Swasan: my incomplete love story (chap- 28) part 2

Hi guys!!!! I am back!! First of all a huge sorry coz am late… hope no one forgot me… 🙂
Ok now let’s go to the chapter………..
Recap- Mehsan breakup….
Precap- swasan huge argument.
Chapter 28-2
Swa- what are u saying??
Sanskaar stood up.
Sans- we broke up
Swa- sanskaar what’s all this about? I am in no mood for jokes.
Sans- we really broke up! Surprising how u don’t know!!! He said.
Swa- let me talk to meher. Wait… what did u say?
Sans- surprising how u don’t know!!
Swa-what do u mean?
Sans-(laughed mockingly) wow!!! U should definitely try acting coz u will definitely get an Oscar award for Ur great acting miss.swara Bose.
Swa- what are u talking about?
Sans- stop acting swara
Swa- sanskaar I am serious!
Sans- so am i! why so much drama miss swara?y did u betray me? U proved u are like everyone else.
Swa- please ! stop dragging the topic. Say what ever want to say clearly and directly.
San- oh really?! Ok fine, u r the reason y me and meher broke up! How could u do this to me! I trusted u so much!!
Swa-me? what did I do…
Sans- just stop it swara! STOP IT!!!! Stop your damn acting!!!!!
Swa- no ! am not acting ! please explain! I seriously don’t know what u r talking about.
Sans- yea right!

Swa- sansakaar please say me na.
Sans- what do u expect me to say huh? U know I love meher so much but still……………… u know I love meher then y did u do this?
Swa- stop it sanskaar!
Sans- don’t act clue less!!! I cant believe u would do this to me! u separated us!!! I just hate u!!
Swa- I am sure there is some great misunderstanding! And I am sure I can reason with it.
Sans- oh really? Ok fine! Y do u LOVE ME????
Precap- what happened before……. Y did Mehsan break up actually happen.
so sorry fr late update….i have two reasons
1. i am busy with school work and upcoming exams
2. i am laaaazzzzy :p
please forgive me coz i love u all right!!! and i know u all also love me so
Please do comment….thank u……keep smiling 🙂

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