Swasan-An incomplete love story (Epi 8)



Recap: Sanskar was angry on Swara for hiding the truth. They both aling with their friends were going on a journey. Vaibhabh tried to attack Swara but Sanskar saved her. They both confess their love.

When the first sun ray fell in Swara,she saw herself sleeping in the arms of Sanskar with him hugging her. Swara opened her eyes and Sanskar smiled and tightened his grip. Sanskar:Good morning. Swara:Good morning Sanskar kissed Swara’s cheek. Little did the two realise how the passing days have brought them together and emotionally close to each other. Every passing day made them depend on each other’s company,so much that if they did not see each other for only one day,they missed each other terribly. They had not realised it until they were separated. Something had changed for both of them. Swara opened the window and the cool breeze blew on their faces ,refreshing them throughly. The air smelled of wet earth. Sanskar moved his hands iver Swara’s wrist and slid it down,making space for it in her palm. The touch was serious ans sensuous. It had triggered an adernaline rush within Swara. Yet she didnt pull her hand back. No one said anything. Swara didnt even look at Sanskar and let him do whatever he wanted. She had fully surrendered herself to him. It was not just the touch of Sanskar whom she had known for months,it was the touch of that Sanskar with whom she want to spend her rest life. Her heartbeat quickened as she felt Sanskar’s lips on the back of her hand and then on her fingers. They were completely lost in wach other. They composed themselves after Swara heard Ragini calling them. Ragini had been shouting for a while . Swara heard it the sixth time. When Swara looked at Ragini,Ragini said-“Thank you so much for listening to me. What are you guys upto? Come on. Everyone is at the breakfast table.” Swara was embarrassed to listen this. Swara and Sanskar followed Ragini. Swara and Ragini sat infront of Sanskar and Laksh.

As everyone put their first bite of food in their mouth,Ragini said something in Swara’s ears to which she blushed. It was-“You guys have an amazing chemistry”. ****************************** It was evening and everyone had arrived at the camp firr. Sanskar had already reached and was searching for Swara. Life becomes romantic when our eyes start searching for someone silently,but it becomes more romantic when that someone starts reading those eyes silently. Sanskar’s heartbeats increased as she saw Swara walking towards him. She was wearing a peach short dress. They were looking into each others’s eyes as if deeply and madly in love. Sanskar was spellbound. Swara looked ravishing in the dress. Her eyes looked luje the epitome of innocence. Her sensual glossy lips glittered like stars in the sky.
“Can I dance with you?” asked Sanskar.
“Yes”, she said in her mesmarizing voice.
He took her hand in his and swirled her around.
Jab se maine tujhko dekha hai
Rabb se tera pyar manga hai
Din khila ya raat dhali

Har pal tujhko socha hai
O mahiya,O mahiya
O mahiya,O mahiya
Hand in hand their feet moved in rythm to the music as he held her firmly by her waist.
Bin tere ek pal chain na aaye
Saari saari raat teri yaad sataye
Paya hai ab kab se dhoondha hai
O saathiya,o maahiya!
O saathiya, O mahiya!

Sanskar swirled her again. The were standing so close to each other that they could inhale each others breath. They kept dancing for a few more minutes without speaking a word. It was a special day for both of them. It was one of those moments that get etched ib your memory for a lifetime. They looked into each other’s eyes fir one more time before their lips met. His arms eveloped her into a hug. If anything could make her feel safe was a hug from him. She broke the kiss as quickly as it began. He leaned forward again as through he was seeking her approval and this time she too leaned closer and kissed him passionately. It was a moment they would treasure all their life. That kiss was the start of a beautiful relationship. You can pick your friends,but you dont pick with whom you fall in love with. Such things are beyond our control. Tough Swara,earlier didn’t loved sanskar,but now she was going to win her man’s love. They both love each other. Love is not about desire or wanting the person you love,its about finding that person to be irresistibly desirable. Sometimes the strongest of all relationship start out with a small friendship and works its way up. Their love started with a friendship.
Sanskar: Don’t you think Shona we should inform our parents about it.
Swara: But my family is bit orthodox they wont agree.
Sanskar: We will try our best to convince them.
Swara: Okay! I promise I would try. ***************************

Finally it was the last day of their trip. They both wanted it to end perfectly. Thus trip had brought them together. Swara and Sanskar were busy gossiping with each other. Meanwhile Vaibhabh came and sat infront of them. He was continously staring Swara which made her feel uncomfortable. Swara: Lets move from here.
Sanskar: But why?
Swara: Vaibhabh.
Sanskar: Ignore him concerntrate on me.
Swara felt the warmth in his words and smiled.
Precap: Sanskar surprise Swara by planning a romantic dinner for her.

THANKS kritika for uploading this on my behalf.
actually i am planning to write one shot ff. so whose one shot should i write? swasan raglak swalak ragsan the one shot would be the continuation of any if the real track of the serial.
thank you!

Credit to: JYOTII

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      We both are on same position! But its uhr love!! :* Coming to the One shot! Yes! I have to upload on Swasan! 🙂

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