Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-3 )


Hi guys!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your comments. This is the third part of the story. Please keep supporting me.
Amrith is 7 year old. Sorry I couldn’t post all these days. I will try to post another episode before 10. After 10th may will post after one week or two only. Hope you understand.
Hope you like it.
Swara’s pov:
He came right towards me and said a sorry and with a quick pull by my waist and I was in his arms, he hugged me. I couldn’t move. I immediately want to push him off but I stayed numb. He didn’t dare to look at me. He broke the hug and said “happy hug day.” And left. I was still shocked. I saw ragini laughing her head off. I stood still
Sanskaar headed towards car. Ragini stopped laughing after she saw him. He yelled something at her which swara couldn’t hear and ragini started laughing again. He dragged ragini into the car. Ragini rolled the window down and looked at swara and waved and signaled her to call. Sanskaar drove away, leaving swara shocked.
Swara’s pov:
Ragini waved at me and signaled to call her but I couldn’t do anything but stand like a statue.
After they drove off I just stood there and thinking why did he do that. Then it hit me. YES!!!!!! If I am right the bet, whatever ragini asked with me about sanskaar all are her plan, she wanted this to happen but y???? I never knew.
I was still standing there. Recalling the hug. OH NO!!This hug is going to haunt me for weeks. Nope months is the proper word for that.
I felt the soft breeze making my hair tickle my face.
I tucked the strand behind and started walking towards home but my hair fell on my face caressing my cheek.
I stopped. I remembered our hug. I regret not hugging him back. I went home.
I went to lie on the bed to relax because I was confused.
But my thoughts were interrupted by Amrith. He kept on screaming my name. I sighed and walked towards him.
Amrith called swara. Swara walked towards him and asks the reason of his screams. He asks swara to play with him. Swara refuses. She cannot concentrate on anything except the hug. But because of Amrith cute little sad face she agreed with a sigh. “YAAAY!!!!!!” he screamed
Swara closed her ears as Amrith pulled her to play. Amrith was running around the whole house while swara desperately tried to catch him.
At last swara gave up. He pulled her to play another game. She hopelessly lost in every game he played. Swara was bored. She usually wins but this time whenever she was playing a game the remembered the hug and her mind diverts.
“Didi??” he said. “Yes?” swara asked.
“You are very boring today, you are always thinking something and not playing properly. “He said.
Swara looks shocked.
Swara’s pov:
I stared at him for some time and spoke. “I never wanted to come, you forced me. I said.
He stared at me and a mischievous smile formed on his face.
“Nope, you forced me to play with you and you are not playing properly, I said I am busy but you forced me and see you wasted my time.” He said.
“WHAAAT??” I asked wide eyed.
“You called me while I refused and you wasted my time.” I said.
“See, first you waste my time and then you lie. I never expected you to do this Didi. That’s why I don’t like to come to play with you Didi.” He said grinning.
“Amrith!!”I shouted.
He started running I caught him and started tickling him. He squealed. I got tired and stopped and we both were laughing our heads off. Was really tired.
I went to take a nap but mom kept on piling works.
At night:
I got on bed and switched off the lights. I still couldn’t help thinking about the hug.
How he hugged me by my waist and one hand holding the back of my head caressing my hair. His cheek on mine. How can I ever forget it? It was our first hug.
I hate valentine week because everyone in college kept on giving so many stuff that we cannot carry home. On rose day we get bouquets and bouquets of rose and on chocolate day boxes and boxes of chocolates.
I kept on thinking about these things and I don’t know when I fell asleep.
Next day:
Swara was sleeping peacefully. Sumi called her to get ready. But no response from swara. Sumi went near swara and asked if she was alright. Swara had her eyes closed and she nods. Sumi checks her temperature and gets shocked. Swara has high fever.
Swara’s pov:
I sighed as mom went to bring medicine. I had night mares about the hg. This is 10 times worse than the other one. I wanted to call ragini but I stopped because she must be in college attending lectures.
Why disturb her? I thought. After sometime I was playing with Amrith and then ragini came. She just bust in to my room and looked at me and checked my temperature and said nope yelled at me “SWARA!!!!! Y dint u tell me you were sick???”
“No I dint want to disturb you ragini.”
“DISTURB? DISTURB!!!? Do u even consider me as your friend? You here are having high fever and playing game and me there am listening to the same boring lecture.” She pouted.
“Sorry baba, chill na?”
“Did u eat anything?”

“I will bring your food and I am starving too so?”
“Ok, we both will eat.” She smiled and took Amrith with her and left leaving the door open.
I called her to close the door but she had already left to bring food.
Uff! I hate it when anyone leaves my room door open becoz it faces directly to the hall. I was in no mood to get off bed so I wait till ragini gets back and say her to close the door. I saw mom passing my room and go to the main door. I couldn’t see further. I was impatiently waiting for ragini. I heard mom calling someone in. “come in beta” she said. I craned my neck to see who it was but failed. Usually I keep my room door closed when visitors come but this time because of ragini it was open. I wanted to go close the door but something held me back. “Come beta have a seat.” OH NO!!! The sofa set is right in front of my room. Can’t my mom see the door is open?
Then I saw who it is. Slowly the person came into view. I gasped when I saw the person. It was none other than sanskaar. He smiled at mom. Mom made him sit and inquired what he want. He just asked for a cup of water. Mom went off to bring it. I stared at him unblinkingly. He smiled and looked around mumbling something under his breath most probably cursing ragini to drag him here. He looked around and saw something and smiled. He looked around smiling while I hoped that he shouldn’t see me. But bad luck for me while looking around his gaze fell on the open room and me. The instant his gaze fell on me his smile started to fade. He stared at me and I stared back. We shared an eye lock.

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Credit to: Ameera

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