Swasan-An incomplete love story (Epi 11)


“So tell me, am I looking perfect?”
Swara and Sanskar were on a board a metro train heading towards Sanskar’s house. Unable to find seats the two of them stood next to each other on a crowded train. While Swara had rested her back against a vertical bar,Sanskar held on the support hanging above him from the roof of the train.
Sanskar looked Swara from top to bottom. She was wearing a white kameez,pink churidaar,a white kammez along with a pink dupaata.She matched her attire with white sandals. She had put on her pink earings and pink bangles on right hand and a watch on left wrist. She had added a light makeup and pink lipstick to complete her look.

“Yes!You are looking perfect”,Sanskar said.
Sometimes later they got off the train and hired one auto. The auto parked near the entrance of his house.Swara was eager to meet his mother and sister. She stepped out of the auto and unlocked the main gate and walked in.
“Hey wait for me to come. I guess this si my house.”,yelled Sanskar from behind her who was paying the auto driver.
Swara suddenly stopped. She turmed back and smiled. Then she waited at the garden for Sanskar to join her. The entrance door was open. Sanskar stepped inside. Swara followed him inside the drawing-cum-dining room. It was neat and tidy.
“Come”,Sanskar asked Swara to follow him. Sanskar escorted her to a dining room where his mother sat on the dining table busy cutting the vegetables and watching television. His sister laid down on the sofa with earphone in her ear and phone in her hand..
“Namaste aunty”,Swara said and greeted her by touching her feet.
“Hii bhabi”,Uttara said while jumping off the sofa.

Sujata gave a serious look to her daughter. Sanskar got a call and went outside. His absence made her mother spaxce to open up. She thought that Sanskar use to keep things to himself.. She noticed that Swara was adjusting her dupata which used to slid down her right shoulder. She started Swara deeply.
Swra: Who aunty I am not used to wear this type of dresses.
Sujata: Koi baat nahi chori,you will learn soon.
Sujata then threw a bouncer at Swara. “Beta do you know how to cook?”,She asked!
Perhaps this is the first question of every mother in law!!!
Silence…… Sujata was aiting for Swara’s reply.
Swara:Actually aunty…. I don’t know how to cook. But I will learn soon if you will teach me. \
Sujata smiled and said her to go and sit with Uttara in the drwawing table.
Uttara: So bhabi! How did all these started?
Swara: What?
Uttara:Hey! I know everything.Bhai used to say me everything but he never spoke about this matter.. I mean to say your love story.
Swara was embarrassed. She looked at Uttarawho mischievously kept raising eyebrows,waiting for Swara to speak up. Her hestiatation had stopped her from speaking.
Uttara: Coem on!!! Tell me how it begginned?

Swara okay!
Uttara jumped off the sofa,dragged Swara to a room,closed the door and grabbed a pillow to place inbetween her legs and said-Yes! Now tel.
Swara says her everything.
Uttara!! WooWW What agreat story!! Love like this!!!! Hatss off!!!
Sujata: Uttara!! Come her,Ineed your help.
Uttara went to the kitchen to help her mom.Swara too progressed to visit the house which was going to be hers. She entered a dark room. She switched on the lights,it was perhaps Sanskar’s room. Her eyes fell on the bed where lay his blue t-shirt and black denim. She looked at the photo frame on the walls,it was of Sanskar’s,his mom and his sister. Then her eyes fell on another photoframe placed on the table beside the bed. It was of her and Sanskar.
Swara: Woo!!! He kept my photo in his room!!!

Sanskar:Yes!! What is so fascinating in this? Afterall it is of my future wife.

Swara:When you came?
Sanskar:When you were praising my guts.
Swara: Aunty said nothing?
Sanskar: I informed her yesterday and kept it today.
He pulls her closer. He encircles her hand back of his head.
Swara: You are so romantic haan?
Sanskar: Shall I show you the demo?
Sanskar came forward to kiss her. Swara backend her head.
Swara:Sanskar what are you douing?
We are in your room? If anybody will see us? What will your mom think of me?
Sanskar: This is our room. And duffer see the door is closed. Nobody will see us.
Swara: By the way ,your room is filled with your,Uttara and aunty’s photo,Where is your father’s photo?
Sanskar released his hand and turned opposite to Swara.

Sanskar: I hate that person. He does not deserves to be called my dad.
Swara: But why Sanskar??
Sanskar: Swara please stop it. I just don’t want ot talk about that person.
Swara went and hugged Sanskar. He did not reciprocate.
Swara: I am sorry. I will never rise up this topic.
This tym Sanskar too hugged her.
Sanskar: I love you.
Swara: I love you too,mr.angry man.
They had passionate hug.
“Lunch is ready”,Uttara announced.
Swara and Sanskar composed themselves after seeing Uttara.
Uttara: Now pause. You can resume it after lunch.
Swasan went to the dining table and sat. The table was full of panner,salad,mushroom,allo gobi,dal and one bowl of rice.
Swara: Woo! So many dishes???
Uttara: Haan! Moom made all these.
Sanskar: Uttu,you too learn something. Sasural mein kaamm aayega.
Uttara: Maaa,see bhai is teasing.
After having a bite,Swara coughed. Sanskar immediately got up and made her drink water.
Swara: Will you always take care of me?
Sanskar: Yes!
Sujata: Beta,are you al right?
Swara: haan! Aunty just spice.

Post lunch,Sanskar was all set to srop Swara to her home.They hired one auto.
Swara: Do you like my mom?
Swara: Yaaa!
(You can never say that you dislike anyone’s parents!! )
Swara bid bye to Sanskar as she entered her home. As soon as she reached her home she got a message from Sanskar.She blushed after reading it.
It was-I would love to eat something made by you tomorrow!
Love brings up emotions that run the gamut from agony to ecstasy, and can inspire us to accomplish some of the craziest and most amazing feats.
Hey! Actually I have a question.

Why do this happen that whenever a boy or a girl pretend to be in love with the other eventually fall in love with that person?
Love you all forever!

Credit to: JYOTII

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  1. You mean they are pretending?

    1. Isha! No swasan are not pretending!

  2. Nah! The question is totally not related to my story! M just asking!

  3. She was pretending to love him and now pretending to like his mom.

    1. Noo yaar Swara is not pretending! I am just asking that question. It is no way related to my story! 🙂

  4. If anyone loves someone truly then they will definitely care, make them feel special, keep them happy n safe. Then the other also will see their love n eventually fall for them, after all who don’t like attention of such caring person?…. Its my pov, hope everyone get only true love n no ones true heart should break…..

    1. I just like the line very much! No true should break. But my experience says that some true heart do break! 🙁

  5. Just as I expected from you. Outstanding.

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

  6. When someone pretend to be in love he see the caring,loving part of the other person. And his heart melts and he too falls for that person. It was just my view. About today’s chapter its just awsm.

    1. I like this pov! Nyways thank you!

  7. I was just surfing d page and I got your ff. I was feeling so good. Ff from your fav writer can change uhr mood at anytime. This is mind blowing.

    1. Glad to know that m uhr fav writer! Thanks dear for such an honour!! 🙂

  8. Fantastic as usual. Can I get your fb id?

  9. Excellent

    1. Thanks! 🙂

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