Swasan-An incomplete love story (Epi 12)


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Recap:Swara met Sanky’s mother.

Sanskar was walking down to Swara’s house. A number flashed on his phone’s screen
Swara:Hey! Where are you?
Sanskar:I am just coming.
Swara: What happened?
Sanskar:No,no nothing.
Swara: Sanskar relax. Yoy are just coming to my house,not going to any battle field.
Sanskar:It is no less than a battle field.
Swara:What do you mean by that haan?
Sanskar:Hey! I reached your house.
Swara:I am waiting. Come soon!
Sanskar took a deep breath before opening the brown gate of the pinj coloured house. He walked in tge Varenda. Then he knocked the door. Her mom opened the door. She was wearing a pink and blue coloured saree in a bengali way. Sanskar greeted hee by touching her feer. She blessed him and led him in. As he came in the hall,her father came. Sanskar greeted him as well. He was nervous. He saw many concerns and expectations for her daughter in Sumi’s eyes.
Sumi:Betho beta.
Sanskar: Where is daadi?
Shekhar:She have gone to our village for some personal work.
Sanskar: Ohhh accha.
Sumi:I will just come.
Shekhar: Is this true love or just…..
Sanskar:Or just???
Sanskar:Sir I really love her. She is the girl I want to spend my life.
Shekhar:Are you sure it is your final decision? Will you be able to keep my daughter happy?
Sanskar:Sir I would not say that I will never let her cry because tears are crucial in our life. But before those drops fall,I would catch them.
Shekhar:I think you are quite serious about Shona. But is this forever?
Sanskar:I won’t leave her even after my life.
Just then Swara entered,she was wearing a red kameez,black salwar and black duppata. She had put on her pendent which Sanskar had gifted her. She came with a tray full of snacks nd sweets. Sanskar opted to eat dry fruits.Swara sat beside her father. Sanskar was continously staring at Swara who waa requesting through her eyes to avoid looking at her. But afterall men will be men. He continued to stare her.
Swara:So Sanskar,how are aunty and Uttara?
Shekhar:They are good.
Shekhar:Where is your father?
Sanskar:He stays in abroad with his…
Swara:With Sanskar’s bade papa and his family.
Shekhar:Ohh accha.
Just then Shekhar got a call and went outside leaving Swasan alone. Swara got up and sat beside Sanakar. Sanskar entwined his fingers between hers.
Sanskar:Why did you stopped me?

Sanskar:You know very well.
Swara:Because you were going to say about your broken family.
Sanskar:This is the truth. We should say it to your family.
Swara: Sanskar,try to understand,my family is a bit conservative. We live in a joint family. Here relations are very necessary. If they would come to know about your family,they may not agree to our relation.
Sanskar:But Swara….
Swara:ssshhh. Topic change. Anyways how was your experience with baba?
Sanskar:Umm it was good.
Swara:Was he rude?
Sanskar:Noo he was juat concerned for you.
Swara:Woh toh hai afterall,he loves me the most.
Swara:Aren’t you angry that someone loves me more than you.
Sanskar:Noo its ovious that your father will love you the most. Nobody else’s love can replace his love.
Swara:This is why I love you. You always understand me. Always be like this.
Sanskar: I will always be like thia. Swara’s Sanskar.

Shekhar on the other side was worried for Swara. But somewhere he thought Sanskar was perfect for Swara. Shekhar
believed that Sanskar valued relationship and he will never leave his daughter. He will always love him. He had even developed a kind of trust on him. So he decided to approve their relation.
Just as Shekhar got in,Swara moved back to her place.
Shekhar:So finally I took my decision.
Sanskar was sure that he will agree but Swara was still nervous. Even Sumi too joined them.
Shekhar:So I have decided tht we have no objection to your relation.
Swara jumped off the sofa and hugged Sanskar in excitement.
Shekhar : Just because I approved your relation doesnt mean that you will cross your limits.
Swara:Sorry baba.
Then everybody gathered for lunch at the dining table. Shekhar and Sanskar were talking through eyes.
Shekhar:Will you always love my daughter?
Sanskar:My love for her is not limited to this lifetime.
Then they all had their lunch. Shekhar was now assured that Sanskar deserves her daughter and he somewhere had a blind trust on Sanskar and knew that he will never fool around with his daughter.
In our entire lives,we get one chance to build a relationship with someone and to win that person’s trust. If you loose that trust,then even though you may do all sort of things to please them,you can never.
Shekhar: Soon,we will come to your house to fix the date of marriage.
Sumi: will your father be able to come?
Sanskar: Hann he will try to come. Now I must leave.
Shekhar: Hann go. Your mother must be waiting. Swara go leave him till the gate.
Swara:Haan baba.
Sumi: Shekhar,why did you agreed without maa’s permission?
Shekhar:We can never get a good guy rather than Sanskar for our Shona.
Sanskar and Swara kept walking together hand in hand.
Swara:Do you think your father will not object to our relation.
Sanskar:Its my life and my mom have agreed. I am not going to give him any option. His presence in our marriage doesnt matter. You are mine.
They hugged each other. Swara was ready to sacrifice everything for Sanskar. She was madly in love and each second with him made her feel like a blessed soul. It is not hard to sacrifice anything for anyone,its hard to find that someone who deserves our sacrifice.
Precap:Swasan romance.
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