Swasan-an inseparatable couples (episode -2)


Short introduction of swara when she was 2yrs old her father died…when she turned 6 her mother janaki make her do every work and made her learn every household work. ..when she turn 15 yrs old she came to know her mother died when she was 6yrs old she was brought up by her mother sole….and she has the special power of seeing dead people’s but she never accepted it

Recap -swara gets the contract of sanskar marriage

In mm.
Ap-Laksh did you called your bua ji
Laksh -yes maa bua said they will before rituals starts …Kavita will come directly on engagement
Dp-did u clean guest house. ..wedding planner will be here tomorrow morning
Ragini -I said to servant
Ap-rago tell your devar to finish his work before marriage functions
Sanskar -bhabhi tell your mother in law. ..I will take leave till marriage don’t expect more
Ap-tell him that’s enough. ..rest will be handled by kavita
Before they continue
Ragini -sanskar and mom u both are standing in same place u can talk directly
Ap and sanskar look to each other and turn with pout face .
All laugh seeing their antiques..
In railway station
Swara with her staff went down the train…they all notice that their money Is finished. …so they start waking but after their continuous walk they get tired …so they auto driver about the cost upto mm.auto driver say 890 for all
All sit down Swara see public so she remember pk movie. ..so she also place a stone near tree and with lipstick decorated the stone. …and start acting
Swara-thanx god …..I heard by making prayer here you full fill every dream. ..thnx ..instruct staff to do the same
As in one hour they earn 5000rs…she taken 890 Rs and rest donated to the roadside beggars. .children’s and ask them to pray to god to full fill the wishes of owner of the money
Bunty-why you given the money to them
Swara-because I do cheating with one at a time .we got the money and that people’s got true blessings. …I heard from a saint blessing from poor is like blessing from God
They reach mm….and talk about the marriage functions and depart in evening swara along with her staff goes to see kolkatta
When they return to mm..they see one of the relatives of mm who came from Hong Kong is abusing his wife and Ragini is trying to make understand
Man-no Ragini. …she had extra marital affair with someone before marriage
Ap-bhaishab how can u say that ha
Man-bhabhi because I am fair she is fair we all are fair then how our child would be dark…it’s not my kid
Ragini -it’s all in the hands of God
Man-no she has affair
Laksh -what nonsense
All tried maximum
Bunty-swaru now your logic has any idea
Swara -okay……if I sort out the matter you will sleep on couch and I will sleep on bed…and I will not cook

Swara thinks and she got an idea….
Swara-uncle ji i have a proof that will show aunty innocence
Man-if you fail
Swara-do whateveryou want. ..if I win…..then you have to apologise my holding your wife feet…and never raise this douth
Swara bring paan leaf apply tobacco a and fold it and gives to the man
Swara-eat it
Man does
Swara-i have given him green colour leaf and apply white tobacco if you spill out any other colour from your mouth I will break your 32 teeth…..come on spite it out. …
Man fears and shocks…..same as all sanskar has listening whole conversation from distance but didn’t see Swara face….
Bunty-wahh swara
Swara -as you can’t control to change the colour of paan same child’s colour is in hand of God. ……your wife has no control on it….got that
Man nodes and apologies to his wife….swara goes
Ragini-who is she ?
Ap-wedding planner

Swara is taking photos of mm each angle so that according to which decoration will be done . …. . . . While talking pictures swara goes to sanskar room where he is in towel ….he thought she took his picture
Sanskar -who hell are u? Don’t you have shame. …..cheep girls. ..middle class girl like you can do anything to get attention of rich boys or u take my photos and say I tried to rape you
Swara-hey first of all….I came here to take wall pics not yours and I am wedding planner ….and what you said we middle class girl trap rich boys..if I have such intensions then I will trap viviyan or shakti arora or John Abrahim not roasted chicken like you
Sanskar -what do you consider about yourself
Swara-helly shah
Sanskar -i am sanskar maheshwari a great business man and every girls are behind me. ..
Swara-that’s why you still single. …and more over I have no fear of your power and not interested in your charm
Swara-more over many handsome guys are behind me
Sanskar -didn’t anything special in u
Swara-i am talking about handsome guys not u…swara goes.
Sanskar fumes in anger
Sanskar -i will show you my power and make u crazy for my charm
As swara moving she hear crying sound of child so she went to that direction and stands outside a room …she slightly open the door half…and see a small girl around 9 is crying before she open a servant comes and stops her
Servants- mam no one is allowed to enter this room accept aarav baba …it’s ruhi baby’s room…Ragini madam said when ever ruhi baby ji comes her room should be same as she left
Swara-but..I saw a
Bunty comes
Bunty -swara comes all are waiting for you
In hall
All where sitting
Sanskar -i want to start this function by pooja in mandir.. day after tomorrow book a temple and do arrangements
Ap- but it done in pair beta…
Sanskar -mom i am not saying about Ganesh pooja. ..it’s pooja for our wellfare and for our ruhi
Ragini -yeah dewar ji is right. ..many days happen. We done anything
Ap-okay swara you arrange decoration catering and book temple. …i will call all the relatives and all
Swara-sure madam….can u plzzz tell rough figure of guest
Ap-around 600
Swara-okay mam
They went…outside
Bunty-600 it’s puja or yagye
Swara-what ever it may be guys let’s starts the work bunty you look 4 staff with you and book temple and priest.. I will purchase material

In evening bunty inform swara that every temple is booked for functions
Next day Swara and her all staff search for temple and venue hall but fails…swara get a call from unknown no.
Swara -hello whose this. ..
U.c-your badluck miss wedding planner
Swara -whose this
U.c-sanskar maheshwari. ….what happen all temple and venue hall are booked bad luck
Swara-it’s you
Sanskar -yeah….let me tell you the things related to ruhi…anything happens to that pooja you will be out next moment. ..wish you bad luck ….call ends
Swara -now what should I do
They all went to near by area where shouting is going on but director is angry. …because he want originality in shot..
And idea strike in her mind …so she went towards director and discuss something

Recap -swara revenge on sanskar

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