Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-5 )


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Swara’s pov:
OH NO!! Why is he smiling at me? But he is really cute. Really swara? You are so stupid he is smiling at you but you are admiring him. I was staring at him. He moved closer and stood beside me. But still why is he handsome and especially why is he smiling at me. He was wearing a fit red t-shirt with a black sleeveless jacket along with blue jeans.
“How are you now?” he asked still smiling. I gasped.

“Swara?” he asked.
“Huh? yes? “She asked.
“Are u okay now?” he asked confused.
“Yup!” she said.
“You were acting right?” he asked with a smile.
“w-what……what are you t-t-talking a-abo-about?” she stammered.
“You were pretending to be asleep right?” he asked.
She gave a little smile and sat straight and looked at her hands. She was about to say something but that moment ragini bust into the room.
“SWARA! SWARA!” she yelled and came and sat beside swara.
“I forgot to say, tomorrow you should come school definitely!”
“Y?” she asked curiously.
“Because I am missing you!” she pouted. Swara rolled her “really ragini?” she said
“Ok, I need to go mom will be waiting for me! Challo Bhai, let’s go, bye swara, bye aunty!” she said and went. Sanskaar looked at her and smiled and went off. Swara stared after him and lied back on the bed and sighed. This has been the worst day of her life but the best because finally she got to speak to sanskaar.

Swara’s pov:
Next day,
I woke up and got ready and had my breakfast and went to college.
I went straight to my class and sat on my bench and did my work.
Ragini came and sat beside me and we both were doing our works while talking.
The lectures started. We both were listening un-interestedly and then break. We were in canteen when we were called to principal office. We both went.

Swara’s pov:
We were called to principal office and we didn’t know why. We went to the office and sat on the chairs.
“Swara, ragini! the toppers of this college. You know what I am proud to have you in my college.” He said
We smiled politely not knowing what was coming next.
“What I want to say is that coming exams are really important for both of you. Top this exam and you will get admissions to better colleges for your higher studies. And it will really be useful for your career. Work hard and get a very high result and all the best.”
He said and smiled.
We thanked him and went back.
We were walking home after school.
“What do you say ragini?”
“Ya swara it’s a good idea.”
We both had planned to go to my house one day and her house one day till the exams.
Days passed.
It was my turn to go to her place.
I said Mom and went to their place. I rang the bell and waited for a few moments. Once the door was opened I was pulled into a hug.
Assuming it to be ragini I hugged her back and then I saw ragini behind us. She looked shocked. If ragini was there then who was I hugging?
Then it hit me, I was hugging sanskaar.
He spoke.
“I am so sorry I will never hurt you again I am sorry, I love you swara please forgive Me.” He said. My eyes widened in shock. I saw ragini standing behind us looking as shocked as ever.

To be continued…………

Credit to: Ameera

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