Swasan-An incomplete love story (Epi 3)

Precap::SWara and Sanskar’s cute friendship.
Sanskar:WE meet,talk,dance and eat together,but you don’t share anything important with me?
Swara: I don’t share anything much to my friends.
Sanskar stoop and started to leave.
Swara: Hey! wait. What do you want to know?
Sanskar: About you.
Swara: What about me?
Sanskar: Your dreams!!!
Swara: I want to become a successful novelist.But my parents want me to be an engineer.That’s why I am here. I love my dream.
Sanskar: You should persuade your dreams not their!
Swara: I want tho accomplish their dreams too.
Sanskar: Atleast say the.
Swara: They would call this a bizarre idea. Anyways byeee…..
Sanskar: Why are you starring at Abhi continuously?
Swara: I am thinking of going and slap him hard.

Laksh: Why?
Swara: He is so stupid. Look at him,he loves Sheetal a lot but is not saying her.
Ragini: I too agree.
Sanskar: But do Sheetal love him?
Ragini: Ofcourse!!
Sourav: We should unite them.
Ragini: But how???
Ankit: I have a plan.
According to the plan half of the friends will go and convience Abhisek to propose Sheetal and half will go to Sheetal.
Swara: Abhi, you love Sheetal nah?
Abhisek: Yes!!!
Swara: Go say her what you feel.
Abhisek: No she will get angry and our friendship will get over.
Laksh: If she will agree you will start a new relation. and it will be greater than friendship.
Abhi: But……
Sanskar: No but. You go and express your feeling.
And so did Abhisek to which Sheetal agreed.
It was the dance competition. Swara and Sanskar had practiced a lot for it. They were very excited. Their joy seemed no bound.There were still some time left for their turn to arrive.Swara was very nervous for her chance and in that nervousness she held Sanskar’s hand. A cold breeze passed through Sanskar. He was still for som moments. He gazed Swara continuously. He wanted everyone to vanish for a couple of hours so that he could stare at Swara like that. Sudennly Swara shaked him.

Swara: Sanskar they are announcing our names..
Sanskar: Haannn!! Let us go.
Finally they were on the stage. They were dancing on Chand assmano se lapata hogaya.Sanskar while dancing could not take off his eyes from her. Swara was in a jolly mood. But suddenly,in the mid of the dance,she noticed someone in the crowd. She stood still. Her eyes widened. She could not move further.
She was only staring at that person.Tears rolled down her face.. She ran to the changing room.She cried loudly there in the silence.Ragini and Sanskar came there searching for her. She was still crying. Seeing them she wiped her tears. Ragini went to bring water for her.
Sanskar: What happened? Why you left the dance stage? You were very eager to win??
Swara: I forgot the moves.
Sanskar: You can hide it from everyone,not me.
Swara brust out crying.
Sanskar: Swara please don’t cry. I will not ask you if you don’t want to say.
Swara: I am not crying because of you. I am crying because of him.
Sanskar: Him?? Who??

Swara: Vaibhabh,my old friend. We were in the same college. He was the most popular guy of our college.i loved him with all my heart but I never told him. One day while I was in the library he came and sat close to me. He said that he was following me since many days. When I asked him why, he told that he loves me. He proposed me that day. I was ery happy because my crush was proposing me. Our relationship was very good till the 11th grade. But intimacy started creeping in our relation. In the begginig of 12th I found that I was preganat.He developed cold feet and asked me to manage me on my own.One of my close friendhelp me in abortion.
Swara’s voice quivered as she was narrating all these. Tears rolled down from her eyes.
Sanskar: You are a very brave girl. You need not to worry. I am always there for you.
Swara: I know. I never shared this with anyone. But I am sharing this with you.
Sanskar felt happy that she shared this with her. But he was also sad because she had loved someone else apart from him.He don’t believe in the word soulmate. It makes so much sense apart from the word “Boyfiend”,”Girlfriend”.When we are in love it is for the whole life isn’t it? if not then what? Acup of coffe shared together? A drink? a night of intimacy???
Swara: You remember once you held my hands and I told you that it was little tender??? I was because of him…
Sanskar: He twisted your hand??????
Swara: Yes!!

Sanskar: I will bang his head.
Swara: Sanskar please noooo,,, I want to show him that I forgot him.
Sanskar: Okay you go and wash your face I will drop you home.
Swara okay.
As they sat in Sanskar’s bike Swara said him not to apply brake tricks.
Sanskar: What is a break trick??
Swara: You boys know better. it is a way to feel a girl’s body…
Sanskar: Nooooo!! I am not so cheap. I will inform you whenever I will have to apply brakes.
He did so. Before applying brakes he informed Swara. Swara smiled at his action. Sanskar saw this from the mirror and smiled too. He dropped her at the gate and waved him bye.
When Swara reached her home,her mother asked her why was she sad. She wondered what to say. She thought of thousands excuses but ended up sayin she was tired.
After drinking coffe,she was reading a novel when she got a message of Sanskar.
“ Good night!!”
She read the message and smiled saying “Pagal”.

Hey guys!! how was the second part?? so now lwt me say that i have to submit my assignment at my college in next three days so i will not get time to upload ff. so see you after wednesday.
thank you!
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