Swasan-An incomplete love story (Epi 4)

Sanskar was standing near the window glaring at the cold moon. He was bust thinking all their moments,when he first meet her. He smiled. He could not erase her from his minds. He could not understand why he was so sad. Was it because someone else had touched her? Or was ut because she loved someone else rather than him. Sanskar was sure that they share a greater bong higher than friendhip because she shared that with him. His heart sank when the thought of Swara going away from him striked his mind. He was hopping a new morning for his life. He deceided that soon he will confess her his feelings.
Swara had quite forgotten what had happened the day before. She was sitting in the cafeteria waiting for her friends. She noticed VAibhabh . She tried to ignore him by concertrating on her phone. Vaibhabh stood up and sat near her.
Vaibhabh: Hey Swara! How are you?
Swara: The pain which you gave how could anyone survive with that? Because I had survived I am dying now everyday.

Vaibhabh: I am really sorry Swara. I am living with regret I want to apologize you. Betraying you was the biggest mistake of my life.
Sanskar came and saw both of them together.
Swara shouted on Vaibhabh and went outside with Sanskar.
Swara was about to enter her class room when Vaibhabh dragged her to one corner.
Swara: How dare you to drag me?
Vaibhabh: I want to talk to you in private.
Swara: You had lost that right. please leave my hand.
Vaibhabh: I am trying to talk to you since the day I saw you and everytime your useless friend poked me.
Swara: Don’t utter a word against my best friend.
Vaibhabh: I love you Swara.
Swara: But I hate you.
Vaibhabh: I know your heart still loves me.
Swara: Yes! But I had stopped listening to my heart.
Vaibhabh grabbed her shoulders and came closer to him.
Swara: Please leave me. You are using force on me.
Sanskar came there and Vaibhabh released his grip. Swara hugged Sanskar. Sanskar didn’t even asked a single question to him.

It was a pleasant windy day. The childrens in the neighborhood were playing. Swara was sitiing on a bench of the park waiting for Sanskar as he had called her to say something important.Suddenly someone came and drageed her. When she turned she saw it was Vaibhabh. She wanted slap him for touching her. He came close to him and lifted her face.
Swara: Controll yourself. You are hurting me.
Vaibhabh: If you love someone else say me.
Swara: That is non of your business.
Vaibhabh: Swara, trust me I really love you.
Swara: Will you please my hand or else I would scream.
Vaibhabh: Do you love someone else?
Swara: Yes!!!!
Vaibhabh: Whom?
Swara: Sanskar!!!
He released his hand and went away. Sanskar overheard this. Swara didn’t really meant this. She
said this just to get rid of Vaibhabh.

Swara(thinking): God knows what must be he thinking of me.
Her kurti’s edge was struck in the zip of Sanskar’s bag. She unzipped it to free her kurti. A dairy fell down from it. She opened the diary to read it but Sanskar came there. She placed that diary in her bag. Sanskar came and gave her one ice cream and said I love you too. Swara was wondering why he said like that and he saw Vaibhabh there so she gave a fake smile.
******* ***************
Next day in college, Swara was listening to music py putiing earphones in her ears. She was hooping her head and singing aloud. She was enjoying the moment as no more she had to face Vaibhabh.
Ragini: You guys are in relation?
Swara: There is nothing like that.
Ragini: WHAT????? I taught Sanskar proposed you and you accepted it.
Swara: Are you in your sense?
Ragini: He loves you dumbo. Look at him,the way he looks at you.
Swara turned and saw Sanskar smiling . She acknowledged him with a smile.
Swara: He don’t love me. neither do I love him. Ragini: Okay chill!!!


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