swasan: my incomplete love story ( promo)


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Sanskaar and swara in a beautifully decorated area. Sanskaar held swara’s hand.
“Do u love me swara,” he asked.
Swasan picnic and swara meets sanskaar friends.
“Do u love sanskaar?” they asked.
Swara was dumb.
Swasan in beach along with ragini. Ragini sees them close. Later that day swara and ragini in ragini’s room talking and
“bohot pyaar karte hu na use” ragini said.
“Haan” swara said smiling and realized what she said and looked at ragini. Ragini looked shocked.
Ragini, swara, sanskaar and sanskaar’s friends play truth or dare.
Bottle points at swara and she choose truth.
“Do u love someone and if u do, the name of the person u love.” Ragini asks.
Swara looks shocked and answers yes and says the person, everyone is shocked by what she said.
“Bhai do u love swara?” ragini asks sanskaar when they were at home.
“Yes” sanskaar says. Leaving ragini shocked.
Swara and sanskaar meet at a beautiful place.
“What did u want to say?” swara asks.
“Diva, I am in love with ….” He says.
Swara smiles happily.
Swara in hospital, beside her sanskaar was sitting. Swara was unconscious. When swara opened her eyes, she saw sanskaar smiling evilly at her. He says something and holds her hand and took out a pocket knife and cut her wrist very deeply.
“there, now it will look like a suicide.”
“ good bye diva, have a happy journey.” He said smirking and kissed her forehead and watched her die with a smile.
Hi guys, how was the promo? Did u like it.
I couldn’t post an epi today so decided to come up with this. Please leave your comments. And silent readers please comment about the promo.

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  1. wtf like seriously y would sanskar do that i mean he loves her then what happened that he is not just torturing her but left her to die this much hatred

    1. Ameera

      i am sorry but u should patiently keep reading

  2. Abirsha

    oh no…what s dis????sanky killed swara????pls dr dont end it n a sad note……already with same name a ff wad written….in that sanky will die but swasan will love truly there but here swara s died but sanky killed her……pls dr cant bear sad ending…..hope it will be a positive ending…..

    1. Ameera

      dont worry shan that ending is not confirmed, u should keep reading to know more and it will be a positive ending.

  3. yeah…..don’t end it like this…….make them love and ending shud be happy wala.

    1. Ameera

      i will give a happy wala ending and that is not the ending and that part is not even confirmed and keep reading

  4. I think swara cheated sanskar,thats why he hate her and want to kill her.

    1. Ameera

      dear u shud keep reading to know and that part is not confirmed and that is definetely NOT the ending. but good guess. keep reading.

  5. Omg .. Don’t do this..
    It has been a wonderful story since the beginning .. Have lot of expectations regarding swasan love story.. Don’t end it like this .
    Even if u add such a tragic scene plz make it short n bring swasan back to romantic life soon..
    Love to watch them loving each other ..
    Hope u have got something interesting on the way.. 🙂

    1. Ameera

      of course i have something interesting and u shud keep reading to know more and it will be a happy ending

  6. Soujanya

    What this sanskar killed swara….unbelievable…

    1. Ameera

      i know but u cant come to a conclusion before knowing what happened rght? keep reading to know more.

  7. Isabel

    Continue this story like how u want, waiting for your updates..

    1. Ameera

      i will give ur reply in personal ok!!! anyways keep smiling and reading

  8. Upload sooon

    1. Ameera

      thankyou i will and keep reading.

  9. interesting..

    1. Ameera

      thank you keep reading to know more thank you

  10. Kavya_08

    Awesome ameera!!! just read your recent chapters?OMG!!! So many twists??nd sanky killing swara is very bitter?

    But let’s see what happens waiting eagerly dude❤loads of love?

    1. Ameera

      thank u kavya, i missed uand ur comments(pouts) but u have to be patient about the current track and love ur profile pic… and loads and loads of love to u. thank u keep reading and supporting and most imp keep smilin ;-):-D

      1. Kavya_08

        Awww love u too dear? I’ll keep smiling and u also keep smiling ok?

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