Swasan-An incomplete love story (Epi 6)

RECAP: SWara read Sanskar’s diary and Ragini insisted SWara to clear all the misunderstandings with Sanskar.
Swara was Sanskar sitting in the gallery alone.
“Go Swara! This is the best chance to clear all the misunderstandings with Sanskar. Now he is alone”,her mind said.
“Good morning”,said Swara.
“Hmm.. Godd morning”, Sanskar said in a pissed off way.
“What happened?” she inquired.
“Nothing!” he replied.
“You cannot hide from me”, she said.
“Actually I lost you. Your memories. My love. How could I do that? He started to blame himself. I lost the diary which contained you. The moment when I saw you, the feelings that I felt for you. The moment I saw you I fell for you. I loved you from the first sight. I wanted to spend the entire day with you. My entire life.When you were not with me and with your other guy friends I used to feel jealous. But I could do nothing but only sit and stare you. When you said you loved someone else, I lost the hope of getting your love. I am sorry for losing your memories.”
“Do you really love me so much?”,she asked.
“More than anything else”,he replied.
Swara smiled and took out the diary from her bag and handed him.
“Where did you get it?”, he asked with an instant smile on his face.
“Does not matter”, she replied with a fake smile.
it was 12:30 at the night. But she is still awake thinking of what trick life is playing with her.She wanted to say everything to Sanskar,but she could not. Sanskar’s word- I love you more than anything else” is constantly rotating around her mind.
“Go what is happening with me? Why I felt bad when he is sad? Why I asked him that question?? Why???????” she holds her head and mummers.
Then she deceided to let it go and not to do anything. What is going on, let it happen. She then slept.
Who the hell are you to insist me what to do and what not? Shouted the pessimist Swara. Dear, it’s not me only. The whole worls speaks this truth,retorted the optimist me. So what? You want me to live in the darker slide of life??Hey! I think you are jealous of me? isn’t it? protested the pessimist Swara. No dear, it is not true. I know your heart loves Sanskar admit it. Don’t be selfish and use him for your means, said the optimist Swara. Then what do you want from me? Don’t you know what had happened to you earlier asked the pessimist Swara. Sanskar is not like Vaibhabh. He loves you from the core his heart. You had read his diary nah? Don’t you feel the warmth in his words?
Being frustrated with the tug of war between pessimist and optimist, her head was aching like thousands of devil.The optmist’s voice was revolving around her ear. Finally she said”Yess!! I Love You Sanskar!!”
Yes! Finally Swara is in love for the second time. It sounds so crazy. Even she is crazy. Love was in the air. Everything around her had changed. When we are in love, we see around us couple holding each other’s hand, resting head on the other’s lap. The moment seemed to be magical.
She received a message from Sanskar.
“Let us meet at Netaji park. Muaahh!”
Swara blushed after reading his message. Within few minutes, she reached the scheduled destination and got down from the taxi. She looked perfect. Sanskar gave her a flying kiss. He wondered how he could have ended up with such a beautiful girl. His soul mate.. They hugged each other.
Romance is another language of love. It is the way you show your patner that you care for them. The time she spent with Sanskar made her feel much better. It was a dreamland for her.
Sanskar: The day you came into my life, everything changed. Your arrival brought with it happiness, hope and contemned. I was afraid to confess you my feelings. But now I promise I will love you in every way I can. I want you to wrap around my arms.
Swara:When we first meet, we were not even friends. Who would have thought that I would love you till the end. I love the way you stand for me. I love the way you care for me. I love the ay you accepted me with my past. I feel like I am dreaming.
Sanskar: which truth?
Swara: The truth is that when I first told that I love you I said that only to get rid of that Vaibhabh . But today I love you from the core of my heart. Please forgive me.
Sanskar: You played with my feelings? Hoe could you? Do you have any idea how childish you sound? I don’t think you love me. You are just showing your sympathy.
Swara: I am serious Sanskar. I love you. I really love you and intend to make you believe it.
Sanskar: My feelings are getting jumbled with every passing second.
Her realization of love had brought with it a storm of unidentified emotions. Feelings were budding at the romantic front.
SAnskar:Please Swara go away…. 
He gets sad as the dream house which he had built a few seconds ago was smashed. Tears were fighting within his eyes to roll down making his eyelashes wet. Sanskar leaving there Swara alone goes away from there.
Why don’t we feel the moment when we fall in love but always realizes it when it ends???

Precap: Swara and Sanskar go on a trip and there Swara try to patch up with him.
Will she be successful to get back her love?


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