Swasan: my incomplete love story (chap- 32)

Hi guys…..!! Am back… hwr u all?? I have a request I will say it in the end and please read it… plus I think it’s a long time since sanskaar been angry on swara right?? Now it’s high time he gets to know his feelings… ?
Let’s move to the chap.
Sanskaar pov:
I sighed deeply. We were an ideal couple. But now I…………. I hate her……….hate her from the core of my heart. Why did she…….she have to pick me?? There are thousand other boys but y me? My mind drifted back to what happened that day. I could feel my blood boiling when I think of that day.

@ Science lab
Everyone were doing experiments.
Vin- hey guys look at this!!!!!
Sans, arj, haf, moh- What????
Vin- this weird blue stuff inside this bottle is called “the copper sulphate”.
Haf- wow! Great! Amazing! U made the great discovery of finding copper sulphate.
Moh- don’t say me u dint know till now that this is copper sulphate.
Mohit said to vinod who was peering curiously at the bottle.
Vin- it’s so………..so…….so blue……….!!!!!
Arj- Ur such a baby!!
Vin- I wonder how it tastes??
Sanskaar who was intently working on an experiment frowned. He couldn’t concentrate because of them.
Sans- then y don’t u put it in your mouth and taste it for yourself instead of disturbing US!!!

Vin- gud idea.
He took a few crystals and kept on his tongue.
Sanskaar, Mohit, Arjun and hafeez looked up in alarm.
Sans- dude did u just put it in your mouth.
Arj- how’s the taste?
Vin- it tastes like salt.
Moh- really? I wanna try….
Sans- u guys are mad.

Vin- Omg!!! My tongue…. Its itchy……… my throat………
Sans- serves u right.
Then everyone walked out of the lab and saw aditi coming towards them.
Everyone around me hooted and made noises but she just came right up to me and
“Sanskaar I wanna talk with u…”she said
Again everyone hooted.
“All of u” she said including my gang.

We looked at each other confused.
She took us to a corner.
“ look I … I need to say something important…….I don’t know how to begin….I……I………..um…….eh……I actually don’t lo………..love………u” she said not looking at me.
To tell the truth I was hell shocked to hear those words…. I didn’t quite know how to react……what to say for I couldn’t believe my own ears and I couldn’t think straight…. All what was running in my mind was why? Why? Why? I started laughing.
“Aditi I really hate these types of jokes but it was a good one though. Ok I…g……gotta go.” I said

And turned to go. I wanted to get away from there before I face the bitter truth. I didn’t know if I could handle the truth.
But that day was definitely not my day. She held my hand to prevent me from moving from the place.
“Actually 15 days ago when I first came to you till now is all actually a bet….. I…uh….noticed that u…….are the coolest boys……..plus all r single……so…..it was actual that I shud join Ur group and make sanskaar fall for me and have to stay in relation for 10 days. So……… I hope u understand…” she said hesitatingly.
Wait………what do these girls think about themselves? Only they have feelings, emotions…etc. the problem with these girls are that they use boys… they use em only for their own specific needs and when they r done, they just toss them away.

And I that time to now, was always short tempered. That statement just did press the GO button of my temper. If only look could kill she’d be dead that moment. I took a step forward and she took one behind. I clenched my fist.
“HOW DARE U!!!” I said through gritted teeth.
I was going to have a go at her but my friends held me back and dragged me away from her else she’d be in coma now coz I was just hell angry I could’ve just strangled her.

How I did hate her after that. I never did miss an opportunity to insult her or taunt her. One day I got the chance to take my perfect revenge.
Her wedding day.
As usual she hate the groom and she ran away and everyone were panicking snd apparently I happened to know where she was so I did tell her parents and they found her and etc…etc…
************************FB ENDS******************************

From then I know about girls and I never trust girls and I hate divas. First time I trusted that swara and she did the same and I HATE HER!!!!!
Hi guys miss me? Anyways please do comment and if u know any awesome ff (swasan) please say some coz I am so bored at home. Please even Ur own ff/os/ts/ss/ anything. Next part will be uploaded as soon as possible and this epi is for chandu and Isabel. Sorry if it’s a bore….. ?

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