swasan my incomplete love story chap 35


“Be whom u want to be not what others want to see… keep smiling :)”
“She did what…?” He yelled
Ragini nodded.
“We need to get to her…!” buckle up ragini… come on!!” he said.
Ragini got up on her legs and wiped her tears and both rushed to the hospital….
@ Hospital
Ragsan ran to the emergency ward. There they found gadodia family in tears. Shear gadodia was pacing back and forth. Sharmistha and Amrith (sorry I forgot the name :P) crying.
We rushed over to them. They saw us. We comforted them. We were waiting for the doctor to come.
“Aunty what happened?” ragini asked.
Sharmistha- ragini beta wo…
Swara was crying bitterly.

Swara’s pov:
I couldn’t breathe properly. I started taking deep breaths. I felt dizzy and my vision became a blur. Suddenly I thought of Amrith. And ragini and many other people who cared about me. I closed my eyes and brushed away my thoughts… I want to die and that’s what I am going to do… death is a step away from me and I want to die.
But something stopped me. My mind forcefully sent me back into memories with Amrith. Rags…my parents….their care… everything. That brought tears to my eyes.
Who said dying is easy?
Thinking about them….suddenly I wanted to live…live for them….live with them…. I no longer wanted to die even though I was on the brink of death. I winced in pain. One look at the floor made me even dizzier because the there was blood everywhere.
I wanted to go near mom. I wanna talk out of this mess not end my life. I tried to stand up but my knees was very weak and wobbly. I held on to a table beside me and tried to stand up with its support but I had no strength at all so the result ended up as bringing the table and its contents including a vase down with a crash!
And I couldn’t see anything else.
(She gets unconscious)

Sharmistha pov:
I woke up with a start. I suddenly felt something was wrong. I ignored the feeling and got a glass of water and drank it in a go. Though it was very cold I suddenly felt sweaty and uncomfortable. I wanted to wake up shekar but he just had a tiring day and needed rest so I settled beside him and stirred in bed. Suddenly I heard a crash and my first thought was it was my hallucination but shekar woke up too. It was coming from above us meaning from swara’s room.
What is this girl up to now? I and shekar made our way upstairs and opened swara’s room. The sight made me scream.
“SWARAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” I ran up to her and gathered her in my arms and hugged her tight. Shekar called the ambulance.
(*Fb ends*)

Sanskaar’s pov:
We were anxiously waiting for the doctor. Finally he came out. He looked at us.
“Doctor how is she?” I asked.
“Look we cannot give you false hopes but miss.gadodia’s condition is critical. She has lost a great deal of blood and her cuts are deep. We are trying our best. You all can meet her but make sure she wakes up in the next 15 mins or else…” doctor’s voice trailed off.
“Else what? Will….she slip…into……..coma?” I asked anxiously.
The doctor shook his head no.
“Thank god.” I murmured and everyone sighed relieved.
“Else she will die…” the doctor completed the sentence leaving me and the rest of us shocked.

This is as of an apology for always being late… and now it is 4:12 am and I am here typing the story for u all so guys please do comment on both epi… sorry if it isn’t up to your expectation and short…love you all keep smiling. 🙂

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  1. Sanswa

    Hats off dea?..u wrote story 4 all of us at midnight..well bt ur efforts seems in ur writing clearly… The awesome work dea..keep rocking

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    amazing chappy??loved it qant to see swara all gud and swasan confession an romance plzzzzz ???and upload nxt chappy soon cant wait

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    awesome part.. love the way you narrate the repent suicide swara

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    Awesome n ur time n energy totally worth in this epd…..

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    omg… ameeeeeee what was it..? I want a Complete love story not an incomplete one… amee if suppose u mad it incomplete thn u’ll be slip into coma… remember it? swara dear wakeup look sank realised his love… Rags were superb… awesome updates dear… loved it ☺☺

    keep smiling… 🙂

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    Love ya 🙂

  17. Mashallah 🙂

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