Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-6 )

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This episode is full of sanskaar’s pov from beginning.
Sanskaar’s pov:
“NO WAY!!!!!!!!!” I yelled at ragini, who was standing in front of me making a puppy face. Oh god! How I hated leaving ragini to college every morning. I mean I have a life of my own right? Which brother would have interest in leaving his so called “younger sister” to college every morning and more over I had to pick her after school. “No way ragini! Don’t even think that I am going to leave you to college today! For god’s sake please go alone at least without making a fuss here.”
“How will I go alone? What if I die in an accident? What if I get kidnapped? What if … what if someone murder meee??”She said teary eyed. She sobbed. Mom and dad glared at me. OH NO!! That means trouble.
“SANSKAAR!” dad yelled. “How could you let your sister go alone? You are her brother. You must take care of her.”
“Your dad is right. She your responsibility sanskaar.” Mom said. And thus the lecture started abbot how a brother should take care of his sister. It went on continuously for about 10 minutes and ragini stood there sobbing the whole time.
“DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” Mom and dad said at the same time. “Yes.” I said and sighed.
“Come on cry baby, oops sorry, my lovely sister ragini.” I said in a fake happy tone and escaped from the place before another lecture started. Ragini followed behind.
Once on the car she wiped away her tears and stopped sobbing. “So you were crying plus begging me to drop you to school. You are a cry baby.” I said.
“Oh hello, when did I beg you?” she said. I thought for a while. “Ok but you cried to me.” I said.
“Nope I dint.” She said
“Yes you did.” I said
She dug her bag and held out a bottle.
“Nope I didn’t.” she said with a chuckle and started laughing. I cursed myself for being so careless about ragini’s acting skills even after I know she acts well. I took one more glance at bottle before she kept it in. “glycerin can also make you cry!” she said laughing.
“It’s not fair ragini” I have a life of my own right? I have to have fun, I need to enjoy, I can’t spend my mornings and afternoons to pick you ad drop you.” I said.
“Ok Bhai, let’s make a bet, if I lose you don’t have to pick and drop me for a month and I will do whatever you say, if I refuse I should be your slave for one month, if you lose you have to pick me and drop me and take me to places without a single complaint and you should do whatever I say and if you refuse you should be my slave for 1 moth, agree?”she said.
“ ok, whats the bet?”
“you should not get lectures from mom for the rest of the day, if you get even one lecture you lose, deal?”
“ deal.”
Little did I know it was the deal that would change my life.
I was thinking about something when I heard ragini scream.
I looked up and went out of control and suddenly applied brakes and and…..
To be continued……….
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  1. hey last part was swara hugging Sankar knw thn how come u narrate tis part. it’s little bit confusing

    1. I will post the next part and then your confusion will be ok keep reading

      1. Sorry for name difference as I am not in my home for a few days and I am replying by my sis acc

  2. Nuc but its So short…update daily if u can

    1. thank you i will try to post daily but do you like my ff

    2. this is so stupid this is the ff i hate the most. the reason behind you not getting enough comments is your writing skills are bad, who would read an ff like this? it doesnt even make sense. please stop writing

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      2. Please naina if u don’t wanna read then don’t read but please don’t post such offensive comments??

  3. awesome….but its short…..update next part asap…..

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  6. It’s awesome ameera!? I’ve always loved your ff??please don’t stop it bcoz of comment issue there are some people who really love your ff nd really wait for it?? please post the next ASAP?

    1. thank u your comment made me smile. keep reading kavya and keep supporting. i was about to stop writing but AFTER reading your comment i reconsiderd my opinion and am continuing. i will post the next epi asap

      1. No probs ameera? I only said wht is true??

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