Swasan-An incomplete love story (Epi 7)

Recap: Sanskar after learning the truth leaves Swara.
“Please pick up the phone Sanskar,’Swara muttered to herself.
She was trying to call Sanskar since many hours but he was not answering his calls.
It’s not the good bye that hurts the most; it is the flashback that follows. it hurts the most when the person who made you feel so special till yesterday suddenly makes you feel so unwanted today. He left. Maybe forever.
Swara:Did I lose you forever? Just the thought is enough to make me die.
She tired of calling him, was cursing her fate. She then received Laksh’s call.
Swara: Hello Laksh.
Laksh: What happened ? Why are you so sad?
Swara: You know nah about me and Sanskar?
Laksh: Listen there is a trip this weekend. I think this is the best way to mend up your relation. I will try to bring along Sanskar. You too join us. What say?
Swara: Are you sure that everything will be alright?
Swara:Then I am too coming.
Sanskar was sitting on the couch and staring at Swara’s photo when he received Laksh’s call.
Sanskar:Hii Laksh
Laksh: Helloo Sanskar. Dude we are planning a trip this weekend. Y don’t you join us?
Sanskar: No yaar, I am not interested.
Laksh: Trust me Sanksar. we will have fun. There is also a prom. Even Swara I s also coming with Ankit.
Sanskar: What Swara is going? With Ankit?
Sanskar: If you are insisting so much then I will also come.
Laksh: Haha ha ha hahah!!
Sanskar: What???
Laksh:Nothing!! Accha byee!!
Everyone was getting inside the bus. Swara was sitting with Ankit. Sanskar was fuming to see them together. As they sat together, held hands, shared jokes and anecdotes, he felt jealous.
Being in love is difficult. When she was right in front of him and smiled, he was glad. Now that he was alone and sad his loneliness consumed him.
Swara came back and sat beside Sanskar. She tried to hold his hands but he jerked.
Swara: I am sorry Sanskar. I really love you.
Sanskar: I can’t take it anymore. I am not interested to listen your clarification.
Swara: I am sorry but trust me I never had any intention to hut you or use you. Please for the shake of all the promises you made,just trust me.
Sanskar: I am breaking all the promises and relationship which you never respected but just pretended to be in.
With tears in her eyes,she left that seat. Sanskar was the reason for her tears. It was because of him that those beautiful eyes have shed tears,the cute nose had crinkled and the sweetest girl in the world was crying. Sanskar was angry at himself for it. When she smiled his life came to a standstill. After a while,she was sitting alone on a front seat with dreamy look on her face. She was looking out of the window. She must have been tired. But her eyes weren’t. They were still dreamy and thinking about Sanskar. Ragini came with a packet of dinner covered with a silver foil. Swara refused to eat. Sanskar saw this and felt bad that because of him she was skipping her dinner. She insisted Ragini to give him that packet. It was almost 11:30 at the night. Everyone was asleep in the bus. The bus stopped at the corner of the highway. Swara was feeling restless so she got off from the bus. cold breeze made her feel very good. She drapped a blanket around her tight. She was walking all alone on a dimly lit street. She felt like someone was following her. The Shadow was gradually coming near her. She quickend her steps. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder. Many thoughts were floating around her mind. Who was he? Everything happened in the blink of eye that she had no time to react. When she turned ,she saw that he was Vaibhabh.When she was about to scream he pressed his mouth. The tight grip hurted her. Utilizing her strength to the fullest extend she pushed him and shouted SANSKAR. She was breathing heavily when Vaibhabh approached to her. She closed her eyes and backend her steps. Her heart was calling for Sanskar. Suddenly someone pounced Vaibhabh from his back. It was Sanskar. Her Sanskar. Sanskar started to beat Vaibhabh badly. After Swara begged Sanskar to leave him,he stopped. Swara was crying there with her shaking voice. Sanskar held Swara’s hand and led her towards the bus. Swara kept staring Sanskar.Tears rolled down from her eyes. She hugged Sanskar and he too reciprocated her hug this time.
Sanskar: I am sorry Swara.
Swara: Ssshhh!! I love you Sanskar.
Sanskar: I love you too.
They again hugged each other. Sanskar brought that packet of food and they both feed each other with their own hands. After having their dinner Sanskar draped a blanket over them and kissed her forehead before sleeping.

Precap: Swasan romantic dance and romance.


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  1. cute swasan scenes…….

    1. Thanks! A lot! Have uh read the previous episodes?

  2. Awesome…….but the title seems in that way that they will not be able to meet in the end becz it’s an incomplete love story

    1. Yes the title seem to be an incomplete story! 🙂 N Thankxxx!

  3. it was awesome dear!!!plzz try to update daily!!n thankss for the precap
    uhh rocked!!!!!! STUPENDOUS!!!
    LOVED IT…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Thanks Aashi! I think you suggested to give the recap n precap! Actually m nt sure! I mentioned it in d previous episode! I always find your comment! Had you read the previous 2 episodes?

      1. Yupp. Dear ….as my boards are gng on so had just written a short comment… But yr ff is awesome!!!

  4. Hey jyoti first time i m commenting on your this ff i really loved it but plz i have one request that plz dont make sanskar die bevause i think you will do it as from its title nd second swara is alive md she has writen this stiry plz dont make like that
    Make it like swasan r seperated from each other woth more twist nd turns like swara assume that samskar is dead but actually he is alive……make it like in the end of fb swasam will seperate nd swara will write this story nd then the story will take place on present in which swasan again met nd love again blooms nd finally they will unite
    May be all love story doesn’t have happy ending,but their r also some stories which doesn’t have end like romeo Juliet majnu laila may be they r no more but somewhere they r present nd r together
    May be some story doesn’t have gud end in forst birth but they will again take rebirth to complete their love story because love always have happy ending may be not in one birth it will take 2-3 births but it will definitely have happy ending or if they die together na that doesn’t mean that there love story is incomplete it is mean that there love story has just now begin with phase now they will always be together,maybe they cant be together when they r human but when they die when they soul now no one can seperate them….happy ending doesn’t mean that two body get one happy ending mean two souls should get one

    1. Thanks Anu! Actually what uh said is totally correct! Well it often happens that lovers take birth again to meet at the end! But here I have a pre planned story which at this stage now I cannot change! Anyways uhr suggestion is very nice I would try my best to follow it or stick to it.
      I from my own experience want to write a sad ending story! Hope you understand me! Atlast thanks for reading n giving uhr valuable suggestion! M glad! 🙂

  5. Thanks Aashi! I think you suggested to give the recap n precap! Actually m nt sure! I mentioned it in d previous episode! I always find your comment! Had you read the previous 2 episodes?

  6. Awesome azimg incredible and now no wrdz to explainy feelingz

    1. Thanks dear! N yes I am a silent reader of uhr ff!

      1. Ohh u r a silent reader of my ff gd

        1- happy and unique lv of TWINJ
        2- I’m back Mr. (It’s of swaragini)

      2. Glad at ur wrk dear

      3. I have read only I am back MR.

      4. Did u like it

  7. Wow its amazing…

  8. It is a very nice story line,I like your writing,from title itself,getting a feel it is a sad ending one,even if it is,since u r writing,I think it will be nice and some stories and films with sad ending remains in our memory more than happy ending ones.

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