Swasan-An incomplete love story (Epi 5)

• Precap: Swara got Sanskar’s diary and was about to read it.

• Later that night swara opened Sanakar’s diary. She flipped the pages something was written in very good handwriting. I turned the first page. In bold it was written-TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! She closed it quickly. ‘It is his personal, shall i read it?’ she asked herself. She gathered courage and reopened the diary. 25th July 2011 Today in Laksh’s house i.meet a girl. She was looking superb. I cannot take off my eyes from her. I wished everyone vanished for some time so that i could keep staring her like that. She then bumped on me. If i would not had noticed her my life would have been different. She looked beautiful in her black dress. Her hairs came down to her waist. Ever since i saw her she defines my life. I am crazy for you. I want to know everything about her. Do she have a boyfriend? I saw her only for two minutes. I still remember her face. ”Sorry” the first word she said me. Her voice was like birds chirping. 27th July 2012 It has been two days since i saw her. I know something about her. She too is in the final year. She is Ragini’s best friend. Yes! Sanskar you love her. I love her since i saw her. Today she wore a wine button-up sheath dress with twisting wrap heel. She looked respledent. Today i was looking at her and i unknowingly fell on her. And she thought i did it with wrong intention. She is in no mood to be friend with me. I wish i could say her how much i love her. But an untold love is the purest form of love. She have many guy friends and i am jealous of them. I just want to tell her that i love her. I just want to be with her forever. Everyday i am drawn closer to her. The water bottle fell from swara’s hand.’Oh Shit!’, She screamed. ‘He loves me?’ She asked my herself. She turned the next page. 6th August 2012 Alas Swara is my friend.She was in my heart from the firat day,but today i am in her mind. She is my soulmate. We are dancing together for the cultural festival. Knowingly I am not doing good because i want to pratice more. This is the best way to spend more time with her. I just want to hold her close and never let her go. We pratice dance for three and a half hour everyday. Second by second my love for her is increasing. She looked stunning i her white button up shirt and black half’s. Since the day I saw her nights hit me hardest. I cannot sleep. Today when she united Abhi ans Sheetu i thought she woulf understand my lovr bit but i fear i might loose her friendship forever. I will soon say her what i feel for her. But if she will reject me. I will be heartbroken. I cannot afford to loose her. 18th August 2012 At the beginning of the function she was very excited.She looked ravishing in a black and peach lehenga.Before five minutes of our performance,she was very nervous.She held my hands. I felt very special at that moment. But she left the performance in the middle and went away. But later she told me about the reason. It was related to her past. After listening i told her that she was a very brave girl i had ever meet. Tears were brimming down from her eyes. I wanted to hug her at that time. It was hard to control my emotions before her. I felt miserable at that time. I think she never cant be mine. 21st August 2012 I saw that creepy Vaibhabh with Swara. He was holding her hand. I was thinking of banging his head. As soon as i came he released Swara’s hand. 24th August 2012 No dude. I can’t take this anymore. I can’t anymore control my feelings. I will tell her tomorrow everything. I will accept her decision. I will not force her for anything. Tomorrow will be a new day. My life will change from tomorrow. I do not know why but i have a strong feeling that everyone will be good. But who know what will happen in the next moment. I have to practice a lot to propose her. Shall i say it in a filmy way? Or shall i propose her directly? Tonight is very difficult for me. Will she reject me??????? No this cannot happen. I will break down if she does like this. I will have to think positive. Let see what fate have for me. Cross fingers. ”Oh Ghosh!!”,someone shouted inside her. Her phone rang. It was Ragini. Swara:’Ragini, I am stuck yaar. Help me out.’ Ragini: What happened? Swara:Sanskar loves someone! Ragini: Really? Swara: Yes! Ragini: Who? Swara:Me!! Ragini: W-H-A-T????? Swara: He thinks i proposed him in real. He thinks I really love him Ragini: How do you know all these? Swara: I read his diary. Ragini: When you got it? Swara: Thats not the matter. Say what shall i do now. Ragini: Wait yaar let me think. You guys are stupid. Earlier i said you he loves you but you were not accepting. Now there is only one way. Swara: What????? Ragini: You have to confess him the truth. Swara: Do I have other option? Ragini: No Swara: Okay I will try tomorrow. Ragini: No try you have to do it. Swara: Okay bye!! *************************


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  1. Amazing yaar,the only ff that I read now,but couldn’t check site frequently, so missed it,keep writing,waiting for the next one.

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