his moments with Swara. Laksh came there to find Sanskaar and found him staring into the distance with his back facing Laksh.

“Sanskaar!!” called out Laksh, bringing him back to d reality.

Sanskaar immediately wiped the tears in his eyes and turned back, “Haan..haan Lucky!!”

“Sanskaar, r u fine? What r u doing here? The function has started inside and u r here? Come, let’s go inside.” Laksh said holding Sanskaar by his hand.

“No Laksh! I’m fyn here. I’ll come in some time.” Sanskaar tried to refuse Laksh.

“Sanskaar, Swara will feel bad, if u r not there. Come let’s go.” Laksh tried to reason Sanskaar.

Sanskaar couldn’t see Swara hurt, so, he went inside with Laksh. Sanskaar saw Swara on d stage along with her parents, her sister and the groom’s family. And it hurt Sanskaar to see Swara with someone else.

‘I wish I had told u earlier Swara. I wish I had taken one chance to tell u how I feel about you. I wish u were mine Swara.’ Sanskaar thought looking at Swara who was very happy.

It was the time for the couple to exchange the rings. Sanskaar sees Swara taking the ring out of the box.
‘One chance! One chance is all I want. I should tell her now. Its now or never.’ thought Sanskaar.

“Swara!! Wait.” Shouted Sanskaar, drawing the attention of all the guests present there. Swara was as surprised as all the others. Ragini and Laksh were confused and exchange glances between swara and sanskaar.

“Sanskaar, what happened?” asked Laksh, swapping gazes between Sanskaar and Swara.

“What’s d matter, Sanskaar?” Ragini asked, worried.

“Swara, wait!! I need to talk to u something very important.” Sanskaar said softly, ignoring everyone’s questions.

“Sanskaar, we can talk later. After d function.” Swara said still confused.

“No Swara, I need to speak to u now, before d engagement….its important, pls…” Sanskaar requested Swara.

Swara looked at Ragini and Laksh, who shrugged their shoulders, indicating they have no clue, what Sanskaar had to say. Sanskaar ignored the questioning glances of everyone, “please Swara, only for five minutes.”

Swara handed d ring to her sister, and went to Sanskaar, “Okay, tell me.” She sensed something wrong, looking at Sanskaar.
“Not here, come with me.” Sanskaar said, holding her hand. Sanskaar took her to a room and bolted the door.

“Kya hua, Sanskaar?” Swara asked folding her hands across her chest.

Sanskaar tensed up. He had to tell her somehow, whatever her reaction may be. “Uh…Swara I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing or not by telling u all this at this point of time, but I need to let u know… now, before the time is up, when there is still time.”

Swara was clearly confused by his words. She was worried seeing him. “Sanskaar, baat kya hain? Tell me clearly. You are freaking me out.”

“Swara, I…uh…I..I LOVE YOU!!!” Sanskaar spoke, letting out a sigh. Swara was surprised, shocked and absolutely baffled by Sanskaar’swords. She didn’t know how to react.

“Haan Swara!! This is d truth. I love you!! I’ve been loving you from a long time. But I couldn’t tell you about my feelings. I thought I’ll confess my feelings, once we complete our Graduation, after our convocation. I TEASE U, SWARA because I LOVE YOU; I FIGHT WITH YOU, coz I LOVE YOU; I CARE FOR U coz I LOVE U; I can’t live without you Swara. I just can’t imagine my life without u. You r not just my best frnd, but d love of my life. I LOVE YOU SWARA!!!!”

Sanskaar looked up to see Swara who was on the verge of breaking down, yet standing as still as a statue. He was worried, thinking if he had hurt her.

“Swara, listen…I know this is not the right moment to say. But trust me, nothing is going to change between us, if u r not okay with this. We’ll be friends like always, I assure u. I know…..”

Swara hugged him tightly, before he could complete, taking him by surprise. “I LOVE YOU TOO, SANSKAAR.”

Sanskaar was overjoyed to listen to her words. He hugged her back even more tightly, while swara repeated, “I love you so much!!”

Both of them hugged each other, forgetting the world around them. They didn’t want this moment to end, they wished the time would freeze here, right at this moment.

