Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-27 )


Hi guys very sorry for delay but a very short chap today. Coz my exams are near. Please forgive me. Lets start. (read the note,very imp)
Recap- swara says i love u to sanskaar.
Swasan stared at each other and there was a brief pause.
Sans- i love u too.
And both burst into laughter.
Sans- hahaha.!! 🙂 waise say will u y r u avoiding me?
Swa- me? I am avoiding u?! Hello mr. U r only avoiding me. Now u got mehere and y do u need her friend?
Sanskaar for some reason felt, bad about that statement.
Sanskaar held her shoulders tight.
Swara hissed in pain.
Sans- dont u dare to utter those words again. Whats wrong if i love meher? U r still my friend right?
Swara smiled listening to his statement.
Swa- so?
Sans- can i slap u?
Swa- yea sure! Wait what???!! Dont u dare lay a finger on swara or else!
Sans- or else?
Swa- nutin! Just u will be slapped back!
Sanskaar’s eyes widened.
San- hmmm!
Swa- sanskaar! I need an ice cream!
Sans- ok!
Swa- buy me one!
Sans- nope!
Swa-( pouts) hate u . And turns her head.
At that moment meher came running up to them.
Meh-hey swasan( swara & sans )
Swasan- hey.
Meh- i am keeping a party tonight, u both shud definetely come.
Swsan- yup.
Swasan at the party.

Arjun. Arjun malhotra the heartthrob(or whatever its called) of the college. Askd swara for a dance. She agreed. They both danced very closely.
Sanskaar fumes in anger.
Drags swara away from the venue.
Brings her to the parking lot.
Holds swaras hand tight.
Asks her y is she close with arjun.
Swa- haan i am close with him, what bothers u?
Sans- swara? Whats wrong with u.
Swa- yea whats with u, its my life right?
Sans- but—-but
Swa- u have ur meher go dance with her will u.
Sans- y did meher come between us?
Swa- i shud ask that with u? Y did meher come between us?
One persin passing by.
Person- excuse me, can i help u? U both r such a cute couple to say. Is it trusting problem? I say u noth shud trust each other, thats what lovers do.
Swasan- shut up or else!!!
The person fled for his life.
Swa-look sanskaar, u r just a friend no one else for me got it?
Sans- yes i am a friend. I feel disgusted to be friends with u, i have been friends with many girls bit not one like u. I hate u swara. I HATE U! DONT U SHOW UR FACE TO ME EVER AGAIN. AND U WONT SEE ME AROUND U TOO.!! GOOD BYE!!
swara just stared.
Precap- same (lol) :p

Hi guys it came longer than i thought. But please bear me. For the next two weeks i wont post anyting coz exams. And sorry for the nonsense epi.
Once my exams are over i will give an elaborated epi of this! So no worries. As i wont be here for two weeks can silent readers please comment? Please?
A request.
I wont be able to reply to them sorry.a
And pray i shud get good results please 🙁 .
Just love ya all. Thank u all for ur support and keep always keep smiling. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
And nive: if u r reading this,
I am really angry with u, u wrote a new ff and never told me? Lol just kidding after reading ur ff my anger vanished and i was laughing lyk a maniac.
Guys do read nives new ff.

Love beyond ages. I is an fantastic incredible mind blowing ff. ( read if u r very upset, it would make u laugh till ur stomach hurts)
And shan u asked me to post my ff i dunno which so i posted this, sorry if u dint mean this,
Guys do read shans ff too. Thats the same, fantastic, incredible and just amazing.

Sorry for repeating it. But do take notice.
Dont forget to pray for me 😉
And do miss me. 😉
Keep smiling all 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Finally… your epi came…!! 😀 😀 It’s rocking…!! Loved it…!!
    Yaah… 2 weeks is very long time…!! And I can’t wait with this suicide suspense…!! I am going to miss you and your ff a lot..!! But still… exams are important too…!! But after exams… I am not going to leave you..!! I want your update everyday after that…!! And all the best for your exams..!! 😀 😀

  2. Abirsha

    Awesome dr…. But have to wait for 2 weeks no pblm come soon dr…. ?

  3. Mica

    really it was incomplete chappy, 🙁 too short, but Good Luck for your exam
    All the best ameera, and come back soon.. xoxo

  4. Amu…
    All the best for ur exams dearie…
    I know u will do the best…
    Amazing episode..
    Loved it…
    Keep up
    Love ya??

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  6. ha ha ha… lol… u really scared me… Thanks for suggesting my ff dear.. 🙂 🙂 same precap its not fair… 🙁 🙁 waiting for nxt epi… n yeah all the best for ur exam..and keep smiling 🙂 🙂

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