Swasan: insane love(OS)


Hello people! I am ananya. I am new to all of you insuppose because i write ffs and os on raglak. I thought to go for a change so here i am with a swasan ff. Hope you all like it. Please do comment.

A girl is shown sitting in her cabin with her chair turned around.
Someone knocks .
Man: swara.. Can i come in?
Swara turns around : ofcourse sir. Why are you asking for my permission? You are my senior afterall.
Man: yes but in this civilised society i need to behave right. He chuckles over his own joke.
Swara: right dr. Shekhar.
Shekhar: now listen carefully swara. I am here to discuss about an important case. A new guy has been admitted in the asylum. He needs special care as he shows signs of getting well. Thats why i have come to you to ask for your help knowing that you are my best doctor.
Swara: i would love to sir. Can i meet him?
Shekhar: sure. Come lets go.
They reach near a room.
Shekhar: be careful while you talk to him. I will take you a leave.
Swara: okay doctor. Bye.
She enters the room.
The guy is sitting with a toy baby in his hand. He gets scared seeing swara.
Swara: hello friend. Dont be scared i am here to play with you.
Guy: hello ! I am sanskar
Swara: nice name sanskar. I am swara.
Sanskar: you are a good girl. Everyone else here alwyas gives me medicines and injections. You are the first one to talk to me so sweetly.
Swara: thankyou. Now lets go . We will play.
Some days pass like this . Swara takes care of sanskar like a baby. She isnt aware of the fact that she has started falling for him. But she always stands by him and protects him from the hospital staff’s brutalities.
One fine day she goes to shekhar.
Swara: doc i really want to know the reason behind his condition.
Shekhar: swara it can be very risky. You know na what are yiu thinking. You are sure you will be able to handle him?
Swara: i need to do this doc. He is not just other patient for me. He is really special. I need to get him all well.
Shekhar: fine then i will make the necessary arrangements by tomorrow.
Swara: thankyou doctor. I will go now. Bye
Shekhar: bye.
The next day .
Shekhar: i have given him the liquid drug. Yiu can go on with your narco test. But be very careful.
Swara: sure doc.
She goes in. She starts talking to him.
Sanskar is murmuring something.. Rag… Ragini.. Raginiii
Swara: sanskar , who is ragini? What did she do?
Sanskar gets flashes of hus past. He tells her how he met ragini both of them fell in love and one fine day while returning from the maternity clinic both of them were very happy as it was for the first time they had heard their baby’s heatbeat. How there life was just perfect unless that day their car got crashed and he lost ragini and his child. Since then he blames himself for all this and his condition has detoriated.
Swara has tears in her eyes. I know how painful it must have been for you. But i have to find a way out. You cant live with this giult forever. I am there for you sanskar. I will help you.
She starts taking him to places which he and ragini used to visit very often. He replenishes all his memories with her and one fine day swara takes him to the same clinic and pretends that she is pregnant and on the way back intentionally drives the car on the same road into a tree.
Sanskar starts shouting rememring the past events and says : noo ragini… You cant leave me.. You cant do it once again … Please dont go. I need you.
Swara jerks sanskar and manages to get him in his senses. Swara: i am absolutely fine sanskar. See nothing has happened .
Sanskar remembers all that had happened in these months .. How he had lost ragini and how swara took care of him. He is normal now and thanks swara for helping her get out of this trauma.
Swara thanks him for teaching what live is.. How does it feel when you love someone unconditionally. How he made her fall in love with him.
Sanskar: i am sorry swara but i cant love you. I have only loved ragini and will continue to till i die.
Swara is heartbroken hearing this : its okay sanskar. I understand. I must leave now.
Sanskar: okay bye..
After two months swara rejoins the hospital (she had taken a break) she finds her cabin decorated beautifully with flowers andcandles. She is surprised and amazed seeing all this.
Guy: maam.. How did you like these?
Swara: it is beautiful. Then she feels the voice is familiar. She turns around and is shocked to see sanskar standing next to her.
Sanskar: what happened? Its mee.. Your sanskar.. Remember me?
Swara: how can i forget you and she starts crying.
Sanskar hugs her tightly and says: in these two months i realised how much i love you. You took care of me like a mother does. You know what ragini always used to say jokingly that if ever she dies i must move on in life. She wanted me to be happy . I always used to get angry on her for saying that. But today i feel as if she said right. Life is all about second chances. Will you like to give me a second chance? Will you marry me?
Swara is now smiling with tears in her eyes. She hugs him and says: i will mr. Sanskar mahehswari. I love you.
Sanskar: i love you too.
And they lived happily ever after.

I hope you all liked it. Please do comment. You are free to criticise.

Credit to: Ananya

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