Sanskaar broke the hug, after they had a lovely moment. He took out a small box from his pocket, all the while looking into Swara’s eyes. Just as Swara wondered what was happening, Sanskaar gets down on his knee, opening the little box revealing a beautiful diamond ring, with a large central stone, and small diamonds embedded along the entire band of the ring.

“Swara, I Love you and only you. U are the reason of my exsistence. I’m willing to spend my whole life with u. So Ms. SWARA GADODIA, WOULD YOU GIVE ME THE HONOUR OF SPENDING THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU? WOULD YOU LIKE TO GROW OLD WITH ME? WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Sanskaar asked looking straight into her eyes.

Swara didn’t respond for a moment. Her eyes welled up, seeing his love for her.
“Swara?” Sanskaar’s voice brought her back to her senses.

“Sanskaar, I don’t know what to say?” Swara said, her voice barely audible.

“Just say yes, Princess.” Sanskaar smiled at her.


“Thank you Princess.” Sanskaar said while sliding d ring on her finger. He took her in his embrace and hugged her with lots of love, and she reciprocated his hug.

“Sanskaar, lets go, engagement ka mahurat nikla jaa raha hain.” Swara said breaking the hug. Sanskaar was confused.

“Princess, just now u agreed to marry me, then y this engagement and all?” Sanskaar asked bewildered.
“Sanskaar, I need to go. Everyone will be waiting.” Swara said.

“But Swara…” his words were interrupted by the sound of people cheering and clapping. Sanskaar looks at Swara confused.

“Oh no!! I missed the engagement.” Swara said pouting. “What?” asked Sanskaar, even more confused.

“All because of u.” Swara complained.
“Whose engagement?” Sanskaar asked bewildered.

“My sister’s, who else?” Swara replied astonished. ‘Wasn’t it supposed to be Swara’s engagement?’ thought Sanskaar.

“What? Your sister’s engagement?” asked sanskaar softly, thinking if he had heard it right.
‘Wasn’t he supposed to know that?’ thought Swara?

“Haan, wht were u thinking?” asked Swara looking at him.
“That… actually…u were getting engaged.” Sanskaar said, embarrassed. Sanskaar understood that he misunderstood all the conversations and Swara’s messages.

“What? How? I mean y did u think like that?” Swara asked confused with Sanskaar’s words. Sanskaar explained everything to Swara.

“What do I do? No one told me that its your sister who is getting engaged.” Sanskaar said with his cute puppy dog face.

“Didn’t u see the card?” asked Swara.
“No!! Actually after I came to know that you are getting engaged, I was so broken, that I left the place immediately and went home.” Sanskaar replied smiling sheepishly.

“Oh my poor Sanskaar!!” Swara said teasing him, ruffling his hair, with her hand.

“Its not funny Swara!!” Sanskaar complained.

“Sanskaar, you know what? I already knew, that u love me.” Swara said grinning.

“What? But when and how? I mean.. I never told anyone, then?” Sanskaar asked shocked.

“Actually, Remember? That day, I came to your house to ask u to accompany me for shopping?” Sanskaar nodded. “when u went to change… your diary fell down by chance, and I saw my photo in it. i was curious, and so I opened the diary, and I was completely shocked.” Swara said biting her lip.

“What? You went through my personal diary?” Sanskaar asked with an unbelievable look. He couldn’t handle so many shocks in a single day.

“Haan…of course!! Its your personal diary, but its all about me, right? So, its okay.” Swara said giggling.
Sanskaar glared at her in fake anger, while Swara continued. “Sanskaar, I too had been in love with u for a long time now, but I was afraid of losing you and our friendship forever. But when I saw your diary, I was on cloud nine…. I just wanted to tell you everything, but I let u do that. I waited for u to confess first.”

“And what if I never told you?” Sanskaar asked raising his eyebrows.

“I’d have waited, but I would have told u some time or the other, knowing that u will not deny it.” Swara replied.

“I love you, Swara.” Sanskaar said taking her into his embrace.
“I love you too.” Swara responded, enjoying the comfort in his arms.

“Sanskaar, I think, we need to go out now. Everyone must be waiting.” Swara said pulling herself out of his arms.

