Swasan-An incomplete love story (Epi 14)

• Hii everyone! Back with another episode of this ff.

• Recap: Swara misunderstood Sanskar and Sanky finally made Swara understand her mistake and swasan romance.
• Swara:Finally Sanskar we are getting married.
• Sanskar: I am desperately waiting for that moment.
• Swara:Both of our families would be together.
• Sanskar: You would official be mine.
• Swara: I have selected the menu list.
• Sanskar, Have you done your work?
• Sanskar: Yes! I have invited everyone.
• Swara: Your family?
• Sanskar:Buddhu,Mom and Uttara will be here only.

• Swara:Your dad and bade papa.
• Sanskar:Swara. I had said nah they don’t come in my family.
• Swara:You can twist and bend the truth as much you want but it will eventually come out.
• Sanskar:Accha listen,I m totally wired up. I am frustrated. I am struggling a lot to get everything completed for our engagement.
• Swara:But I am handling all these easily.
• Sanskar: I am wondering how are you doing these?
• Swara:The madness of being in love. My dreams coming true with every second. These are giving me strength. I am on cloud nine.
• Sanskar:So shopping over?
• Swara:Yes! Everything is purchased.
• She started jumping and singing. Madness was in air.
• Swara:Yes listen come to Shivaji park at sharp 6 today. Tomorrow is our engagement and I need to say you something really important today.
• Sanskar:Okay bye. I have to do a lots of work.
• After disconnecting the call,Swara dialled a number.
• Swara:Hello! Namaskar. You reached airport? I will be at there by 5:30. Bye. Take care
• . ***************************

• Swara:Sorry uncle,I am late. Actually I was busy with ceremony’s preparation.
• Swara greeted that person by touching his feet. That person blessed her.
• Swara:Uncle he will be here by 6.
• That person is none other than Sanskar’s father,Ram Prasad Maheswari.
• RP:I know I am not a good father. But atleast I have the right to attend his wedding.
• Swara:Yes uncle you have the full right.
• RP: I am angry on myself for not being a good father. Sanskar is a young man and I know he wants to do what his heart feels. After my parents died,my bhaisaa raised me like a father. He never made me feel the absence of mother. Whenever I asked for anything,he gave me everything. And when he decided to leave India,it was my duty to accompany him. I had even asked Sujata to come along me but she said that she cannot leave India. I want him to know how sorry I am for every time I had hurt him.
• Swara:I can understand it uncle.
• Sanskar:Why have you called me here Swara.
• RP:Sanskar!My son.
• Sanskar: Swara,what is he doing here?
• RP:Sanskar….you are my son. I love you.
• Sanskar: Son?Love? Do you even know what does this mean?
• Swara:Sanskar he loves you.
• Sanskar:No he dont love me. He loves his brother.
• Swara explained everything to Sanskar.
• RP: The grief has stayed in my heart for many heart for many years. I love you beta but I can never convey it to you.

• Sanskar was speechless and just starred his father and Swara.
• Sanskar:I am sorry. I always thought bad about you. I never managed to say it but I love you and I missed you. I am proud to have a father like you.
• Sanskar said wiping his tears. He hugged his father. Swara was watching all these happily. The best feeling in the worls is knowing that your family love you just the way you are. Sanskar’s dada loved him. Swara was his pillar of strength. Things were finally going to come to a close.
• ***********************
• Sanskar’s family entered Swara’s house for the engagement ceremony. Everyone greeted each other. Swara and Sanskar were sitting together. Swara was wearing a pink lehenga and Sanskar was in a blue sherwani.
• Sanskar:Thank you for uniting me with my father.
• Swara was sitting beside him and her beautiful innocent face was glowing with happiness.
• Swara:The trust you showed in me created an intangible bond between our hearts.
• Sanskar:You gave me the best hour of my life.
• Swara:Leave that. Say how m I looking?
• Sanskar:Chalega types.
• Swara:What chalega types? I have wasted four hours in doing this make up and you. I will not talk with you.
• Sanskar:A whiff of your perfume,a tiny chirp from your sweet lips and just one look from these almond shaped eyes can make my day. I need nothing else.
• Swara:Awww! How sweet. I love you.
• Sanskar:I love you too.

• Love is not always convenient,but if it is true love it will outlast any strain,overcome any obstacle and grow consistently and exonentially for all its eternity.
• Uttara:Bhai and bhabi,if your romance is over,so lets start the ceremony. Swara gets shy and looks at Sanskar.
• Sanskar:Uttu you go nd concentrate on eating. Bhukad.
• Uttara goes and swasan talks again.
• Swara:My life seems go good.
• Sanskar:Good things in life are better with you.
• Swara:You are with me and nothing else matters. World seems a better place to live in.
• Sumi:Let us exchange rings now. Swasan exchange rings and everyone clap for them.
• *****************************
• Swara was wearing an orange coloured lehenga. She was sorrunded by her friends.
• Ragini:So Swara,where shall I write Sanskar’s name.
• Neha- It is already written in her heart.
• Ragini- What shall I write Sanskar or Prince?
• Swara blushes! smile emoticon
• ************************
• Swara was wearing a black and peach lehenga. Sanskar was in a blue sherwani. They were sitting together.
• Swara:See my mehendi has become so dark.
• Sanskar – This means I love you very much.
• Swara:Yes my prince. Sanskar:Chalo,lets dance.
• Swara and Sanskar dance on Sab tera. Laksh and Ragini dance on tum hi ho. Shekhar and Sumi dance on Aye mere dil ki chain. RP and Sujata dance on Kabhi khusi kabhi gaam.
• Shekhar:My daughter is very lucky to have Sanskar in her life.
• RP:Sanskar can also never get anyone better than Swara. They two are made for each other.
• **********************
• After everyone goes back,Swasan talk with each other on phone.
• Swara:Sanskar,I cannot believe that tomorrow is our wedding.
• Sanskar:Tomorrow you will become Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheswari.
• Swara:This is still a dream for me.
• Sanskar:I have done some changes in our room,you would love it.
• Swara:Have you emptied the cupboard?
• Sanskar:You madam.
• Swara- Will you always love and protect me?
• Sanskar:It is my duty to protect you. Any danger has to pass by me before you.
• Swara:I love you infinity.
• Sanskar:Me too.

• Swara:Okay bye. Let me sleep I have to get up early tomorrow.
• Sanskar:Bye princess.

• Love you all forever!

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  1. Why I have feel that Sanky is goona die in next episode?

    1. Dear,its an incomplete love story. So if Swara is alive tah Sanskar have to die! Or they may change their path forever! Anything can happen!

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    1. Who said you are dragging your ff? Your ff is good! Go n read several analysis! The writers have said your ff is superb! Coming to mine,yes it is very simple. I dont like dragging(cuz I dnt find anything to write n also because I am lazy, it hurts me when I have to write). Sometimes I order my dii to type it. Anyways thank you! 🙂

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