Swasan-an inseparatable couples (episode -1)


Recap -introduction of swara
Ragini-kind hearted person….. Loves everyone….. Second wife of laksh…..they were college time lover but due to DP laksh married kavya by giving birth too a girl child kavya died…..when ruhi was 8 ….raglak married….ragini tried maximum to win ruhi heart ….but failed…….
Then ragini gives birth to a boy aarav…….ruhi always play and take care of Araav…never let Him cry…..ruhi never speak much too raglak………ragini is happy atleast she accepted aarav…..but everything change after urvashi arrival.……ruhi starts avoiding aarav……ragini tried her best to sort out the problem… But difference became higher….ruhi turned to be rude…laksh has scolded her or many time slapped her ….one day ruhi put fire in ragini factory and run away……never returned……..
After 6yrs

In. Mm
Araav turn 6 yrs old…….. sanskar (same as arnaav in ipkknd In character) rest are same as serial…..…
A girl around 28 yrs old wearing red net saree with black border is crying holding ruhi’s photo frame …..and boy of 30 enter the room and see the girl crying…he place his hands on her shoulder
Ragini -Laksh. …today is ruhi’s 14th birthday. ..she must be beautiful…cute …she must have forgotten about her birthday or may be celebrating her birthday with her friends
Laksh -you are not angry with her. ..she has burn your factory cause 300 crore loss for you
Ragini -no Laksh ji..she did it because she is angry with me. ..and u know we show our anger to whom we consider as ours….for my child I can bear every loss
Laksh -kash….if she able to understand your love……it’s all my mistake. .i failed to become a good father ….
Ragini -no its because of me …if I have not came …u all didn’t have to loose ruhi…I am inauspicious
Laksh -no Ragini. ..after your arrival this building become house. ..because of you adarsh bhai and Parineeta bhabhi came to right path. ..Uttra got her true solemate. .mom and dad living peacefully. .given son like aarav and know you convinced sanskar to marry kavita. .we all lost hope. ..because of you my sanskar is going to marry
Ragini -because of me. ..ruhi lost faith in you all because of me she left u…..6yrs Laksh happen. …plzzz tell her to come back. ..if she wants burn all my belonging but comes back
Little aarav comes running

Aarav-mommy didi will come back don’t cry…when she comes we will lock her in the room so that she may not go away
Sanskar and adarsh also
Sanskar -bhabhi you know we don’t like to see tears in your eyes. ……we will search her soon and gives her lots of love so she never thinks of leaving us again
Adarsh -and we will do lots of masti. ..do shopping world tour. ..and we will help to search good bf for her
Sanskar -no way we will search husband for her and her has to become ghar jamai
In evening
Ap-ji sanskar has agreed very difficultly so before he change his mood I want his marriage happen
Dp-dont worry as kavita is my sister urvashi daughter and they are staying with us so we are from both sides. …I have called well-known wedding planner from Mumbai. ..they must reach here by 2 days
In Mumbai
In temple in front of God ideal their is different varieties of items are placed and besides god ideal a girl is sitting and eating the fruits …a boy of her age shock to see her
Boy-swara have so shame you are eating which is given to the god by their worshippers
Swara -I was hungry ..bunty
Bunty-but still
Swara-okay…..tell me from where this fruits comes
Bunty -worshippers brought
Swara-fromwhere they brought
Bunty-may be from vendors
Swara-and from where vendors brought it
Bunty-from farmers
Swara-and from where they got

Bunty-frustratedly from their farm trees
Swara-how that comes on tree
Bunty-due to gods blessing
Swara-the fruits which is given by God himself you are offering him only . think bunty boy
Bunty-yeah you are telling true
They hears..sounds and people are gathered their
Swara-what happening their. ????
Bunty-let’s see
They goes and see a man is forcefully dragging a girl child and her mother is stopping him and asking for help…so swara ask standing person besides her
Swara-what happening their brother
Person -that man is her husband he haves an affair so he leaves her wife and he has steeled all the money and expensive items while going. ….that lady with lots of difficulty bought up the child …now he came back by saying he wants his child
Bunty-may be he is missing his daughter
Man-no he wants to sell her for money
Some people move forward to help the lady but swara stops them
Swara-today you all save them. ..then he will come tomorrow. .let’s think you all help her tomorrow also what happen when he came later also.. do you all have no work rather than saving them
People -then what you want. .we should let them take the child. ..
Swara-yeah. ..look she is a girl she grow up then Ravan like him is filled in the society. ..they will make the child their target because her mother is weak depending on others support and you all secure your child or her always
Bunty-shut up and comes with me…otherwise they will beat up
Swara -bhai take her and sell her …her mother can’t protect her…
The man is taking the child but he is hitted by the lady with the stone lying in on the floor. .the man turn lady hit him with the things lying their on the floor. .the man cotoneaster lady..but lady kick on her private part and holds his hair …man falls on the floor lady kick him beat him cruelly and takes knife from near by stall and place it near the man neck
Lady-heyy if u dare again to touch my daughter in your dream also I will take out your eyes… .I don’t need anyone support to secure my child I will protect her from all
Man-i will not show you my face again please leave me…
Lady goes to the child cry hugging her..swara comes to the man
Swara-never mess with a mother…she has the to burn the world for securing her child ….
Swara to lady

Swara-sorry. For harsh word but always remember no one will always their for u. .u yourself have to become your saviour
Swara goes
Bunty-ghumake bolti h paar baat sidhe dil pe lgti h….
Bunty run towards swara
Bunty-oh I forget I came here to take you to office
Happy wedding planners..office
Boss-swara their is a new contract
Swara-mukherji sahib I am bored with Mumbai. .and you have only contract of Mumbai. ..for which I am not interested
Boss-swara I know you won’t stay anywhere more than 3months. ..you are working for me from 2yrs….this contract is from kolkatta. ..it’s very big contract. …very famous business man Durga prasad maheshwari son sanskar maheshwari ‘s marriage you have to leave today
Swara -sounds interesting. ..kolkatta I am coming

Recap-swasan tashan. …..swara feeling weird in mm

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