“Let me enjoy this moment, Princess. Let me get the bliss of having you in my arms. I was craving for this since long.” Sanskaar said coming close to her.

Swara bit her lip nervously, her heart was racing, and she bet, it would come out of her chest, at any moment. She moved backwards. “San….s…Sanskaar, please… let’s… go out…” She managed to speak, her voice barely above a whisper.

“No…not a chance, princess. Wait karne do, sabko!!” Sanskaar said moving towards her, and pinning her to the wall. They had a cute eyelock, and as he leaned towards her, their beautiful moment was disturbed by a knock on the door.

“Arey yaar!!! Ab kaun hain? Kabab mein haddi!!” Sanskaar said irritated, while Swara laughed. Sanskaar opened the door to find Laksh and Ragini. “Perfect timing hain bhai!!” Sanskaar taunted.

“What is going on?”Laksh asked raising his eyebrows. Ragini exchanged glances between Sanskaar and Swara, and she didn’t miss Swara blushing, and then she noticed the ring on Swara’s finger and gasped.

She pointed it to Laksh, “Lucky!! I think we should leave the love birds alone.” Swara and Sanskaar blushed, while Laksh chuckled.
“Haan Ragini, lets go from here!!” Laksh mocked.
“Arey lucky, stop it yaar!!” Sanskaar pleaded.

“Excuse me! Do I know you?” Laksh asked Sanskaar.
“Laksh!!” Swara glared while Ragini giggled.

“I’m sorry miss, but I don’t know you!!” Laksh replied.
“Bas kar yaar Lucky!! We r your best friends.” Sanskar and Swara were annoyed.

“Accha!! Best friends? They don’t hide things like you do.” Ragini replied curtly. Swasan hold their ears and say sorry with their cute puppy dog faces. “Accha…fine…now stop making that faces.” Ragini rolled her eyes.

They all have a group hug, and Sanskaar tells everything to Ragini and Laksh, how he thought it to be Swara’s engagement, and how he confessed, and finally proposed her.

“Chalo!! Jo bhi hota hain acche ke liye hota hain.” Ragini said excited.

“Dude!! You are awesome. I’m happy for you both. I always had a doubt that you love Swara, and see I’m right.” Laksh said hugging sanskaar, and patted his back. Swasan smile.
*** flashback ends***

Swara smiled thinking about the memories of that day, when ragini’s voice brought her back to her senses.

“Swara, Bharaat aagayi hain!” Ragini sounded excited. Swara smiled.
“Par Sanskaar, utna bhi accha nahi lag raha hain. Bas thik thaak hain!!” Ragini said looking at Swara.

“Don’t say like that, Ragini, Sanskaar is always Handsome, and I bet he is looking good today also.” Swara stopped, realizing what she has just said and blushed. Ragini started teasing her, and Swara blushed more.

“Shall we go down? Your handsome groom is waiting for you!! He is so eager to see you.” Ragini teased, while Swara tried hard not to blush.

Ragini takes Swara down to the hall, where all the guests r seated. Sanskaar was mesmerized to see his bride, he unknowingly gets up from his chair, until Laksh’s voice brings him to his senses.

“Sanskaar! Sit down. Swara is coming here only.” Laksh whispered in Sanskaar’s ears. Sanskaar composes himself and sits down, and Swara comes and sits beside him.
[ guys!! this scene is actually inspired from Anjali's MMAI, engagement wala scene]

“You are looking so beautiful, Princess!!” Sanskaar whispered, bending towards Swara, making her blush.
“And you r so handsome, My Prince.” Swara replied to him, and Sanskaar’s lips curved into a slight smile listening to the words ‘My Prince.’

“I can’t wait to make you mine, forever, Ms. Swara Gadodia!!” Sanskaar said winking.

“And I can’t wait to become yours forever, Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari!!” Swara replied softly.

Sanskaar and Swara are made to sit in the mandap, they do all the rituals. Ragini does their ‘ghat-bandhan’ Sanskaar and Swara take their vows together-Saat Phere. After the phere, sanskaar makes Swara wear the mangalsutra and fills her hairline with Sindhoor….

Sanskaar and Swara are married and they are united as one forever in the bond of marriage, and they lived happily forever and after.

*******THE END******

Credit to: Ashu

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