swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap- 9)


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Sanskaar’s pov:
“Look ragini! I agreed to do whatever u say but that doesn’t mean u drag me along places. You want to go to your friends home go but don’t bother me.” I said.
Ragini glared at me for some time and smirked.
“Maaaa!” she yelled.
That made me look up. She held up a cd.
“Fine lets go but I am not going in and seeing the precious friend of yours!” I said angrily.
“Who asked u to see swara? I just ordered u to accompany and drop me, that’s it.” She said with attitude.
I sighed and picked my car keys. I drove ragini to swara’s house. I was sitting in the car while ragini rang the bell. It was opened by swara’s mom. She called ragini in. ragini went in. after sometime, swara’s mom called me in. “come beta have a seat.” she said. I smiled politely and sat on the couch.
I looked around and saw photos of swara, with her brother, mom, dad and some pic of her alone holding awards and certificates and some just her smile. She’s nice and cute. I smiled. Are u crazy sanskaar? I asked myself. I jerked the thoughts away and saw more photos of her family when my eyes landed on an open room.
A figure lying on the bed staring… at me? No am I mistaken? No it no… No… She was staring at me. My smile faded. Then it hit me it was swara. I was staring at her unblinkingly. Moreover she was also staring at me.
The as usual my sister ragini entered. With a scream. My head snapped at ragini.
“BHAIIIIII!!” she yelled and god she started speaking no blabbering something which I couldn’t understand.
I looked back and saw swara with her eyes closed. Wait? wasn’t she staring at me
“Ahem ahem…” I heard a very fake cough. I turned and saw ragini standing near me. She looked in the direction where I was seeing and again saw me.
“Look ragini! I agreed to do whatever u say but that doesn’t mean u drag me along places. You want to go to your friends home go but don’t bother me, and I am not going in and seeing the precious friend of yours! “She said mockingly. I got angry and was about to leave when…
“Bhai I think because of you hugging swara only she became sick, so u should meet her.” Ragini said.
“No way ragini!” I said.
Then Sumi aunty came and oh my god! She started talking talking and talking. I listened politely.
“By the way beta what were u saying to ragini?” she asked.
“Before I could get a word ragini spoke and she said “wo. Aunty… woh kya hai ki… sanskaar is very hungry, that’s what he said.”
“Is it beta? Wait food is almost ready, u should eat and only go” she said I tried to refuse but she insisted. I agreed.
I looked up at ragini, she was smiling at me holding a food tray. I stood up and chased her, though she was with the food tray she ran into swara’s room. I too ran behind her and I got shocked to see swara so close, then I realized that I was in her room.
Now I know y they call her the college diva. She was just gorgeous. Her hair was open and it was spreading on her shoulders. She was looking just angelic. I stood there admiring her when I heard a door knob click.
I looked behind and saw the door closed. I went and knocked the door softly not wanting to disturb swara,” ragini open the door!” I yelled but not too loudly.
“I will open the door when I want to.” She said and “aunty wait I’ll come and help u” she giggled and went away.
This ragini sometimes drives me crazy. My mind drifted back to the present situation. I looked at swara and stared at her for some time and walked towards her and checked her temperature. It was normal. I walked towards the door and tried the door knob hoping it to be open but no luck. I leaned against the wall, staring at her. She slowly opened her eyes. I smiled, so she was pretending? I thought to myself.
She looked at me shocked.
“You were pretending right?” I asked her.
“You were acting right?” I asked with a smile.
“w-what……what are you t-t-talking a-abo-about?” she stammered.
“You were pretending to be asleep right?” I asked.
She gave a little smile and sat straight and looked at her hands. She was about to say something but that moment ragini bust into the room.
They both talked for some time and we left.
The next week:
I and ragini were arguing.
“Look I dint know swara thought like that. I just….” I said and didn’t want to continue.
“Look Bhai I know but u love swara and you want her to be happy right so just tell her the truth.” She said.
“hmmmmmm.” I said I could say nothing else. I really want to say the truth to swara.
I heard the doorbell ring.
“Swara.” I said and ran to the door and opened it and pulled her into a hug. I caressed her hair.
She hugged me back I smiled. I closed my eyes.
“I am so sorry I will never hurt you again I am sorry, I love you swara ,whatever I did was to keep u happy, swara please forgive Me.” I said. I hugged her even tighter. I opened my eyes and got shell shocked. I couldn’t believe what I saw.
I was getting a major doubt that am I seeing the reality or is my eyes playing tricks with me.

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Credit to: Ameera

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