swasan my incomplete love story chap 34


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Swara’s pov:
I always did hate my life… no one cared about me… restricted me from doing anything. The love showered on my bro was much more than they ever did on me… I get it… mother’s scolds the child whom she loves more… but the way she yells at me doesn’t seem like she love me… she always doubts on me… plus extremely over protective…. Makes a small issue a very large one… I mean these happens with everyone but….

Leave that… my life is brimming with bad lucks and grief’s… how awesome my life is right?? No one understands me, no one loves me, etc…
Plus I am a huge burden on my family… or what they think of me… the always say I am useless and troublesome, problem maker and many more… my family is separated somewhat because of me… and maybe one day when the world ends they may blame me for it too because they think whatever happens in the house it happens because of me.
I thought only rags and sans understand me and sans more than anyone but I was wrong… I literally have no reason to live…

She coughs and breaths heavily. Her heart beats goes slow!! She cries…
Sanskaar turns around and finds ragini standing near the doorway…
“Rags what are u doing here at this time?” sanskaar asked exasperated.
“Hmm…lemme think ….oh yeah right!! Trying to make my stupid brother understand his feelings!!” she said. “Just get out rags and go to sleep… u don’t know about these stuff…” sanskaar said…
“ Bhaiyya come on, for how many more days,months,years will u give punishment for other people who really love you for some silly girls mistake..??” rags said trying to reason with sanskaar.
“Whaaat…. On earth… are…you…………. you know???” he asked shocked.
Ragini moved closer to sanskaar closing the door behind her.

“Of course I know… I know everything… I am your sis… you’re my responsibility as much as I am yours..! There is a huge difference between fake love and true love… swara really does love you… can’t you not see it in her eyes….?? She is even more happy when you are around… she is even more cheerful when u are around… she is even more childish when u are around….do u have the slightest idea what doesn’t swara do for u?” she literally yelled.
“What’d…d…do u mean? Rags u don’t know anything… jus…go to sleep” he said.
“I know everything… just once… keep your hand on your heart and say that you never felt different in front of her?” She asked.
“Yes….no…. I don’t know!! He said frustrated.

He was sure this topic will stress him even more… he keeps on trying to shoo rags always but she was firm.
“Ok Bhaiyya. I won’t convince you… I will ask a few questions just answer me that’s it… k?” she said.
“Ok fine rags… jus… make it quick ok??” he said.
“Ok…. Umm do u know that swara have kissed a boy??” she asked.
He clenched his fist.
“What rubbish are u asking?” he yelled.
“Shhh…. Just answer.” She said.
“No… And I am pretty sure she hasn’t… done it.” He said.
“How do know it for sure?” she asked.

“Because I know swara won’t do those stuff with anyone.” He said.
“Ok fine…. Do u know that swara hangs out with a lot of boys.” She asked.
“No she doesn’t!! Stop talking rubbish about her!!” he said.
“Y shouldn’t I? U hate her right? Why r u getting angry?” she asked with a smirk.
“Uh….err… I don’t care.” He said.
“Yes you do…!” she said.
“I don’t know rags… this will never work out.” He said.
“But first admit your feelings.” She said.
“But I don’t… (* receives a glare from rags*) ok fine… may be…..I… might be…..feeling a tiny bit …ok a lot for her.!!” He said.
“Uff!! U r one big duffer!! U r so stupid… but I on the other hand am so intelligent…!” she said.
“Oh!! Am I a fool?” he asks.
“Ooh yes u are!” she says.

“Just wait I will show what this fool can do” he says.
He starts chasing rags all around the room. Suddenly ragini’s phone starts ringing.
Rags pushes sanskaar away and attends the phone…
Rags- hello ragini here…
….. (Muted)
Rags- what?
….. (Muted)
Rags- but why… how?
…… (Muted)
Rags- hos…pital? Where?
……. (Muted)

Rags-ok I will be there.
Rags turned to sanskaar looking very worried.
“Rags… what’s wrong?” he asked.
“Bhaiyya wo…shona….” she stammered. She gets teary eyed and sobs…
“What happened to swara? Tell me rags “he shook ragini trying to get words out of her.
Ragini’s hands were as cold as ice…she was shivering and sweating badly…tears was making way down her cheeks and she sobbed again. Sanskaar hugged her to calm her but it would not work. She took deep breaths and cried and buried her face in her hands…
“She can’t do….this!! How could she…?” She kept on repeating it….
“What happened to swara? Tell me rags!!” he yelled.
“She….attempted suicide!!” she sobbed and buried her face in her palms.
Sanskaar looks shocked.
Hi guys I know I am late but am extremely busy spending time wid ma family bt maganed to write this one…don’t worry I will defienetely upload another epi today and be sure to comment on both the epis.!! I know I am a bad writer and this epi didn’t reach to your expectations bt I am sorry I wrote it in a rush!! Sorry if its short!!Thank u sooooooo much for all your response……. Love you all keep smiling 🙂

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