Swasan: my incomplete love story (chap- 29) part 1

Hey guys! I am back!!! Miss me? I was so happy to see all Ur comments!! Love you all sooooooo much!! Before moving on to the chap I remember madhu asked me not to hurt swara….. All I want to say to her is please don’t stop reading….. Please keep reading to know further…. And please don’t get angry on me coz I have to go with the original concept but there is a huge twist in store if u all keep reading……please madhu and others who don’t want swara to get hurt…please keep reading….
Let’s move on to the chap….
Recap- swasan argument
Link for all episodes: Click here
Swara looked super shocked…
Swa- what……what…………what r u saying????
Sans- stop pretending.
Swa- sanskaar please say me what happed
Sans- ok fine u wanna know what happened?


Mehsan in beach……

Meh- sanskaaaaaaaaar do…… can I ask u something?
Sans- no permission needed… 🙂
Meh- will u get angry.… 😐
Sans- it depends…
Meh- ok try not to…
Sans- ok
Meh- do..do u love swara?

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  1. Yaar very short? But interesting ?

  2. No never Dr I won’t stop reading ur ff I m sorry if I hurt u my Dr I said just because I love swara soooo much that’s why
    But Dr why soooo small part dr
    What happened after that question
    I’m confused………

    1. no dear u didnt hurt me!!! 🙂 always keep smiling

  3. Dharani

    very short

  4. Samaira

    Mammiii ji ap ki bahu ni bohot short likhi hei. Omg

    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Kakali

    Starting – ending…. urghhhhh !

    Ameeraaaaa !!!!! u don’t know how much i m curving for this ..,,,,, ahhhhh whyyy soooo tiny part dear ??? *hell angry

    thnk u .. updated soon …

    1. sorryy 🙂 (holds ear)

  6. Its vry short dr bt ok bcoz u r now regular.

  7. Hawa mein chhod diya?
    Beech mein?
    Thoda sur chhota likh leti…kya Amu…agki baar I want bada episode, ok?
    Love u?

  8. It’s nice…!! But please bigger part..!! Take your own time(but not more 😉 ) and post dude…!! I will wait…!!

  9. Mica

    Ammuu!!! hahahaha.. it’s soo short..

  10. its too short

  11. Dharshini

    Nice…But too short yaar…Pls update soon…Too curious…

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