Swasan-An incomplete love story (Epi 2)

The scene starts with a girl getting down from her car. She is a novelist. She came for an interview with a reporter of a new channel regarding the launch of her new book. Her face is shown and she is none other than our Swara.
Reporter: Welcome ma’am to our show!
Swara: Thank you very much.
Reporter: Ma’am your first book(My incomplete love story)had hit the market and is an instant bestselling novel. What are you feeling right now?
Swara: I feel very happy and honored because people have appreciated writings.
Reporter: Maa’am now that you got the best young writer award.your book was inspiring yet it did not had a happy ending. Why you wrote a book like this?
Swara: My own experience says that every love story don’t have a happy ending. This book is realted to my own story.

Reporter: Is this story your own??
Swara: Yes! As she says these she tries to stop her tears from rolling.
Reporter: Ma’am would you like to share your story with our viewers?
Swara: Ofcourse! A tear rolled down her face.

It was the last year of engineering. Swara had countless friends in her group. Among them Ragini was her best friend. Ragini had a very interesting personality. She had many admirers. But there was a person whom she admired-Laksh,whom she admired. Later both of them fell in love. They were the famous couples of their college. Laksh had a cousin Sourav,who was too in their group. He was very studious. He topped in every semistars. He was the pride of their group. Ankit was Swara’s laughter teacher. With him,she was never bored. He always cracked jokes, but they were ridiculous.He taught her to cherish every moment of life. Neha was the social butterfly of their group. Even Laksh had nicknamed her-butterfly.Abhisek was the coolest guy of their group. He loved to do stunts with bikes. Sheetal,the most beautiful girl of their college. She was very simple. Everybody except her knew that Abhisek loved her but later they were together. Last, Swara’s headache Sanskar.At first she didn/t like him because she thought him very dirty and flirty. He always messed up everything and she liked cleanliness. And as we knoe opposite attracts,fate pulled them closer.It was during the cultural festival when Swara and Sanskar became friends.They both were sharing the dance stage together.He was the worst dancer she had ever seen in her life. One day they buzzed inside the cafeteria. They sat at table and he ordered two muffins and two hot coffee and asked the waiter to leave. Swara was looking at Sanskar surprisingly.

There was a silence between them. He broke the silence and said- I know you like muffins.So please smile. She din;t smile. She brust out laughing. She placed a big piece of muffin in her mouth.
Sanskar: Do you have a family?
Swara:un-hmm(she said indicating a yes). Everbody have a family so do i.
Sanskar: Who are there in your family?
Swara: Papa,mummy and my cute little sister.
Sanskar: Cute?
Swara: Yes!
Sanskar: More than you?

Swara: Sanskar,not again. By the way who are there in your family?
Sanskar: My father lives in New York with my uncles. I live here with my small sister and my mother.
Swara: Ohhh!! Anyways its too late bye… She said putting the last piece of muffin in her mouth.
He waved her good bye.
“Are you sure you want to dance with me?” Sanskar said while adjusting his green t=shirt.
“Do you think I am joking?Look at my face.”
Sanskar starred at her for five minutes and said-No.
“This is not funny yaar. We have to practice a lot. Very hard.” she said while slapping his hands which were about to hold hers.
“Sorry”,he said.
“Its okay. Now concerntrate on dance”.

“Its happened accidentally” he said with an apologizing face.
“Mr.Sanskar Maheswari,please focus on dance. WE have only few days left.”. Swara said.
Sanskar:Okay maam! Let us go and dance.
After two hours of practice,they say down tired. Swara washed her face and drank water.
Swara: I am still thirsty. She said while wiping her face.
Sanskar: Let us go to the cafeteria and have juice.
They went to the cafeteria.
Swara: You had a girlfriend for 2years????? Unbelievable!!!!!
Sanskar: Yes!! in 12th. Not the serious one.
Swara: But you stuck with one the whole 2years???? I can’t believe. By the way why did you broke up?
Sanskar: Because she thaught I loved her best friend.
Swara: You loved her best friend too?????
Sanskar: Do you think I look like that?

Swara: Ofcourse yes.
Sanskar: No! I just liked her!!
Swara: You can never change. Do you love anyone now?
Sanskar: Yes! Yes!
Swara: Whom?
Sanskar: You.
Swara’s hear started to beat fastly and loudly.These words took her to some time before. she could hear a male voice saying-I love you very much Swara.Please trust me. I will die without you. My life is in your hands. That boy was standing on the edge of the terrace.
Suddenly Sanskar shaked Swara and regained her senses.
Sanskar: Where are you lost?
Swara: No…nowhere.
Sanskar: ohhh!! You were thinking about the answer to my proposal????
Swara kicked him hard. He laughed with pain and said-psyco,what are you soing? I was just kidding.
Swara: I know. Just take off this dirty hangover otherwise you will ger beaten seriously.
Sanskar: Can’t take off this hangover. Adat se majboor.
Swara: Shut up and let’s do rehersal.


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