Swasan-An incomplete love story (Epi 13)


Recap: Sanskar met Swara’s family.
It was the time of the year when your social life is in complete shatters,you are stressed,busy and on the verge of going completely mental. Only students can explain what they feel like when they hear the name of exam( I can also explain very well ). The exams screwed freedom. Only one question in ever student’s mouth-Who made this examination system?
Sanskar,Laksh,Swara and Ragini were hell worried about exams.Tough it was their internals,afterall exams will be exams.
Sanskar: I am going to be screwed up.
Laksh: Even me too.
Swara: I have even not opened the book.
Ragini: I have prepared 30%………..
Laksh: Wooww!! Ragini you are so intelligent. This is why I love you. You will help me nah?
Swara: Shut up Laksh. She is my best friend. She will help me.
Sanskar. Ragini we are best friends. Even I am tolerating your best friend. Have some mercy on me and help me.
Ragini: Guys! Calm down. Listen to me first. I have prepared about 30% which is not in the course.
Everyone started laughing and teased Ragini for her stupidity
It was the last paper of the internals and everyone was damn excited. Swara and Sanskar had even planned a movie date.
Swara: Just a few hours and then we will be on our movie date.
Sanskar: Ahh! You are talking in seductive tone.
They kept staring at each other without uttering a word. They looked content with each other. Sanskar was melting in the fire of passion which was so immense that even water could not quench it.
Swara: Sanskar! Stop.Don’t build any dream house.
Sanskar: I will build one after the exams.
Swara: Now concentrate on the exam.
Sanskar: Ragini show what have you written.
Ragini: Wait a min. I am done with this answer.
Swara: Ragini,turn the next page.
Laksh: Nooo…! I am still on that page.
Ragini: You three are copying and let me write. Don’t shout or else the invigilator will catch us.
Meanwhile Sanskar kept troubling her from behind to show her the answers. Ragini after finishing writing kept her paper open and sat across so that everyone could copy.
The bell rang and invigilator collected the answer sheets. All four of them came out happy. Ragini because she had written her level best and Laksh,Sanskar and Swara because they have copied their level best.
Swara and Sanskar went inside the theater and took their seats. After the movie started,Swara felt a hand caressing her bare back.
Swara: Sanskar! Stop it. This is an movie hall.
Sanskar: I cannot resist it.
After some time Swara catched Sanskar looking at her.
Swara: I love it when I catch you looking at me then you turn your face.
Sanskar: I want to make hard core love to you right now.
Swara: Now?? Shut up.
Swara then rested her head on his shoulder and he entwined their fingers.
A relationship should be only between two people and not include the world. Sanskar never cared about what other’s thought,he just loved her unconditionally. When she was shattered and lost,Sanskar was the one to heal her deeply wounded wounds. They were of each others forever. Whatever,whenever,wherever and however-but FORVEVER!
After the interval while Swara got up to bring chips, a girl came and sat on her place. Sanskar had not noticed this. He held her hands and she did not protest. So he thought that Swara had changed her mind. Sanskar rubbed his hand on her bare back. Sanskar was too amazed. Just then Swara came and saw these. She felt like being cheated. There are times when you feel nothing good could possibly come your way. When dreams are shattered and you feel a void inside,you are rendered empty and hopeless. You try so hard to get over the past. It is said that one should always follow his heart. So did Swara. She slapped the girl and dragged Sanskar away. Sanskar was shocked and he starred that girll whom he mistook as Swara. Swara hired an auto and got inside.
Swara: Sanskar please leave now I am not in a mood to talk with you.
Sanskar: What did I do? Why are you angry on me?
Swara: What did you do? You were with that girl in my absence.
As the auto stated Sanskar sat on the opposite side and started convincing Swara. The auto reached her house an d she got off and Sanskar too followed her.
Sanskar: You are not listening to what I am saying.
Swara got inside her house, so did Sanskar. Luckily no one was in her house.
Sanskar: Swara I did not knew that girl was not you. I thought that she was you. I love you. Why will I flirt with anyone else?
Swara: I am sorry. I overreacted. But what should I have done? You were with some other girl.
Sanskar: You should have trusted me.
Swara: I love you and I promise I will always trust you.
Sanskar tried to push her towards the wall and kiss her. He started kissing her neck. He truned her towards the wall and started rubbing her back. It was just the begging of long love making session. She could see love and passion in his eyes. Then she kissed him passionately. It was long,aggressive kiss. They had never known such pleasure and satisfaction. Sanskar and Swara were lost in each other’s arms with not a care of the world. Sanskar held her hand kissed her forehead. Swara buried her face under his chest. Sanskar embraced her and again sealed her mouth by giving her a hard kiss.
Swara: Today I am feeling so complete,so content. Never leave me.
Sanskar: I love you so very much.
It was a world of romance and they just longed for more and more. They had never known such pleasure. We never really get over the person we once loved. We just learn to keep going on with our lives,resigned to our fate. It is said that one should not love when one is left stranded and neglected,but when one is prepared to take on the responsibility. 1swara had left behind the scars of her previous relationship and was ready to take on the responsibility of a new one. Swara and Sanskar were meant to be! Live doesnot need to be perfect,it just needs to be true. If your love is true then its perfect. Their love was true and eventually it was perfect.!

Precap: Swasan engagement.!
This ff is going to end soon.!
Love you all forever! 

Credit to: JYOTII

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