Swasan-An incomplete love story (Epi 9)

HEY GUYS! Sorry for taking a break. Actually my laptop was not working nd my phone always showed data base error while posing ff. And yes the one shot of swasan is already posted. Those who have not read it can read it. Its name is-Swasan One shot…. A story which remained unfinished!
Recap: Swasan dance and romance.
“Sanskar,where are you taking me?”Swara said while trying to take off Sanskar’s hand which were on his eyes.
“ssshhh!!!”,Sanskar said placing his hands on her lips.
“This is not done Sanskar”,she said in a disappointed way.
“Have patience Shona!”,Sanskar said.
After sometime:

Sanskar:Open your eyes.
As she opened her eyes,she saw a dimly lit room,creating a passionate ambunce for love making. There were candles and red baloons everywhere.Swara smiled and hugged Sanskar. Sanskar kissed her both eyes and gently tucked behind her ear the loose strand of hair that fell on her forehead.
Sanskar: You are my sweet baby. I love you for exactly who you are. Your presence had added value to my life.
Swara: I love you too Sanskar. Please never leave me. Without you,my life is meaningless.
We all have that one person in our life,without whom life becomes meaningless. For Swara,that person was Sanskar. The ship of love never sinks.

Swara and kissed his cheeks lovingly. Sanskar pinned her against the wall and leaned in to give her a kiss. She shyly turned away her face. Sanskar then kissed her neck. She felt a wild sensation running through her body. Sanskar gave her a final kiss on her lips which she returned with equal passion. Then they sat on a table and Sanskar opened a tiffin box. It was pasta which he had made for her. Sanskar made her fees with hia own hands.
Swara: Woooowwww!!!! This is really awsome. You made it???

Sanskar:Oviously! Is it really tasty? Let me taste it.
Swara: Noooo!! You made it for me right? So only I will eat this.
But as Sanskar put a spoon of pasta,he gave her a serious look.
Swara: I love those boys who cook for their girl.
Sanskar: I too love those girls ,who just to make their boys happy,eat disgusting pasta like this.
Swara: Its okay. You just added a pich of salt more.
Sanskar: A pinch? I had added the whole packet.
Swara: At least you cooked. I would never had.
Sanskar: Then who will cook after our marriage?
Swara: Oviously you. You know once I had tried to make vegetable curry,but the vegetables were completely raw and the vegetables were floating on the water.
From behind her,sanskar slipped his hands around Swara’s waist. He interlocked his hand around her navel.
Swara: Aren’t you scare that someone might see us?
Sanskar: No I am not. Are you?
Swara: Why would I? I know you are there for me.

A smile erupts at the corner of his lips to brush away Swara’s concern nd then kiss her forehead. She looks into his eyes. She then rests her head on his shoulder and he place his hands around his waist. Swara pat his cheeks lovingly.
Swara: You know Laksh had gifted Ragini a ring.
Sanskar: Wowww!! Thats great.
Swara: Yaaa! Ragini was very happy. I wish……
Sanskar clearly understood what was she signaling. He drove his hands into his pocket nd took out something. It was a heart shaped locket.
Swara:Woooo!!! Is this for me?
Sanskar: No this is for Ragini.
Swara: So mean Sanskar! You are having a girlfriend and you are gifting someone else.
Sanskar: ssshhhh!! I had said nah not to use the term girlfriend. Its too poluted. You are my soulmate. You are the best thing in my life. I dont want to kiss you,infact I want to hold your hand and talk with you. I just want to be with you forever. You are my angel. The one who I dream about.
Swara:sshhh! I know how much you love me,no nees to define your love. I know you love me and I love you too. That’s the only emotion I evoke. I know you will never prefer to call me something like-“Baby”,”Candy” and so. I know m your Shona. Anyways for whom you bought this?
Sanskar: Duffer its for you only.

Swara:Its lovely.
Sanskar: You like it?
Swara: Like?? I Love it.Now will you make me wear this or shall I call someone else?
Sanskar: Noo! I am here.
Swara gives her the locket and turns back and she lifts her hair drom over her back. Sanskar clasp the locket around her neck. Her fingers touched her bare shoulder. She closed her eyes as she felt something.Infact she reacted to his touch. After making her wear the locket,Sanskar moved her hair back tovits position. Swara then turns back towards him and looks at her locket. She runs her finger over the locket and after saying thank you,kisses his cheek. It was the perfect moment which may not come again. Two anxious hearts are getting ready to discover the next stage of their newly found relationship. Sanskar moves close to Swara to make her feel safe. Swara smiles at his action. After spending a very special and beautiful night,they head towarda the bus as it was finall day of their trip. Hand in hand they got into the bus and seat together. After saying good night to each other they sleep.

Precap:Swasan try to convince their parents for their marriage.

Thanks Kritika for uploading it. You are always there when I nees your help. Love you chotu!

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